Weekend Coffee Share November 5, 2016.

Welcome to another Weekend Coffee Share.

The weather has well and truly witched gears and we’re definitely heading into Summer. While a max of 25º C is not considered hot by our standards, it was hot enough and the sun was out in force.

So, when it comes to beverages, I recommend something cool now you’re popping in to join me Down Under.

Unfortunately, the change of seasons also means a changing of the guard at home. The Winter gear is going up into the roof while the Summer gear’s come down. Right now, it looks like the house is falling down with crates and piles of clothes everywhere. Having kids, this changing of the guard also means checking sizing and ditching piles of clothes. This all requires thought and discernment…as much as I might feel like sticking the lot in a bag for their cousins, I need to go through the lot piece by piece. It’s painful!!

Added to the usual pain of sorting things out, I’m also trying to reduce the amount of stuff we have in the house. If you know me and have been to our place, you’ll probably think I’m lying through my teeth. You saw me bring another couple of bags of stuff home from the op shop last week. However, in my defense, they were largely presents. I love it when I find “new with tags” at the op shop, especially in the lead up to Christmas. Not only do I get great value for money, it spares me the pain of dealing with the Christmas hoards. Christmas shopping is brutal.

Anyway, obviously I’m not very good at being ruthless but I’m trying. So far, I’ve managed to fill two large garbage bags but don’t let this fool you. I’m definitely NOT a declutterer but I do need to keep an eye on the ever-rising tide or I’ll cross the line. We all know what that line is called.  It doesn’t need to be named and shamed.

How was your week? I hope things went well.

Our week was weird.

Monday night we went trick-or-treating around the block. Halloween in Australia is almost a non-event but we saw a few groups of costumed kids roaming around after school and a few knocked on the door but you’d definitely say it was a bit of a fizzer. The scariest thing we came across on our travels was actually a plover. That’s right…a bird. If you’ve never encountered a plover, these birds are seriously scary. Not only are they very agro, they also have poisonous spurs in their wing tips  and heaven help you if you approach them while they’re nesting. They’re savage. The plovers we came across had two chicks so we didn’t need to run into any skeletons or ghosts. The plovers were enough.


Anyway, that just about sums things up

Thursday morning, my daughter had a rehearsal for School Spectacular in Sydney. The Schools Spectacular is an Australian variety show featuring more than 3,000 students from across New South Wales and was performed annually at the Sydney Entertainment Centre before in moved and has now moved the the former Olympic site at Homebush Bay this year. Highlights of the Schools Spectacular are broadcast each year by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.Miss will be performing in the combined choir and we joke that being a tiny speck among the multitude is what gives school “specktacular” it’s name.

Although our daughter is only a speck in the production (this year, I’m going to make sure I take my binoculars and I might have a chance of spotting her), that doesn’t mean she misses out on all the rehearsals. At the moment, she’s rehearsing once a week in Sydney but in the week of the concert, there are two days of rehearsals followed by two days of performances. That’s a lot for a 10 year old. However, she adores singing and I think all the kids and their teachers get through on hype and Adrenalin. It really must be an incredible experience performing in such a huge choir and feeling all those voices echoing all around you. Moreover, there are solo and small group performances and the talent is incredible. So many Australian success stories had their start at “school spec”. It’s a stellar performance.

Anyway, Miss had her first Sydney performance on Thursday morning and needed to be on the train platform at 7.12 AM. Usually, Geoff drops her off for these early morning starts and I think that’s his usual train. However, he had an early start which left yours truly responsible for getting her there on time. While this is not impossible, I am not at my best early in the morning. Moreover, I know that Murphy’s Law has my number on speed dial. If something can go wrong, it will.

This is why I set the alarm on two different clocks and it was just as well. As we all know, alarm clocks can be tricky things. There are blackouts, battery fails and then there’s me. I’m enough to muck up any alarm but I did get Geoff to meticulously double check both clocks before he went to sleep. All was good on the alarm front.

Yet, somehow my alarm clock gained an hour during the night. So, when it went off at its 6.00AM, all the rest of the clocks were reading 5.00AM. While the explanation might seem obvious and that it was okay to go back to sleep for another hour, I wasn’t quite so sure. I felt like I’d ended up in a surrealist  dream somewhere in between time and I didn’t know whether I was Arthur or Martha. Meanwhile, both kids and the dogs had woken up. All back to bed. Put the alarm forward an hour and prayed we’d get up on time. Fortunately, the rest of the morning went smoothly and after dropping both kids off, I went back to bed.

