Weekend Coffee Share… 5th February, 2017

Welcome to Another Weekend Coffee Share!

How are you? I hope you’ve had a great week.

Tonight, I’m encouraging  you to join me for a taste of Tasmania. I’m currently savouring Ashgrove Farm’s Lavender Cheese on crackers and sipping on a bottle of Spreyton’s Hard Ginger Beer. Neither of these delicacies are available locally but given the number of locals visiting Tasmania, I can see them being trafficked back. However, if things get desperate, I can get the Lavender cheese posted up. Meanwhile, I’ll just have to feast on their Wasabi cheese. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it.

It’s great to finally catch up with you again.

Last weekend, we returned from 3 weeks’ holiday in Tasmania. While I had no intention of writing away our holiday, I was hoping to upload more to the blog. However, we had woeful Internet access. Indeed, my mobile phone was even out of action most of the time. So, I’m frantically trying to post about our holiday so I can finally make it home on the blog. We’re currently driving back from Port Arthur to Devonport in blog time although we’ve now  been back for a week.

Last Monday, was what I call the start of the real New Year. That’s when the kids go back to school after the long Summer break and when all those resolutions really come home to roost. Of course, we’re supposed to be 200% organized for the new school year with their uniforms all clean and pressed, shoes together all brand spanking new,  and pens, papers, bags, lunches all ready to roll.

You know the drill.

However, it looks like we’ll be winging the return to school. The Spirit of Tasmania pulled into Melbourne at 6.00AM Saturday. This was followed by the long drive back home and we arrived home at about 7.00PM with one day to hope and pray we’d be ready for school.

Fortunately, we passed muster.

Since getting back from Tasmania, I’ve slowly been blogging about the trip. This has involved a lot of background research, especially about the World Heritage Listed Port Arthur Convict Site. Unfortunately, we only had half a day at Port Arthur. Although I’ve been there before, it was nowhere near long enough. The research was very enlightening and it better not be another 20 years before I get back.

Port Arthur…A Family Relic.

Harbour Cruise, Port Arthur.

The Chapel, Port Arthur

The Chaplain’s Voice 1870-1876

Up The Garden Path

Government Cottage

William Smith O’Brien…An Irish Rebel At Port Arthur.

I hope you get a chance to join me on our travels around Tasmania. It really is paradise.

This has been another contribution for the Weekend Coffee Share hosted by Diana over at  Part-Time Monster.

xx Rowena

13 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share… 5th February, 2017

  1. merrildsmith

    I know you’ve had quite a vacation, and I’ll have to see if I get a chance soon to look back at your posts. I’m a bit overwhelmed with work right now.
    It’s funny (to me) to think of your school year beginning now when we’re in the midst of winter.
    Does Lavender cheese have a real lavender flavor? It sounds interesting. 🙂

  2. Robin

    Lavender cheese sounds yummy, and it looks as though you had a wonderful holiday. I’ll try to find time to wander around your vacation posts this week. I know so little about Tasmania.

  3. Rowena Post author

    Thanks, Robin. Blogging is certainly helping me get to know something about places I’d never get to visit as well as different outlooks and lifestyles. I know you’ll love Tasmania. It’s a photographer’s paradise!
    xx Rowena

  4. Rowena Post author

    Sorry to hear you’re so overwhelmed with work, Merril. I’ve been overwhelmed with holiday and writing about said holiday and next stop is sorting through photos.
    The Lavender Cheese is an interesting one. I’d say it does have a Lavender flavour but as I haven’t eaten much lavender before, it’s hard for me to pinpoint the flavours and make a comparison. It is a very smooth creamy cheese and the lavender flavour cuts through that really nicely making it a really smooth, tasty mouthful.
    I am thinking it could go well inbetween two layers of shortbread but I could eat my stash before I get round to making the shortbread. I’ve had a simple lavender cheese toasty and that was very nice. I also have some rasperries in the fridge and am thinking about maing a lavender cheese and raspberry toasty today, although I don’t want to lose the flavour of the cheese.
    Take care!
    xx Ro

  5. Irene Waters 19 Writer Memoirist

    Hi Rowena, Sounds like you had a good holiday. I loved Tasmania but it is so long since I visited and Roger has never been that perhaps it is time to whet our appetites with your posts and plan on doing a road trip. Hope the kids have settled into school again for the year. At least this year they didn’t have to go to new schools (or did they)?I think travel writing is your genre – perhaps you could start claiming holidays as tax deductions. All in the name of research….
    Thanks for the coffee. Hope your week is going well.
    Cheers Irene

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