Weekend Coffee Share December 4, 2016.

Welcome to Another Weekend Coffee Share!

Would you prefer coffee, tea or something else?

Can you believe it’s December already? I sure can’t. Well I sort of can because all that end of year madness is already in full swing. Aside from buying presents, I haven’t even thought about Christmas.


Rather, the end of the year is also concert season. Last week, our daughter performed at NSW Schools Spectacular in Sydney and next weekend, is the dance concert. Miss does jazz, modern and ballet so that’s three costume changes. Today, there was a rehearsal and tomorrow is photo call. Well, there’s photo call after she does a guest appearance at her friend’s birthday party. I know she’s doing too much and it is exhausting, but I want her to have a balanced life. Friends are important.


I have some exciting news this week. I’m finally making progress on the book writing front. For many, many years now I’ve been reworking and reworking books in my head and I can see the words cascading like a fountain without sticking to the page. For me, the trouble has been knowing where to start. How to start. Moreover, just when I’ve got in the groove and the flow is well and truly flowing, there’s been some significant catastrophe which at the very least, has blocked the flow or redirected it. Finishing a book is not that easy, especially when you can’t get started.

So, I’m thrilled to have a plan and even though I’m back to my usual “research mode”, I’m making headway. I can see a structure, a plan, a purpose.  Even better, I can feel it all coming together.

That’s why I’m fessing up here. I need to make myself accountable. Commit to this course of action in paper and ink…even if it is more a case of tapping away on my laptop.

Anyway, I’ve spent much of this week trying to immerse myself in Paris to reawaken all those slumbering brain cells of mine. I need the to take me back to the past to lead me into the future. Fortunately, I have photos, diaries, letters from the trip as well as the world wide web at my disposal. I guess you could say it’s now been redefined as “material”.

You might like to check out some of my Paris posts:

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I am continuing to read  Tim Harford’s:  Messy: How to be Creative in A Tidy-Minded World. I’m now about halfway through and am going to try to keep going with it while throwing myself into Paris and that writing. I find it hard to split myself up like that, especially when I’m already juggling the family and the house. Well, I’m not exactly juggling the house. I think I dropped it on its head awhile back and it’s never recovered. Besides, I’d much rather write.

I’ve had another go at Friday Fictioneers. The prompt this week depicted a camping scene. My effort is called The Camping Virgins. I should point out that the title refers to first time campers…nothing more, nothing less.

The rest of the week feels like a blur. I’m sure it’s there somewhere.

How was your week? Good, I hope.

This has been another contribution to Weekend Coffee Share hosted by Diana over at Part-Time Monster.

xx Rowena





9 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share December 4, 2016.

  1. bettylouise31

    It is nice your daughter is having a life besides singing and dancing. Keep writing words down on paper, etc. The book may come about. Have a pleasant week.

  2. imaginativeworks

    Congrats on your structure, plan, and purpose for your book. I agree that it is a bit unreal that we are in December already. Thank you for sharing this wonderful post.

  3. Corina

    I’m glad your writing project is coming into shape, even if it is only in your mind at the moment. That’s an important part. I will try to check out some of your Paris posts, if time allows this week. It might if we get our snow this week because I’m not going out in it if we do.

    Have a super productive week!

  4. New Journey

    Hot coffee here…the dessert is in full winter mode….I know for most, 41′ is not cold, and sometimes the persons high during the day, but when you live in the Sonoran Dessert, that’s cold!!! its gets even colder the closer to January we get…LOL I miss the warm sun, and hot days….man I never thought I would say that!!! LOL You daughter looks so grown up, and really is turning into a beauty!! I ordered the book for my daughter, It arrives the 19th of January….must be reprinting them …LOL I am excited for her to get it….she loves working through books like that…have you ever used Juile Camerons, The Artist Way? Its very good, I actually worked through the first book and I was amazed at the memories it brought to the surface….I recommend it highly, she has a second book out too…love the camping story…LOL good job….and I thought naughty thoughts too when I read the title….a spider, well you guys do have some wicked spiders over there….so it fit!!! LOL loved it…we were trapped indoors for 2 days while we had wind storms…having the dessert as our back yard the sand, dust and anything else blowing across the land comes right over the fence and into our yard…..Peters out blowing the sand off the cement as I type…LOL I will go out and give my pants a little spray to clean the dust off them when he’s done doing that…what else did I do last week….all my Christmas cards are done and in the mail….and we only do birthdays in the family, we stopped buying Christmas gifts along time ago for each other…we all have to much stuff as it is…LOL so as it ends up, everyone’s birthday, with the exception of my son’s and brother in law are all within a 3 month period so we celebrate them together around the holidays…LOL infact a couple of the nieces are on the same day…and the married in people are on the same day….can’t figure that one out…LOL so that’s all done, wrapped and ready to travel…we will leave the January 3rd to head back to California for MD appointments….only staying 2 weeks this time….I am excited to see my kids….and then when we come back…my sister will be arriving on the 31st of January for 3 weeks…that will be fun….my oh my I have rattled on and on….must go get my second cup of coffee and get something done….LOL Happy Week to you…keep cool….xxkat

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