Weekend Coffee Share December 11, 2016.

Welcome to another Weekend Coffee Share!

Not quite sure how many sleeps there are before Christmas, but there’s no sign of Christmas at our place yet. There’s only a tub containing my daughter’s dance costumes after Saturday night’s concert and some stray camping gear. The kids are under tent tonight at the scout Christmas camp. Fortunately, we live in Australia or they’d be hooking up some generators and a sneaking in a few heaters.


Our daughter after the dance concert.

Our Christmas tree will be arriving tomorrow. We have a real tree each year and I simply can’t bring myself to buy a fake one. I blame my Dad for that after hearing him wax lyrically about the wonders of fresh pine scent all my life. Christmas isn’t Christmas without the smell of Christmas tree in the house…along with the debris and mess! That said, I hate seeing Christmas trees standing upside down in people’s wheely bins waiting for the garbage truck. Such an ignoble end for a magnificent tree!


On what has suddenly become yesterday, we went to our daughter’s dance concert. Of course, it wasn’t her dance concert as such but she was in three items…jazz, modern and ballet. A friend drove her to the dress rehearsal beforehand and she did her own hair, so it was quite different to the past where I was fretting over her hair slapping on lashings of gel and almost asphyxiating in clouds of hair spray. It’s liberating. Yet, the more independent they become, the less involved you are…for better or worse. Today, I was more of a spectator something was missing as well.

It’s been a busy week for my daughter and I. She attends a selective Opportunity Class and will be sitting for the selective high school exam in March next year. On Friday, students of the two local selective primary school classes were invited to an enrichment day at the selective high school. As a parent, this was obviously a great opportunity, but my daughter was refusing to go. Her teacher wasn’t going and she didn’t want to be with strangers, even though she knew most of the kids that were going. Although I’m an extroverted extrovert and love talking to strangers, I do get where she’s coming from but trying to convey that was hellish. Trying to explain that it’s more about anxiety than the trigger. I have been an incredibly anxious driver but the more I drive, the less anxious I’ve become and most of the time, I now jump in the car without a second thought. Life is a constant learning experience.
Anyway, she went along and loved it. They made biscuits and she told me they have a fantastic kitchen and she wants to go to school there.


Meanwhile, I had my son home from school for the morning on Wednesday while the teachers had a student-free pow wow. He loves playing Risk, a board game using loads of strategy. Anyway, he was particularly thrilled that he completely wiped me out. I didn’t mind. I was playing to spend time together and we had a lot of laughs along the way. (Note to self: Laugh more. Life doesn’t always have to be serious!)

Meanwhile, I’ve been getting stuck into my memoir about my time in Paris in the Summer of 1992. I’ve been typing up diary notes and have deviated into writing a bit of fiction as well. My time in Paris was, as Charles Dickens so aptly put it: “the best of times and the worst of times.” I could easily turn this time into a terrifying horror story yet there were also the best of times and it’s weaving these two paradoxical threads together which is going to give the story quite a lot of punch. At least, that’s the aim! Light doesn’t always triumph over darkness. It depends where you start and finish the story. So, I’ll be looking into all of that.

Anyway, I’ve posted a few poems about this time during the last week:

Welcome to the Yellow House.

Slide Night…Dumped In Paris.

I also participated in Friday Fictioneers again. My contribution this week Dancing For Life. This looks at the choices we have to make between love and success.

How was your week? I hope it’s been great. All the best for your preparations for Christmas, Hanukah, the Holidays. One more coffee share to go!

xx Rowena




12 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share December 11, 2016.

  1. New Journey

    Well sweetheart you have a real beauty in that little girl of yours, oh did I say little girl, my mistake, she is growing into a young woman…..and my-oh-my are you going to have to have a really big stick to beat the boys away…..I felt your pain of not being part of her dance concert on a more intimate part….it hurts when the kids are starting to spread there little wings and become independent and all grown up…..I understand….just know it will hurt more….I won’t cover it with sprinkles….my son, my baby, is getting on a plane and flying to Europe tomorrow, do you think he would want to share his itinerary with me, perhaps his flight information….nope, everything is all secret…..its so hard to sit back and keep my mouth shut….all I do is wish upon him a child as headstrong as himself…LOL sounds like Christmas is going to happen this week at your house…nothing like a good smelling tree to put you in the spirit…..glad your son enjoys laughing with mum, your right laugh more, stress less…life is short and they are growing up quickly!!! Happy week to you my friend…..Fa La La – La La – LAAA LAAA LAAA LAAAAA xxxxxxxxxxkat

  2. bettylouise31

    I am in the minority but I feel the Christmas tree is a very provide of trees. I have a small ceramic one that works just as well. I know you hate to your children grow up. Have a pleasant week.

