Breaking-in the Clothes Horse.

Yesterday, I had an encounter of epic proportions, when I tried setting up what should have been a simple clothes horse. One of those darned instant clothes racks you put up when it’s raining and your clothes dryer’s on the blink. Worse than any contraption I’ve ever bought from Ikea, this thing arrived without instructions..or even that pesky Allen key.

Indeed, I would’ve been most thankful if an “Alan” had been included, who could help put the thing up. Disentangle the rack, which was meant to clip in on top, from the feet. This is when the wrestling process began and I was seriously concerned that either I was going to get tangled and trapped inside. Or, it was going to become air borne. With only a little imagination, I could see this thing flapping it’s wings and flying away. (Or, is that just me? If so, I’ll blame the Weetbix. That stuff looks pretty ordinary, but the villains are always understated.)


The annoying thing about all of this, was that I bought the clothes horse because the weather report said it was going to rain for three days. Naturally, the kids’ uniforms needed to be “processed”, especially the socks.


An empty clothesline on a perfect washing day.

However, today I woke up to perfect blue skies, and what so many poor, deranged souls call “perfect washing weather”, when they could be down at the beach.

Have you had any challenging home maintenance experiences lately? Memories?

Despite all these DIY shows, I have noticed that the local tradie hasn’t become extinct. That there are still many people out there like me, who still need to be rescued. Fortunately, my other half compliments my capacity for disaster, and is a very enterprising Mr Fix-it.

Be careful this weekend.You might just be better off picking up your phone than a spade.

xx Rowena

7 thoughts on “Breaking-in the Clothes Horse.

  1. Tails Around the Ranch

    Ha…your saga reminds me of when we tried to assemble an IKEA wardrobe. Only took two college degrees, 2 and a half weeks and a FaceTime call with my genius son who walked me through a couple challenging parts. I LOVE line dried clothes, they always smell so terrific!

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  3. Rowena Post author

    You can smell the sunshine in line dried clothes, can’t you?!! Our dryer broke and I’ve gone through phases where I’ve barely used it and so I’m seeing how we go without it. Do you line dry in Summer where you are? I have a friend who used to live in New Hampshire and she said people didn’t line dry there.

  4. Rowena Post author

    I was hoping you’d read this and was thinking of you as I wrote it. I thought it fitted in very well with Dickhead Travels. Actually, it strikes me as being rather Basil Fawltyish and I could see him getting caught in the middle of one of these. I think I’ve mentioned that my father used to look very much like John Cleese.

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