Rowena & the Radio Stars.

Well, on Monday morning, I had a bit of fun trading places. Instead of being behind the lens looking out, I was being filmed, inspected and watched under the microscope.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, our local radio station Star FM arrived at my place on Monday morning. While I was expecting breakfast radio host Rabbit to turn up, it was quite a surprise when his co-host, Julie Goodwin, Australia’s first Masterchef, pulled up in our driveway in her gorgeously cute white mini.


That wasn’t the only surprise.

Indeed, we were off to make a salad together in MY kitchen.

Cooking with Julie

Talking salad with Julie.

Phew! Thank goodness I was prepared. Geoff had anticipated something like this and warned me about the kitchen. So, when it was looking like I was going to need an orbital sander to remove the black ring around the hotplate, I persisted. Pulled out the big guns…Gumption, the green scourer and pure unadulterated elbow grease. Wow! My stove top could now appear in a commercial.

Or, indeed, on the radio station’s web site.

I also thank my lucky stars that I wasn’t wearing my pink, fluffy slippers.

The dogs are complaining bitterly about being left out. After going through the torturous bathing process, they feel a bit ripped off . Bilbo is particularly grumpy after trying so hard to be nice. (He’s seemingly forgotten, that he was barking so much, that he was removed from the opening scenes.)

Anyway, of course, I had to share this with you. No doubt, it will be quite weird for you to actually see me in person and hear my voice for the first time. I’d love to know what that’s like for you. After exchanging posts and comments with some of you for years without meeting, it’s actually rather exciting that you’re stepping into my real world, after being in my cyber one for so long.

Love & best wishes,


In case you’re wanting to follow this story through from start to finish…I wrote a post on my blog about meeting Rabbit and Julie Goodwin when Star 104.5 broadcast from my daughter’s school. In that post, I mentioned that as much as Julie had been there for me throughout the years, she’d never brought me a meal. That was until Monday morning when Julie pulled up in my driveway with butter chicken, rice and a salad for dinner. Go Julie! The radio station filmed the whole thing and posted the footage on their Facebook page tonight. It’s already had 964 views…amazing.

You can read more about their visit Here and Bilbo’s view of it all Here Bilbo had quite a lot to say.

I hope you enjoy it!

xx Rowena

Here’s a link to Julie’s recipe for Butter Chicken.

19 thoughts on “Rowena & the Radio Stars.

  1. Barbara In Caneyhead

    Oh, this is amazing! I could feel your joy and excitement. You sound like I’d expect you to sound and I find your kitchen even to be what I’d expect; warm, functional, open. I’d love to come make a traditional Texas meal at your home!
    Barbara @ Caneyhead

  2. trentpmcd

    Very good. Nice video 🙂 It was fun seeing you “in person”. Now I’ll have to read your blog in your voice (in my head)…

  3. Mabel Kwong

    Julie Goodwin! Congrats on such a lovely opportunity. It looks like it was a great morning in your kitchen, and hope the salad making went well and there was plenty to go round 😊

  4. Rowena Post author

    I was excited for my blogging friends like yourself to hear me for the first time and the Aussie accent. My accent isn’t strongly Australian and I’ve even been taken for a Kiwi on occasions.

  5. Rowena Post author

    Our dinner from Julie was a case of the loaves and the fishes.There was enough Butter Chicken for two nights. I had her cookbook propped up at the end of the table so she was dining with us.

  6. Rowena Post author

    My door is always open, Barbara. What would you call a traditional Texas meal? I would probably see roast lamb as a pretty traditional Australian meal with a pavlova for dessert.

  7. Rowena Post author

    My husband said I was gushing. I am a pretty bubbly person and when I get excited or nervous, the talking speeds up. I’m glad that you’ve had a chance to hear and see me in action after chatting on the blogs for so long.

  8. Mabel Kwong

    That was so nice of you to prop up her book during dinner 😀 Such a wonderful moment for you. Loved the part in the video where Julie took the time to chop onions. Very nicely done 😀

  9. Barbara In Caneyhead

    Well, Texas being wide and varied, that could be gumbo, or enchiladas, or chili, or BBQ or corned beef or fried chicken. LOL I’d probably do you my pork ribs & tator salad or some red beans or mustard greens. 😉

  10. Rowena Post author

    It was an incredible experience. It took me a few weeks to recover from the excitment.
    It seems we have quite a lot in common.
    Best wishes,

  11. Jane Dougherty

    I would have just dropped dead! No amount of scrubbing would make my stove top look anything but prehistoric and the numbers have been scrubbed off all the dials already…You came through it wonderfully 🙂

  12. Rowena

    How absolutely thrilling this must’ve been, and it’s a shame that I didn’t get to see Julie on season 1. Funny, I had to stifle a giggle when I read Bilbo because I had a high school boyfriend with that nickname. I’d rather have a dog named Bilbo than that loser of a guy I once dated!

  13. Rowena Post author

    Hey, Rowena. How did the ex-boyfriend get the nickname? Hairy feet? Eating multiple meals throughout the day (which our Bilbo did) or going on adventures?
    I tried to find a utube video for season 1 but there was only the lead up to the announcement Julie had won. Have you seen Reynold on the show? He has a dessert bar in Sydney and I’ve been there twice. He was there the first time and I watched him working away, and taking notes in my journal and then had my photo with him as well. I’m shameless. Here’s the link:
    I could be very tempted to take a train trip into the city to indulge in another Chocolate Mookie. Life’s too short.
    xx Rowena

  14. Rowena

    I’m watching season 7 now and really like what Reynold is putting up in the cooks. I’ll have to attempt one of his recipes — what talent!

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