Introducing Duke from Serendipity

Our granddaughter called. “I probably shouldn’t ask this, but I’m going to ask anyway. I’ve got friends who have to find a home for their dog. How do you feel about another dog?” “Male? Female? How big? House broken? How old?” I think she knew she had a sale because I wasn’t flat-out saying “no.” […]


1 thought on “Introducing Duke from Serendipity

  1. Christine Goodnough

    I haven’t been reading in your archives. Do you regularly take in dogs or what is Serendipity? I’ve been a stray-cat taker-in myself, but we have three now (In our mobile home) and hubby draws the line. 🙂

    Reading your FF response post, thought I’d make a suggestion. Why don’t you go into your settings and install a Like button for the comments. That way if another blogger makes a comment we like, we can click on that to let them know.

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