The Great Esky Wall.

Tomorrow, we are leaving on an epic family holiday to Tasmania and we’re taking along the ultimate must-have holiday accessory…”The Great Esky Wall.”

The Great Esky Wall conveniently fits into the back seat of your car absolutely filling up that space that could have been number 3 if it hadn’t been for Numbers 1 & 2.

Indeed, our Great Esky Wall conveniently sits right on the seams of the backseat upholstery. This means that if either child tries to invade the other’s territory by even a millimetre, the battle lines are clear and action can be taken.It’s time to pull out the cannon. No, actually it isn’t!

You will notice in the photograph provided, that our Esky  is poo-brown ugly and beyond a retro-statement, but it’s made of good, old-fashioned plastic which could withstand a hit from a truck.

However, that still doesn’t mean the Great Esky Wall is going to endure 3 weeks of pretty intense driving with two kids living and breathing the same air all that time.

Even a tough and rugged Esky can only endure so much!

Have you ever been to Tasmania? Or, perhaps your family has been on an epic family car trip somewhere else, which you’d like to share.

xx Rowena

History. The Esky was created by Malley’s, a Sydney refrigeration business. Some historians have credited Malley’s with the invention of the portable ice cooler. According to the company, the Esky, was “recognised as the first official portable cooler in the world.”

PS While we’re away we have house minders in and two ferocious guard dogs. Well, make that one.

10 thoughts on “The Great Esky Wall.

  1. Midwestern Plant Girl

    I remember long car rides with my younger brother. We even had a large car to play in. Once my dad pulled away while we were at a rest stop to get us to behave… we were scared straight for at least the next 600 miles 😉

  2. tj6james6

    I can remember travelling 800 miles one way to visit relatives every summer *sigh*. At that time is was a minimum 15 hour trip, now it’s about 12 because speed limits have increased for the most part.
    I’m 4 years older than my brother and can most certainly remember the ‘he’s on my side’ and ‘he’s touching me!’ arguments during those long, boring, hot car rides!
    I also remember hitting every bathroom between here and there over the years, lmao.
    My mom made sure I had plenty of books, paper and pen to keep me occupied. She also made sure my brother had all his dinky cars when he was younger. My parents made a pallet of plenty of blankets and pillows on the floor for him since he was only 5 when this started so was short enough to be able to lay down and have room to spare. Since the car was a ’69 Chevy Impala there was the huge hump in the middle of the floor for the drive train *shrug*. Not exactly comfortable to lay on :D.
    Games we would play–I Spy (a classic I used with my children), how many out of state/province license plates I could spot, name all the provinces/states In Alphabetical order or geographical order, how many rigs (Transport trucks) we could spot (developed specifically for my brother since he couldn’t read/write at that point), travel Boggle with whichever parent wasn’t driving, Yahtzee, Slap Jack, Old Maid (Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, blog post thought!).
    Then there was the great race to find a bathroom before an accident happened and the great race to make it to the next gas station since you decided not to stop at the last one for 150 miles! lol
    The great game of making it through the mountains during a downpour so bad you couldn’t see the car ahead of you, or pea soup fog.
    The last 100 miles of ‘are we there yet?’
    The first 100 miles of are we there yet.
    Looking for a hotel when there was still enough daylight to take us to the pool to burn off pent up energy, even though we could have made it another hundred more miles before having to stop.
    It’s not MY turn to be keeper of the garbage bag!
    Ohhhhhhhhhh, the fun! lol
    Hope you have fun :D.

  3. subroto

    For the last fifteen years or so we have been driving maybe once a year between Brisbane to Sydney. With two kids and sometimes a dog. Thankfully there are no more nappy changes. The esky serves as a footrest. A lot easier these days with a charger to keep the laptop and movies running. The number of drivers has now increased to three with a fourth waiting in the wings. I still prefer the peacefulness of the New England Highway winding its way through small country towns. We still have our favourite pit stops though some of them are changing now. There is always time to make a quick stop on the highway and pick up fresh fruits and veggies. Enjoy your trip.

  4. Minuscule Moments

    Love it Rowena may the esky wall never fail. We have a gadget bag in the middle of my two. iPods, iPads, DVD player, Ds, books, pens etc. My daughter actually tried to go a whole six hour trip to Sydney with no gadgets as I told her thats what we use to do. She managed to do it but admitted she missed her music. Have a fantastic holiday.

  5. New Journey

    What fun…I love road trips…and I have more stories than I can remember…LOL but never with a plastic box taking up the empty space in-between the 2 kids…LOL I love this thought…I used to give my kids band aides to open peel and stick all over the back seat…kept them busy for hours…LOL simple things for simple minds…however your kids are way past the simple band aide boxes…LOL one of my favorite memories was going to Disney Land in LA from Washington state, I was 5 years old….we had an old rambler station wagon, my folks gave us 3 girls all hot toddies and put us to bed in the back of the station wagon in a bed they made for us…it was so exciting I can understand why they had to drug us with alcohol LOL they knocked us out…LOL my dad love to drive at night…we would wake up in another land…hundreds of miles from home……pretty sure it was crazy for my mom and dad though….hope your all having a ball on vacation….xxkat

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