Mother & Daughter, Father & Son…

Lately, activities in our household have been shifting gears and new alliances are being forged.

Traditionally, we had something of an unwritten division along the lines of adults in the front, kids in the back. Now, when we’re not doing things altogether, we seem to be splitting up along gender lines with my husband going out with our son, and my daughter and I pairing up. Quite often, this is purely pragmatic.  I always do the dance run, and Geoff does the sailing run. While I love sailing, unfortunately I can’t be in two places at once.


Like father, like son. The vrroom of a V8 is music. 

Today, was a case in point. The guys went off to watch the V8 Supercars at Eastern Creek, while my daughter and spent a relaxing day at home before heading off to meditation at our dance school in the afternoon. My husband did consider taking our daughter along, but wanted to give our son a special day out. Our daughter and I, also each had a meditation class at the dance studio. So, we were doing our own thing.

That’s not to say that women don’t enjoy and support car racing. Or, that men don’t do meditation. Indeed, I think half the participants in our class were male.  I should also mention that our son has done some meditation before, and that meditation is hardly part of my life. “Maditation” is more my thing. I’ve always struggled to sit still and resemble something of a fidget spinner. Actually, make that a malfunctioning fidget spinner on turbo. That describes both my mental and physical state pretty well. So, you could well say that I’m an alien when it came to meditation. Moreover, our daughter says she would’ve liked to go to the car racing, while it’s not my scene at all.

Rowena with Coffee 2

My usual meditation technique.

I enjoyed my meditation session. We were doing  Kelee meditation was very effective. I recommend that you click through and read more about this. I’m planning to go back for more of a read later. I felt quite energized at the end, although it’s also lifted a partial lid on Pandora’s Box. Stuff’s escaped and is flapping in my face.

While it’s great to let this stuff go, it rarely just flies out into the ether. Rather, it stops and stares me in the face, hovering with threatening, menacing stares. Prods me in the guts. Naturally, it’s very tempting to quickly lock it all back up again. Leave well enough alone. Get it all out of my face. However, it’s easy to forget , that bringing stuff up is the hard part. That it might only take a final boot, to send the lot packing.

My daughter and I arrived home from meditation feeling energized, relaxed and calmed. We also picked up fish and chips on the way home, so were feeling hungry as well. I felt like a treat after a difficult week. We were watching the news when my husband and son walked in from the car racing with beaming smiles, discussing fast cars, deafening engines and flying rubber. Not only that, the photos and video footage were quickly uploaded onto my laptop and my son was perched on the edge of my chair talking me through their day. I felt like saying: “You do realize that we’ve just come from meditation…peace, calm, relaxation.” However, to be fair, the TV had already broken the mood. A seven year old Australian boy is missing feared dead following the terrorist attack in Barcelona. It’s gut wrenching. Evidently, watching the news straight after meditation wasn’t the best medicine either.

I need to lock myself up in a sound proof box.

Make that a dark, sound-proof box. I’ve also just noticed the mess.


This is why meditation is a case of “Play it again, Sam” -Casablanca. Most of us can’t live in a state of calm.

Have you got into meditation? Car-racing? None of the above?Please share your thoughts in the comments.

Rowena xxoo

Rowena & Jonathon cooking

A Mother & Son moment when Mr made me pancakes on my birthday. 



14 thoughts on “Mother & Daughter, Father & Son…

  1. Rowena Post author

    Tom, it is scary fast. My son’s off to the snow with school this week and I’ve turned to the men’s sizing for a few last minute items. Fortunately, I’m still taller than him, but I am 5ft 10″ and he’s likely to be about 6 ft 1-2″. Soon, he’ll be leaning on my head.
    Hope you had a great weekend and Max’s paws are getting better. Been thinking of him! xx Ro

  2. Rowena Post author

    Thank you, Gaia. Blogging gives me a special opportunity to not only preserve these moments for myself, but to share them and no doubt it brings back special moments for others too. Or, a reminder to make the the time for each other, which is a struggle for most of us.

  3. gaiainaction

    That is my experience too sometimes Rowena, your blog is a joy to read and it does inspire others too so it is very worthwhile for others as well as yourself. Have a nice evening.

  4. New Journey

    I have been practicing meditation off and on for years, its so difficult to block out all then noise in my brain, sometimes I try it right before I go to sleep and wake not remembering if I reached the depths or not…LOL must have if I nodded off….xxkat

  5. Rowena Post author

    If you’re nodding off, it sounds like it’s working to me. I am getting better at it now that I’m “maturing”.
    I’ve been struggling with my breathing a lot lately. I’ve now just got the last remnants of the flu but there’s been a lot of bushfire reduction burning and the air’s been thick with smoke. I feel taking ventolin and trying to stay indoors.
    Saw my son off tonight on a school excursion to the snow. They all left in three huge coaches and I felt so anxious. I’m not worried about terrorists. More the usual suspects…the roads. There’s so much going on out there and it has made me more uneasy and fearful about what might happen. That said, it will be quieter, although Miss has two nights of performances. I do enjoy them but would like a break. xx Ro

  6. New Journey

    I understand your anxiousness as the kids drive away on a huge bus…but as my kids tell me, mom if it was meant to be it will…stop worrying about us!! My daughter and her husband are headed to London for the hoidays, I had dinner with my daughter last night and she said that she would not let terrorist scare her away…she would gladly die for her rights….my heart broke in-two….I said no,, run my dear daughter, run…they are not worth dying for….her husband has mentioned his fear og being out in the touristy areas, crossing the bridges, being in crowds, so they are going to do the back neighborhoods of London this time….my son is heading to Asia for the holidays and I am just as worried about him too.. however he just announced that his new female companion is going with him, she has traveled the world also that makes me feel better…I am so afraid that the terrorist are not going away anytime soon….I hate to think that it is something we are going to have to get used to dealing with….but with have an asshole in the white house antagonizing every group, both good and bad in the world….I am thinking is isn’t going to get better….I am positive your son is going to have a blast and will be home sooner than you think full of wonderful stories….hope your feeling better…lots of hugs….XXkat

  7. Natalia Simonovic

    Hi Rowena,
    Just saw this blog !! Thank you for coming to do Kelee Meditation with me.

    You and your daughter are definitely well connected and very open to learn always.

    It has been so long, lets talk soon 🙂

  8. Rowena Post author

    Hi Natalia. So good to hear from you. How are you going? Are you still working or what’s going on for you at the moment? We live in such crazy times. Our kitchen has turned into a part-time dance studio. Our daughter is doing her classes via zoom.
    Hope things are going well for you.
    Best wishes,

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