As you may recall, a close friend of mine volunteers for a pet rescue organization. Well, she messaged me during the week and mentioned they had PUPPIES!!! Of course, I invited us round for a playdate. Indeed, we were there in a flash and my husband even came along to supervise procedings. He had grave concerns about us arriving home with a pup! I wonder why????


My daughter with one of the pups.

Coco and her sister, Daisy, are apparently black, curley-haired retrievers and are six weeks old. They are pure black, except Coco has a small splash of white on her chest. Both of them looked like miniature versions of our Border Collie x Cavalier, Lady, only they have shorter ears.


The puppies up on the trampoline with the girls.

Not surprisingly, these pups were irresistable, and it’s amazing how I can find them trying to chew up my shoes and even my good jumper endearing. Of course, there was that typical Australian; “she’ll be right, mate” nonchalence, but they were so cute that I almost couldn’t care. I even let them chew on my finger.

We will be getting a second dog in the not to distant future. Indeed, my friend has told me there are some border collie puppies coming up and I’m thinking about joining up as a volunteer and hosting these. See if one of them clicks. So far, I haven’t been seriously tempted by any of my friend’s lodgers. They’ve been wonderful dogs but I still feel lie we’re hanging out for another Border Collie pup.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the pics.

xx Rowena

6 thoughts on “Puppies!

  1. pensitivity101

    All pups are gorgeous aren’t they. So hard to believe how tiny Maggie was when we first got her in March 2005. She’s a welsh collie (Mum) cross springer spaniel (Dad).
    There are a lot of pups in town lately. Some are rescues settling into new homes, others under training assistant dogs, and some first pets for families who are all on a learning curve.
    Cute, shaggy, big, small. I love them all (well, not pugs, never sure which end to fuss)

  2. lawstudent682

    The puppies are adorable. Growing up I’ve always had boarder collies, they are adorable to and hold a special place in my heart!

  3. New Journey

    On my they are so cute….my husband has come around to agreeing we need another dog, yay, we are going on a road trip and I haven’t mentioned to him that we are just happening by some border collie rescue areas…LOL I have been thinking about volunteering at the Old Souls K-9 rescue here in Yuma, they have everything from hamsters to horses and all small critters in between…Hope life is treating you well…..xxkat

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