Visiting the Young Endeavour, Stanley.

Continuing on with our travels through Tasmania, last Saturday, we drove down to Stanley to see a magnificent tall ship, the  Young Endeavor a Royal Australian Navy sail training ship

The Young Endeavour Scheme began when the magnificent sail training ship STS Young Endeavour was given to the people of Australia by the United Kingdom as a Bicentennial gift back in 1988. Since then, the Scheme, in partnership with the Australian Government and the Royal Australian Navy, has provided challenging training voyages for over 11,000 young Australians aboard Young Endeavour.

To be selected, young Australians can put their names in the ballot. No previous sailing experience is required and it is the opportunity of a life time.

With our family’s interest in sailing and history, we were looking forward to being able to climb onboard and check it out.

Unfortunately, very heavy winds picked up and we were unable to board the ship.

However, we did get the opportunity to meet and listen to former crew as well as a young lady who is was leaving on it the next day. Neither had any prior sailing experience and apparently they teach you everything you need to know onboard. I found that that both encouraging and a bit scary but they know what they’re doing. The experience is well known for improving self-confidence, resilience and problem-solving in young people and it really is the opportunity of a lifetime…especially climbing straight up the mast and clinging on for dear life while the boat rocks to and fro.

Humph, they can keep that experience.

As much as I would’ve loved to do this back in the day, I’m quite happy to stick to plain sailing these days.

Xx Rowena

13 thoughts on “Visiting the Young Endeavour, Stanley.

  1. Rowena Post author

    Hi Joanna,
    Our kids are too young but our son is definitely going to be applying. He’s very keen. Our daughter is not so keen but she’s only 10 at the moment. That could change.
    Hope you are having a great week. I’m barely conscious of what day it is or where we are. Squeezing so much into this holiday on so many fronts that it’s like huh???
    xx Ro

  2. Rowena Post author

    Ha! Shame you can’t hear me laughing at that comment. I can’t see myself on the Young Endeavour either but I might have done it when I was younger. That said, I had other things in mind at the time, which is why I’m also quite keen to keen the young lad sailing.
    He’s had a growth spurt on the trip and ended up with midriff tops.
    Unfortunately, I’ve had a growth spurt of a different sort after indulging in all this incredible Tasmanian produce. Doesn’t help when there’s a cheese factory in the family!
    xx Ro

  3. Rowena Post author

    Could you imagine that!!! Owning a cheese factory?!!! The last time we were in Tasmania and visit them, I wished I was a mouse and could sneak into the cheese storage room. They make some really interesting cheeses like wasabi, Havarti with bacon and Lavender.
    Thinking about it, if was a mouse in that cheese factory, I would either have a dreadful stomach ache or explode completely.

  4. kelseysimmonsschmitt

    Very cool!! My husband and I are visiting in the summer. Wondering what transportation you think is best while traveling the UK??

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