Weekend Coffee Share 19th February, 2017.

Welcome to Another Weekend Coffee Share.

Usually, I’m here offering you a few rays of sunshine with your coffee. However, this weekend I’m handing out umbrellas and trying to keep us dry. We’ve had a steady flow of thunder storms, lightening and heavy rain since Friday afternoon. So, this weekend, I highly recommend a virtual coffee instead.

How has your week been?

I hope you’ve had a good one.

As you might be aware, we arrived back from Tasmania about 3 weeks ago and I’m still catching up on the holiday. You see, this was no ordinary holiday and as I’ve mentioned before, my husband is Tasmanian and we took the kids down to see and experience where Daddy came from. So, I  took a gazillion photos and I’ve also been working to put together Geoff’s family history capturing as many stories as I can of his parents and grandparents. I’m really enjoying doing it but I’ve been working flat out and ignoring the small stuff which is starting to rise up like Everest around the house. However, as much it’s important to keep on top of these things, it’s also important to know who you are, where you’re from and have a strong sense of family. So, I’m juggling a mountain of stuff and dropping it all and meandering around town half-lost with my head in the past.

Does this ever happen to you?

It’s strange to say that I don’t think I’ve taken any photos in the last week. That feels really weird after taking hundreds of photos every day on our trip. It’s almost like I’ve left part of myself behind in Tassie. Who am I now I’m back? Surely, I have to be more than the proprietor of Mum’s Taxi?!!

Well, I did manage to write a pretty challenging story in response  to quite a dark post on Friday Fictioneers…The Motivational Speaker.

I also caught up on another of our Tasmanian holiday delights…a cider tasting at Spreyton’s Cider: Tasting Tasmania…Spreyton’s Cider.

On that note, I’m going to keep it short this week and turn it over to you.

How was your week?

This has been another Weekend Coffee Share. The Weekend Coffee Share has now moved over to Nerd In the Brain  and you can click here to join in with the link-up.

Best wishes,



21 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share 19th February, 2017.

  1. Tails Around the Ranch

    Any excess moisture will be gladly accepted here. Despite the calendar saying it’s still winter, it’s been in the 60 & 70’s F. If we don’t get some snow (or rain soon) the summer will be very unpleasant.

  2. Tara

    Coming back from an awesome vacation is the worst, all that real life stuff to do. 🙂 Hope your week is peaceful… and drier.

  3. Mrs. Completely

    I am in the middle of scanning and labelling hundreds of old family photos and once that’s done I will finish off a short book of my parent’s lives. It’s a huge project – one that I totally underestimated – and I’m almost but not quite regretting it. :o) Once it’s finished though, it will be brilliant. Good on you for documenting these things.

  4. Vicki Henry

    I think I need more information. Do I have to sign up with INLinkz or Nerd in the Brain to continue to see your posts? I really enjoy reading your posts which I now receive from your WordPress BeyondTheFlow site.

  5. Corina

    I get way behind on housework, mostly when and because I have the grandchildren here. I had them for a week recently and then got sick so I am way, way, way behind. I am hoping tomorrow is a good day so I can do some catching up!

  6. New Journey

    My husband is a Tasmanian !! I love that sentence…..being from America, growing up in a small town….I always thought that is where the crazy, wild animals, and perhaps vampires were from…never once did I think of it as a place where people lived and had children and normal life existed….lol I have so enjoyed getting to see Australia up close and personal through your blog…what fun you and your family had……..been a busy week here in Paradise, my sisters last of 3 weeks vacation with us, massive wind and rain storm and visited a new place in Arizona, Sedona….lots of pictures on my post….seems like I am forgetting to go do something know that my sister has left…LOL kat.

  7. Rowena Post author

    Thinking of you, Corina. Kids are a double whammy with trying to get the place cleaned up. They keep you busy and away from tasks and then they make turbo mess. Good luck. may you manage to crawl out and see the light soon xx Rowena

  8. Rowena Post author

    Thanks so much, Vicki. My posts will still be appearing on Beyond the Flow. The link up simply posts the coffee shares for everyone in the blogshare.
    Thank you so much for your enthusiastic encouragement. Much appreciated xx Rowena

  9. Rowena Post author

    That’s much the same thing as I’m doing, except I’m starting off with my husband’s parents and grandparents because we know very little and I’m scrounging to even get to the basics.
    Don’t know if you’ve done newspaper searches online for your parents and grandparents but I’ve found some great stuff and highly recommend it.
    What I have found a bit difficult with my research is stumbling across new information which becomes all consuming and it’s very hard to switch off and get back to what needs to be done.
    My husband and I were visiting my grandfather and his sister on an inter-state holiday and took a portable scanner with us and went nuts. So glad we did because my grandfather’s place was sold in a hurry and a lot of stuff was thrown out. What a crime!

  10. Rowena Post author

    Thanks very much, Tara. My son ended up with a temp of 39.9 yesterday and thought we could well be off to Emergency but the panadol worked and he was much better today. I was really scared. Parenting can be stressful xx Rowena

  11. Dale

    What a lovely thing to do, Rowena! Putting together a history in pictures. Love that idea!
    Have a great week!

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