Weekend Coffee Share October 30, 2016.

Welcome to Another Weekend Coffee Share.

It’s already Sunday night for me and Monday’s looming ahead like a dreadful hangover. So, no coffee for me tonight and I recommend you also join me for something decaf.

How was your week? I hope things went well!


This week I decided to package up the sunflower seeds and drove them up to show my daughter’s class. As her school is a 45 minute drive away, I carefully put the sunflower seedlings in a cardboard box and secured them with the seat belt. I wasn’t taking any chances. They arrived safely and I was quite thrilled with how the talks went. I spoke to my daughter’s class and the one next door largely about the importance of acts of kindness and how it only takes a small gesture to show we care. I spoke about how the journalist and photographer who salvaged the seeds from the war zone and brought them back to Australia via quarantine, took great risks so the family and friends of the MH17 tragedy could have a special reminder of their loves ones.

Wednesday, I attended the funeral of an absolutely beautiful lady from our Church. She was in her mid-70s and has been fighting cancer for about 6 years. Now, I can tell that she really fought that cancer like Gethsemane Sam with both barrels blazing. Yet, all that time she continued to look after her disabled daughter and be an active member of her family as well as the Church. She was well known for her cooking and made us a few meals when I’ve been sick as well as helping out with the kids through an after school kids’ club. There were times I used to drop them off and go straight home to bed and sleep the entire time they were gone. I really wasn’t well. So, you could well imagine what she meant to me and how much I loved and appreciated her from the bottom of my heart. I truly wish I could be more like her and fill her shoes. It’s rather intimidating, but I think people can pick up when your intentions were good even when your efforts fall short.

Thursday night, dancing started up for another term. Instead of ballet this term, our adult class is doing lyrical dance. No, this isn’t where you start singing as you dance around the room. Lyrical dance is a style that combines ballet and jazz dancing techniques. It is performed to music with lyrics so that it inspires expression of strong emotions the choreographer feels from the lyrics of the song. This style concentrates on an individual approach and expressiveness of such emotions as love, joy, and anger. It does not concentrate on the dancer’s precision of movement. http://www.omahaschoolofmusicanddance.com/what-is-lyrical-dance-15-interesting-facts-about-this-contemporary-style/


The Scene of the Murder in Balmain.

Yesterday, I attended the awards ceremony for the local short story competition I entered a few months ago. I’d written a short story based on a murder in Sydney’s Balmain in 1903 and it had repressed memory and what I thought were some clever ideas and yet it didn’t even rate an Honorable Mention. I have to be honest and say I was pretty upset by the result but I’ve since revisited it and read more about writing short stories and have identified some changes.

How was your week? I hope it went well and that you also have a great week ahead.

xx Rowena

19 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share October 30, 2016.

  1. Midwestern Plant Girl

    I had a low week, but the weekend cured it! 😃
    I’m glad your week was good.. aside from you not winning your writing competition. It’s tough out there. I’m sure with a few edits, you’ll have a blue ribbon on your hands!

  2. merrildsmith

    I’m glad the sunflowers are doing well, and that you were able to get them to your daughter’s class. I thought it was interesting how that corresponded with your friend’s funeral–almost a memorial to her, as well.

    Too bad about your short story, but every contest is different. Good luck with your next one!

  3. Rowena Post author

    Thanks very much, Merril. The whole kindness aspect of the sunflowers is a definite reflection of Mary.
    The good thing about this competition was that they bound the finalists efforts and gave all the entrants a copy. I am yet to sit down and really analyse the winners’ stories but I’d given a friend a lift and on the way back she was reading out the opening paragraphs and they didn’t move us but I’ll have another look. The judge said she’d read all 80 of the adult entries in one sitting and if the opening didn’t grab her, she didn’t read on…brutal! So, major rework is on it’s way starting with an opening which goes stright for the jugular.
    Hope you’re having a great week.
    xx Ro

  4. Rowena Post author

    Thanks very much, Suvi. This is an annual competition with good prizes so I am definitely brushing up on writing short stories in preparation for next year. Hope things are going well for you. xx Rowena

  5. Rowena Post author

    Thanks very much. Happy Halloween to you. I took the kids trick or treating tonight, which is a non-event here but I enjoy meeting a few neighbours. The kids will be bouncing around for a few days. Now, we’re watching Beetlejuice. Have you seen it? Interesting.
    xx Ro

  6. Vicki Henry

    So happy I found your blog by a ‘like’ you left on my blog. I spent about 2 hours yesterday reading many of your posts. Love the breath and depth of your posts. Definitely will keep following your blog.

  7. Rowena Post author

    Thanks so much, Vicki. Thanks for telling me you love the breadth and depth of my posts. People ask me what my blog is about and it gets a bit tricky. I know there’s a common thread in there but it’s difficult to pinpoint and I guess I’ve wondered whether I wander around too much but that is the nature of the beast as well. I think it comes from having that curious roving eye and I keep spotting things.
    Many thanks and best wishes,

  8. Rowena Post author

    Thanks so much, Kath. I’ve learned a lot, especially that I need to do a lot of work on structure. Not just in my writing but in general. But when you’re serious about anything, you are always learning, stretching yourself and trying to be better. xx Ro

  9. Rowena Post author

    Thanks so much, Kath.
    Speaking of learning new skills, I’ve been doing some dance classes…6 weeks of ballet last term and now 4 weeks of lyrical. My teacher has been introducing me to the ideas of Isadore Duncan and Martha Graham and it’s been very extending. Just as well I have a good imagination, because I need it with my dancing!

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