Do the Milkshake!

Yesterday, my daughter had a friend over and we ended up walking down to a local cafe for a milkshake with the dogs in tow and then onto the beach.

However, these weren’t your average milkshake. Indeed, if you tried doing the milkshake after one of these, your stomach would start to quake. These wacko jacko milkshakes are called Crazy Shakes, and have everything stuck on top but the kitchen sink.  The kids ordered a caramel shake and this came with an entire cinnamon donut parked on top  along with pretzels, popcorn, a caramello koala, a lollypop, possibilly some kit kat, caramel topping and goodness knows what else. Just like our local pie shop makes you sign a waiver before you try their scotchingly hot chilli pies, this place should do the same although I’m not sure how the waiver should read: “Warning: too much gluttonous pleasure contained in this glass?” Or, this milkshake could exceed your annual calorie intake? I’m not sure. I didn’t order one for myself, and ordered a chcolate muffin instead. As nice as it was, it really was “Plain Jane” next to the milkshakes, and I sprinkled some of the kids’ popcorn over the top.

It’s interesting how food trends have changed over the last couple of years. I didn’t bat an eyelid when I saw popcorn or pretzels in the milkshakes. What has become an indulgent take on the norm, would have had you locked up for your own good, a few years ago. That is, unless you were pregnant and could blame it on the cravings.

Anyway, shouting the kids these milkshakes made me feel like the fairy Godmother. “Bad cop” was nowhere in sight.

As I mentioned, we had the dogs with us and they loved being at the cafe. We were sitting outside, which was glorious. Although it’s winter here, sun and blue skies had broken through what had been a week of heavy rain and grey clouds and those warm rays of sunshine felt sooo good! Anyway, Bilbo wandered around the coutryard on border patrol and decided he loved the cafe life when he was given some leftovers. That’s right. It’s perfectly acceptable for dogs to dispose of those delectable leftovers as long as they don’t help themselves off the plate.


Walking off Indulgence.

After their milkshakes, we strolled down to the beach and walked for a bit. Our struggling beach has been battered further and the erosion and removed more sand and tree cover. While it’s great for those gaining water views across the road, as much as water access would add value to their properties in theory, having your house washed away isn’t quite the same thing. Fortunately, unless there’s a very strong storm, that’s not on the cards…yet.


Our Beach in Winter.

It was fun walking with the kids and getting to know my daughter’s friend better. While not being gossippy, I’ve found her friends are much more chatty about what’s going on at school and I at least gain some idea of what’s going on. That doesn’t mean that I have my finger on the pulse but at least I might be able to find a pulse if it’s needed.

Amelia looking out to sea

One last point before I head off about this playdate. At 11, the girls are almost old enough to have gone to the cafe themselves and yet they’re not. Not so much because of them as they’re quite capable of ordering, but because of those despicable characters we know are out there and we somehow need to be vigilant without growing out kids up in a dark cupboard. I’m glad they were still happy to have Mum and big brother in tow. We had a wonderful time.

xx Rowena


7 thoughts on “Do the Milkshake!

  1. Midwestern Plant Girl

    🎵🎶My milkshake makes all the boys come around…
    Ha ha. That song its pretty funny.
    How times have changed. At 11, my mother would toss us out of the house, not expecting us back till lunch or dinner time.

  2. Colline

    Those milkshakes look wicked!
    I agree with you about the girls. Only now that they are older, I feel more comfortable about them going out on their own (sort of 🙂 )

  3. New Journey

    the food craze is everywhere here…especially big food….how big can they make a pan cake or burrito…LOL the mil shakes look interesting…I like mine simple…LOL the beach and weather looked delightful….xxkat

  4. Rowena Post author

    Hi Kat,
    You’ll note I didn’t have one of those crazy things, but I did sprinkle some of the popcorn over my muffin and that was great. The combination and ridiculous indulgence levels seemed better suited to kids to me.
    Funny that upsizing thing because you would think that people couldn’t eat it all. That said, there are some huge eaters out there.
    Unfortunately, the weather has definitely turned here. Winter has moved in and my electric blanket has switched on. It is getting very hard to tear myself away from my midday nap. Strangely, the night owl is still up on her perch way too late, despite the cold.
    My husband has gone to Melbourne for 3 days for work. I’ve lined up extra supports at home and so far so good. Three meals were made and into the fridge. Shame it’s Winter or I’d be pulling out my deck chair and cocktail! Hope you’re doing well! Best wishes, Ro

  5. New Journey

    Keep Warm my friend…when I had the kids at home I was always making a double meal and freezing one…I am a bit of a night owl myself, just starting to feel like I have caught up on my sleep and feeling normal again.. and there is absolutely nothing wrong with a decadent nap in the middle of the day….its almost as good as a sweet piece of chocolate…LOL xxkat

  6. Rowena Post author

    I need to freeze more meals. That reminds me…an excavation of the freezer might be in order. A sweet piece of chocolate sounds good. Yum! Or, a hot chocolate with cream. I was introduced to them in Germany and they’re divine. I have a very indulgent imagination! xx Ro

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