Tasmanian Weekend Coffee Share.

Welcome to another Weekend Coffee Share.

This morning, we’ve having coffee at the Hobart Airport Holiday Park in Tasmania. We’re leaving at 10.00 AM and unfortunately we’ve run out of the provided sachets of tea and we’re down to International Roast, which we Australians generally deride. This stuff is what I’d call “Clayton’s Coffee”…the coffee you have when you’re not having coffee.


As we need to pack up and vacate the place, this is going to be a very hasty chat. If you could see the state of my bag which looks like an exploding volcano with everything piled up on top, you’d understand that I really have to get moving.

How’s your week been?

I’m afraid this is a rather rhetorical question as I’ve been having woeful, if any, WIFI.

So, I’d encourage you to look back through my recent posts to catch up on our Tasmanian adventures and stay tuned for more.

Catching the Spirit of Tasmania from Melbourne to Devonport.

Pengiun, Tasmania

Exploring A Ferny Paradise.


Blown Away By Stanley

This has been another Weekend Coffee Share.

Best wishes,


PS My views are currently sitting at 59,734 hits. If I was at home, I’d eagerly watching the count and celebrating reaching 60,000 with a bang but must keep moving.

13 thoughts on “Tasmanian Weekend Coffee Share.

  1. Rowena Post author

    Cindy, I’ve been thinking of you a bit with some of the birds we’ve been seeing on this holiday. Yesterday, we were driving back from Port Arthur South of Hobart to Devonport when we spotted an entire lake filled with black swans. I couldn’t believe my eyes and you don’t see this. We were grateful when we spotted a solitary black swan in Deloraine. Geoff’s family had a sort of “pet” black swan called Charlie when he was a kid. I’ll have to get the details down but I think Charlie thought Geoff’s Mum was his Mum or girlfriend and he used to come inside the house and everything. That’s a story which definitely needs to be told!
    Hope things are going well for you!
    xx Ro

  2. Rowena Post author

    We actually just arrived home last night. Our daughter starts school tomorrow and I’m not even phased that the Christmas tree is still up. Trying to take it easy today while getting unpacked, organised and catch up with my blog and all the new material. I need to clone myself.

  3. Rowena Post author

    Thanks, Kat. The dogs were very pleased to see us and Bilbo forgot all about giving us the cold shoulder. Lady got out quite a few times while we were about but has been home since.
    The kids are back at school. So, we’ve quickly had to flick the switch and shift from Tassie to school mode and at least look organised.
    Despite having loads of energy in Tassie, I’ve flopped at home. I think the snooze button got jammed.
    xx Ro

  4. Rowena Post author

    You’re not wrong about those missing fairies. I finally got the Christmas tree out the door tonight and the decorations packed away. There’s still half the tree on the floor despite sweeping it up.
    It;s been so hot today and it’s been a bit of a strain on my lungs. Had to take things quietly.
    Hope you had a great weekend.
    xx Ro

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