Ah, the Weekend, a First-Time Coffee Share…

Finally, I’ve been exposed. Yes, I truly am the “Wonder Woman of Australia”. AND, if you’d seen me at tap on Monday night, you’ll know I have the tights, even if I don’t quite have the moves! xx Rowena AKA Wonder Woman of Australia!!

The Naturarian

I follow a Wonder Woman from Australia named Rowena. Why is she Wonder Woman on top of being a Wonderful Woman? Read her about page on: Beyond the Flow.

Every Saturday, Rowena participates in the Weekend Coffee Share, hosted by Nerd in the Brain, where her and others discuss their week over coffee and many other beverages. This weekend, I’ve decided to join them.

It has been a pretty good week, my hours at work this week went down to 53. I’m starting to see some headway, as the piles on my desk are getting thinner. By July, I may be down to 47 hours 😉 I’m not here to complain about work, tho.

Like we did for the Memorial Day weekend, we’ve decided to take the day following the Forth of July holiday off also. The stress of driving home with everyone else, on the same day, has…

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One thought on “Ah, the Weekend, a First-Time Coffee Share…

  1. Midwestern Plant Girl

    Happy Sunday, Rowena!
    Thanks for the reblog 😘 I started following Nerd Brain so I can try to keep up.
    I’ve always loved your weekend posts. I really feel like I’m sitting with you over a cup of Joe. I don’t feel like I’m a great conversationalist, but I love to listen. Thank you for inviting me into the circle! I will have a sweet ready for our next get together! 🍩☕

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