Ed Sheeran & the Jackpot.

Despite my meek and mild exterior, you would’ve been mighty suspicious if you’d followed my car last Thursday. Indeed, even you, would’ve called the Police, the Terrorism Hotline, or just the usual number for “Suspicious Weirdos Hanging Out in Carparks”. In scenes reminiscent of Jamie Lee Curtis in True Lies, surely Mummy couldn’t be a spy?

Of course not! As usual, reality doesn’t live up to the hype. That’s probably a good thing, even if it doesn’t make for a great story.

That said, I was a woman on two missions.

As for Mission 2, I’ve already explained that I was picking up puppies. Yes, that strange plastic contraption you thought was an alien spaceship, was a pet carrier.

As for Mission One, that was purely about “the cash”.

For the last eternity, our local radio station has been holding a $20,000 Ed Sheeran Cash Giveaway. You just had to work out what Ed Sheeran would make for breakfast, AND get through to the station. With Google to the rescue, the first part seemed easy. However, getting through was the hard part. Of course, every listener, along with their dog and cat, was feverishly trying, and the radio station was only taking two calls a day. Fueling the frustration, there were many repeated guesses and wasted opportunities…Drats!

A bystander on my daily Mum Runs, the competition had been going on around me. Then, I started to wonder why it hadn’t gone off. Ed Sheeran might be a rock star, but surely no breakfast is too much for Google?

I picked myself up and got to work. I could do this. I had just as much chance as anyone else, and plenty of motivation… a $20,000 pot of gold parked at the end of the rainbow. That was definitely worth waking up for!

So, I took a deep breath. Tried to think like Ed Sheerin, and consulted Google.

Humph! I read all about Ed Sheerin pairing up with Jamie Oliver and promoting healthy eating. I found a lot of annoying references to his music. Geez. Who cares about all of that? I just wanted to know what he makes for breakfast.

Meanwhile, the radio station posted a list of past guesses.

By this stage, I was hooked, but Google wasn’t cooperating. Nothing was coming up.

So, I entered a more direct question: “What does Ed Sheerin make for breakfast?”

Finally, Google delivered. In fact, the answer was so glaringly obvious, I wondered why it hadn’t been guessed before.

Ed Sheerin eats Sheerios. His face was even on the box. Indeed, even his fans are called “Sheerios”.

This had to be it. That $20,000 was mine.

Now, I just had to get through. Time it exactly right and be THE CALLER!!

Not so easy. Of course, the segment came up somewhere in the middle of the busy after school run, and I couldn’t just sit by the radio and wait. Rather, I had to pick my daughter up from the station. She always needs something. Is hungry. Needs eyeliner, foundation or lipstick. More clothes. Going straight home, is never an option…even when SHE needs to be somewhere. I also had to fill a script. A script I couldn’t do without. Ouch. the pressure was killing me. I was so wound up. Why couldn’t life wait? Go away? Didn’t it know, I could be $20,000 richer and fly to paradise?

Phew! We made it back to the car in time and I drove home as fast as I could, while getting caught up in the usual traffic. I had to win. I was running backwards and forwards in my head, struggling to remember quite when the segment went off. Was it before or after the news? Should I ring towards the end of this song? Or the next? The timing was critical. I thought if I could just channel my thoughts hard enough, that we’d get through. I even prayed.

Of course, all missions of any worth, are besieged by obstacles and challenges. In this case, we don’t have a radio in the house. So, once we were home, my daughter was out in the car listening, while I was inside… both on continuous redial. Much to our surprise, the phone actually rang twice, then rang out. Hopes up, hopes down. Engaged signals persisting.

Through all this madness, I remembered calling up the radio station “back in the day”, with the home phone at full extension in my bedroom. Back then, the phone was primitive with a rotary dial, no redial and your fingers really got a workout. However, my wins included Sting’s Island of the Blue Turtles. For awhile there, it was like I had a direct line. I always got through.

No such luck with Ed Sheerin.

That’s what Calvin Coolidge forgot to say. That in many situations, you’re not the only one with persistence, and the battle’s intense. Indeed, in this instance, I’m surprised the switchboard didn’t blow up.

phone rotary dial

Actually, I’m getting pretty suss about that switchboard. Indeed, I don’t think they have a switchboard at all. Rather, they must have an old-fasioned, beige rotary dial sitting there like the bat phone? Something so low-tech, it’s underwhelming. Otherwise, why are they always engaged? Moreover, why don’t they put us on hold, listening to the radio?!!

Obviously, I’ve done a lot of plotting and planning trying to win this thing, but unfortunately, it all came to nothing. Someone else got through with another incorrect guess…”Welsh Rarebit”.

Ooh! The frustration! By now, even the radio station was getting desperate. There were promises of another clue in the morning. Promises that it’s going to go off. However, it was all too hard. I hung up my hat and poured myself a bowl of Sheerios.

Later that day, I heard they’d had a winner. A winner who’d got it wrong.

How could Ed Sheerin sell out on all his loyal Sheerios, and make Cumberland Sausages for breakfast?!!

I don’t know, but trust me! I’ll be having words with Ed Sheeran!

I might even write him a song.

By the way, in case you haven’t seen it before, here’s a clip of when the radio station came to my house:

Rabbit & Julie visit Rowena & Family

xx Rowena



11 thoughts on “Ed Sheeran & the Jackpot.

  1. Mabel Kwong

    It’s always so hard to get through to the radio station! But it sounded like you tried very hard and gave it your all 🙂 When I was younger and lived in Singapore, once I called in to a radio station to play a guessing game and I won a CD. Another time I wrote a letter to the station for a night competition they were running and I ended up winning a goody bag. But like you, I would love to win $20,000 😀

  2. Rowena Post author

    Yes, Mabel, that $20,000 was definitely worth fighting for and I should’ve had a go earlier on. Had a bit more faith. It was all rather funny in hindsight…and mad! If I was that determined in everyday life, goodness knows what I’d achieve.
    Hope you had a great weekend xx Ro

  3. Mabel Kwong

    And you also had the right, creative answer. Maybe another time, another $20,000 up for grabs and you can go through it all over again 😉

    Have a good week, Rowena x

  4. Rowena Post author

    This is their second $20,000 giveaway and if they have another one, I’ll be onto it right from the start. I hope you have a great week, too, Mabel xx Rowena

  5. Rowena Post author

    Ha! I’m more of a chocolate fiend. However, the aging bananas which were meant to become healthy smoothies, metamorphosed into banana muffins with macadamias on top and I made some caramel sauce and then drowned them in custard. That was indulgent!
    The pups are going so well and are so entertaining. It wouldn’t surprise me, if they ended up with pierced ears. They keep biting each others’ ears and we hear this little yelp go out but then they continue. I have already heard a: “Why can’t we keep both?” I’m hoping a friend will adopt Rosie. They had a border x kelpie before. Fingers crossed. What’s the weather doing your way? Are you away from all the troubles? The sun is shining here and I really should be outside. It’s the best time of year.
    xx Rowena

  6. Tails Around the Ranch

    They are indeed adorable and hard to resist. Keeping my fingers crossed you find fur-ever homes for them. It’s been hot and dry. And smoky. We’ve been getting the smoke from all the fires in the west. Haven’t seen blue skies in a couple weeks and there is a definite smoke smell to the air. Another week of 90’s then I hope it cools down and we get some rain. Boy do we need it!

  7. Rowena Post author

    I love your sense of humour, Tom. I’ll pass that onto the kids. BTW, I think that rates as a “Dad joke”. How is Max going? I spend a bit of time on Google for him the other night. We love Max here.
    Hope you have a great week!
    xx Ro

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