Thursday night, I had my second of lyrical dance class. I really look forward to my dance classes every week but my back went out on Thursday and I was feeling crooked, twisted and stiff…not to mention in pain. Naturally, when you’re struggling to move at all, it’s only wise to consider whether you should be pushing your body or letting it rest. Since my of our dance class involves stretching, I thought it could help and decided to give it a whirl.

Well, you just try do a contract, high release and goodness knows what other steps when you feel like you’re either going to snap or get stuck like a statue in between positions as every single part of your body seizes up. Not that I was catastrophophising, but dance is new to me and I had no idea how far I could push my body without payback.

Of course, there were no dramas. My back is still tender but the dancing helped along with walking the dogs along the beach yesterday and I’m starting to limber up a bit. Phew!

To update you on the progress of the Sunflowers I am growing which are descended from seeds salvaged from the MH17 crash site in the Ukraine, I planted the first lot of seedlings in the veggie patch this week. I  must admit that I’ve been feeling rather like their mother. So I’ve found it surprisingly hard to plant them outside in the garden. After all, I’ve really been looking after them well, bringing them inside every night and watering them ever so gently with the spray bottle. They’ve been my babies and just like I wonder how my kids are going when they’re camping outside with Scouts (particularly as the weather is usually bad and there’s good cause to be concerned. Well, at least if you’re their Mum!), the seedlings seemed very vulnerable being out there in the dark. So, far so good. I planted 12 seeds. 6 sprouted and 5 are still growing well. These aren’t exactly fabulous odds but when you consider that one sunflower produces thousands of seeds and initially I’m only needing a sustainable crop. That said, I would prefer to have enough seeds to give some away and help keep the memory alive of all those who were tragically killed. I also feel the sunflowers have a secondary message, reminding all who hear their story about the importance of love, compassion and helping a stranger.

Unfortunately, writing has had to take a back seat with needing to organise my daughter’s actiuvities…school spectacular, dance concert, tutoring to prepare her for entry tests next year. I am just a parent, not an event organiser and I really struggle with all of this. I have multiple diaries running when I have so much on…the week to a page, moves into the day to a page with everything mapped out. Alarms, buzzers and being mindful of time spent online, all necessary evils. Fortunately, I love the performing arts and am happy to do it and wouldn’t be without these end of year concerts. I just wish I could click my fingers and it would all magically happen without all the steps along the way. I’m sure I’m going to forget something. Luckily, her teachers look out for me and flag me down when something’s missing…Roweeee’s personal reminder system. Well, not quite!

Well, the cool change has now arrived and thank goodness the house has cooled down before I go to bed.

How have you been? What have you been up to? I look forward to hearing from you!

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xx Rowena



16 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share November 5, 2016.

  1. Jim

    my oldest and my SIL bring my grands down to my place for Halloween so they can go trick-or-treating. the suburb that they live in does almost nothing for Halloween whereas mine goes head over heels for it. my grands have that knock on the doors for candy routine down pat.

  2. Colline

    Ah, you need to come to Canada for Halloween one year. It is huge here and we love it. Children, and adults, can be seen in costume during the day. And trick-or-treating is a treat 🙂

  3. New Journey

    Hello…..I am so happy for you daughter….what great experiences and memories she is making….I know its a lot of work on you but she is really shining brightly for it…she’s a lucky girl…I remember the days we pulled out winter clothes…I was very young…we lived in Eastern Washington and it snowed every winter, there was a ski resort right above the town on the huge granite mountain…I loved winter, snow men, and sledding…we lived at the bottom of a hill, it was wheat in the summer months and bare in the winter months and the owner didn’t mind all of us on his hill in the snow…..I remember the snow suits…you couldn’t even bend your arms…LOL after we moved over the west coast of the state the winter months were mostly rainy… how exciting to watch your sunflowers grow….I love it…..really gives you a chill when you think about what they represent…..I looked up your bird….cute little thing until it gets mad….and its poison darts on the wings remind me of a bat….what crazy animals you all have down under….not to say the desert is full of its own…lol welcome to summer my friend….its going into winter here, however it feels like spring to us…LOL hard to remember that Thanksgiving is just around the corner when its in the high 80’s…….pretty much perfect weather…..
    We went to Las Vegas for a little road trip….had fun…it was good to get away…we took the car this time and not the RV….I am really spoiled in the RV….I love having my own bed and traveling with a bathroom is always a bonus…LOL pretty much would rather stay in the RV than a hotel any day….also really nice to have my own coffee in the morning….that way I always now its good….we had fun…ended up leaving Las Vegas, they had an annual car convention in town and all the hotels were astronomically priced…so we headed to a town called Laughlin on the Colorado River with a strip of casino’s on it….spent a couple nights…its was fun…and really relaxing…so heading out this morning to plant some yucca that my neighbor gave me…hope this finds you getting ready for a good week…..lots of hugs my friend….kat

  4. Vicki Henry

    So wonderful that you and your children enjoy all of these extra experiences thru school. I know it’s a lot of work organizing but oh the memories they will have. We had our first big storm of the year in Truckee, Ca. First, light rain and rainbows. Then heavy rain to snow overnight and into the next day. Then the sun came out and melted all but a few patches. But the ground is getting cold, soon the snow will stay and it will be ski season.