  3. thecoffeebeanbrain

    We’ve managed to put up our decorations a little over a week ago and we’re adding up each weekend. I guess we’ve learned that decorating is part of anticipating as the real essence of Christmas draws near. As we don’t have means to get real trees, I am always excited of planning for the color scheme of our tree everywhere.
    Your children are such treasures, they are blessed to have you as a mom and you writing about them here. And yes, it can be difficult but also a joy to see them grow up.

  4. merrildsmith

    It sounds like you’ve had a busy week, Rowena–and your children have, as well.
    I understand about not having the same role you did when they were younger, but there are special joys at every stage. (And as teens, they sometimes need you even more than they did when they were younger–just in a different way.) 🙂
    We’ll be doing Hanukkah and Christmas decorating soon. Last year we didn’t have a tree, but older daughter and her wife will be here this year, so we’re going to get one. We’re going to be getting winter weather this week, too. I’m not so thrilled about that!

  5. Rowena Post author

    It’s strange with the weather this time of year. I think we’re heading for 36 degrees Celsius today. There’s a gusting wind outside which spells bush fires to me. There aren’t any locally but about an hour away.
    Our tree arrived on Monday and I decorated it with our daughter last night in the heat. She is so funny. She has some OCD tendencies as does most of her class (she’s in a selective class). She was so particular about the decorations and only certain colours were allowed this year. Some would say that our tree has looked like a dog’s breakfast in previous years covered in decorations sourced since my childhood and I have also made quite a few as well. Anyway, she has told me about a new syndrome…CDOCD…Christmas Decoration OCD. I love it even though I don’t think I do. I am so laissez-faire.
    The other thing…we’ve been needing to carry out extensive excavations to fit the tree and all the decorations in the house. We’ve been so busy that the piles are worse than ever. It’s times like this where you need a back shed where you can stash it all for a few weeks.
    Hope you’re staying w3arm and the weather is behaving itself for a bit longer.
    Hope you enjoy the rest of your week!
    xx Rowena

  6. Rowena Post author

    Thanks so much for your lovely comment. It warmed my heart. I feel like I’ve made some good headway with them responding more to me. It’s been hard when I haven’t been well for so long but I’m the best I’ve been in 12 years at the moment so I’ll trying to make the most o it. My daughter has this big exam coming up in March for the selective high test and so I’m coming down her her preparing for that but that’s what parents are for…seeing the bigger picture and helping to guide their path.

  7. thecoffeebeanbrain

    Good luck with the preparations for the exam. I remember my mom used to help me with homework and level exams back in the day and I still cherish that memory. It made me love learning more.

  8. Suvi

    We have had a real Christmas tree every year but I’ve always felt that watering it is a nightmare. Also, the problem here is that as it’s so cold outside, the tree is frozen and you’re supposed to thaw it in a cool place first before bringing it into room temperature. But who has such a cool place in their home? So the tree goes into shock when you bring it inside which usually makes it drops its needles in no time 😦 So this year we will buy a fake tree, let’s see how it goes!

  9. Rowena Post author

    Hi Suvi,
    Thanks so much for telling me about the difficulties of managing a live tree over there.
    It’s interesting because in Australia most of us don’t have central heating in our homes and we just spot heat. So, I would never have thought about the problems you have trying to manage a live tree through such extreme conditions. I will have to share your message with the kids. They’ll be intrigued.
    By the way, my daughter brought home a great term from school…CDOCD. This is Christmas Decoration Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. They were decorating the class Christmas tree. She’s in a gifted class and the kids tend to be perfectionists, so apparently decorating the tree turned into quite an exercise.
    BTW thought you’d be interested to hear my son passed his lvl 3 sailing certificate and will start racing in January.
    Hope you’re having a great week xx Ro

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