Whoops! More Pups.

Yesterday afternoon, I received an urgent text. “My pups” were on the move, and ready for collection. These pups are two 5 week old kelpie pups,  and did I mention something  about being bottle fed? I didn’t think so. You know me. Blunder in where angels fear to tread only to find out about the details by default, when it’s all too late. Yet, it’s not everyday you have the chance to even see such young pups, let alone take them home. I don’t know about legislation where you live, but I think pups need to be 8 weeks old to be sold here. So, despite what should have been a healthy scepticism about taking on such a challenge, I jumped at the chance…the opportunity of a lifetime.


Welcome to the dog house.

The pups are absolutely gorgeous and about the size of an adult guinea pig and have rolypoly tummies on stumpy legs. I don’t think they’ve been outside before and they wondered about a little like they’d just landed on a new planet. I’ll call that planet: “Do your business”. Although our house has literally gone to the dogs, I am TRYING to get them to do their business outside.

BTW, I know absolutely nothing about how to care for bottle-fed pups. Indeed, I didn’t even bottle feed my own kids until they were old enough that I didn’t have to be pedantic about cleaning all the bottles. By then, whatever was growing in those bottles was good for their immune systems…


Mr and Yoda.



Just to fill in a few dots, I have volunteered as a foster carer for a local animal rescue group, Paws & Claws. I’m not sure how long “we” will be doing this. I am loving it and the pups are gorgeous, but we have our own pups to settle in and there will come a point where I’ll get the carpet cleaners in and at least have a break.

Or, more likely, I’ll be exercising the two pups we’ve adopted…Isaac and Rosie. I’m expecting lengthy daily exercise runs down at the beach. Actually, I’m hoping the pups will exercise themselves down at the beach while I bumble along at adult speed, instead of doing the “Flight of the Bumble Bee”. Of course, there’s also the possibility the kids might actually walk the dogs…


Me and Our Pups.

Meanwhile, our pups went off to be desexed last week. This was done via key hole surgery. Zac was bounding around pretty quickly but Rosie also needed her dew claws clipped and so she returned with her back legs bandaged and a cone around her head. She finally got the cone and bandages off last night…happy days!

So, our house is currently a five dog household, which means us humans are outnumbered. However, before you start thinking we’re facing defeat, beings on bottles don’t have voting rights. So, humans still rule even if it is a case of only just.

Anyway, I’d better keep moving. I think I’m supposed to be sleeping when the pups are sleeping. Isn’t that how it goes?

Have you ever fostered humans or animals? How did it go? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

xx Rowena



8 thoughts on “Whoops! More Pups.

  1. pensitivity101

    Five weeks seem a little young to me too, but if they have been bottle fed, then maybe it’s a different scenario to being with Mum. They are adorable. I don’t think I could give them back.
    As for fostering humans, how does 15 teenagers in four years grab you?
    Yep. I was a foster parent and it was one of the most rewarding periods of my life, despite the problems of glue sniffing, alcohol poisoning, anger management and sexual abuse. I’ve posted on the subject, so come back to me and I’ll give you a link, or dig around my blog and you’ll find something. I like to think I helped them in some way, even if it was only short term.

  2. Rowena Post author

    You’d be most welcome, especially if you’d like to help. Dobbie has become much leaner than his brother who’s turned into quite a rolly polly. Yoda has become the greedy twin.

  3. Tails Around the Ranch

    5 dogs, 2 kids, a husband? Oh. my. goodness. You definitely know how to keep yourself busy. Good luck with the newest babies, the temporary ones and the ones who will stay. All the best. {sorry this comment is so late…I’m sooo behind on reading posts but had to for yours-those little new-beans are just two cute!]

  4. IreneDesign2011

    Your dogs are very cute and it is a huge job to bottle feed.
    I found my cats, as you saw in the profile, while they were few days old and the mother was dead. I fed them with pipettes and became their mother very fast. Huge job, but also very rewarding.

  5. Rowena Post author

    Wow, Irene. That’s such an amazing story and so sad that they lost their Mum. It was quite a novelty bottle feeding them but a week was enough and fortunately they slept through the night. I didn’t really think about what I was getting into when I put my hand up for such young pups. I was only thinking of their cuteness. My husband would say that’s rather typical of me. Always good to think about the details…
    Best wishes,

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