  5. bettylouise31

    Winter is starting here. I just hope thhe time mves fast and we well be thinking sprong instead of of snow. I know you are hproud of your daughter’s mfusic activities. Ennoy the time now as they will grow by fast.
    Have a pleasant week.

  6. Rowena Post author

    Thanks very much, Betty Louise. I am proud of my daughter’s musical activities. I haven’t mentioned my son as much but he has picked up sailing. My husband drives him to and from and so I don’t have as much involvement. I love sailing myself but don’t get out that often. I love that sense of the wind blowing through my hair.
    Hope you have a good week and I’m not about to give you back our sunny weather.
    xx Rowena

  7. Rowena Post author

    Your weather sounds like quite a smorgasbord. The rainbows and snow sound quite beautiful but not so sure about the heavy rain. This time of year always gets crazy here and I really have to ramp up my organisation.
    I gather you must ski. We’ve been skiing a few times and were going every year for a bit there but have had a break for 2 years. Hope to get back there this year.
    Hope you had a great weekend!
    xx Rowena

  8. Rowena Post author

    Thanks so much for sharing all those lovely stories. So good to get more of an insight into your life and also what it’s like living on the other side of the world. Your RV sounds great and one day we’ll have to take off on a trip in it. I’ll throw a red scarf out the window to the wind. Perhaps it might wrap itself around one of your saguaro cactus. Hey, perhaps you could humour me with a photo.
    Are you looking forward to the end of this election?
    We’re watching a backstory on Clinton and Trump. Very interesting. I’m surprised I’m interested by I love history and this is a study of people as well.
    My daughter auditioned for dance team for the first time today. She had to dance and then sing for a minute. She can get very shy but usually surprises me by getting up on stage. However, the audition really rattled her and she was shaking and feeling sick. I know the dance people really well and they’re lovely so it was a great opportunity for her to overcome her nerves in a safe environment. You give in and your nerves only get worse. So proud of her!! It took me some pretty high level psychology navigating all of this with her. She said she didn’t want to audition today but I knew how much she wanted to get in almost too much and that it would be better to quit before you fail. I tell you it took quite a lot of patience, perseverance and her Dad also gave her good advice. You really have to be switched on as a parent and let’s face it, often we’re not but I’m putting other things on the back burner at the moment.
    Hope you have a great weekend!
    xx Rowena

  9. Rowena Post author

    Isn’t it fantastic!! What I really appreciated from a parent’s point of view, is that the kids in the mass choir don’t have to be stars to be a part of it. They get to experience what is involved in being in a show and put in many hours of practice and start getting runs on the board without the hoopla.
    Can’t wait to see it again, although the organizational aspects are freaking me out a bit.
    I hope you have a great week too!
    xx Rowena

  10. Irene Waters 19 Writer Memoirist

    You are busy as always Rowena but isn’t it wonderful the experience that your children are getting. I’ve never heard of lyrical dance. Form of ballet where you freely express to music? Glad it helped your back. I attribute my fitness to dancing and am looking forward to returning to it after feet surgery. Have a good week.

  11. New Journey

    So happy she went through with it….it would of been one those moments in her life she would of always wondered what if…..I must say parenting doesn’t get any easier the older they get….quite the opposite…LOL you want a picture of me??? LOL the end of the election I am afraid will just start another set of issues depending on who wins….of course were hoping for Hilary….if she winds then it will be weeks of him whining about fraud, rigging the election and recounts…my fingers are crossed that she wins by a landslide….its been such a circus….I have never seen anything like…..we are going to stay as late as we can watch the fall out on tv…xxkat

  12. amiewrites74

    Switching the kids’ clothes at the start of the season is the worst! I put if off every year. I have to go through every piece and decide what fits or doesn’t, what can stay and what should go. so much work. Congratulations to your daughter, school spec sounds like a wonderful experience. I’m sorry to hear about your back troubles but glad that the dance class seemed to help. I have back problems myself which have seriously limited my mobility. I am quite sore today after camping last weekend.

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