Gloat- Day 2 B& W Photo Challenge.

You have to congratulate me on today’s photo. Not because it’s particularly good and when I think of all the millions on photos on my hard drive, it wasn’t even among the best. However, I did think the Scrabble letters would translate well into black & white.

The real reason you have to congratulate me, is that I didn’t post another B & W dog photo. That I was able to pull myself away from the five beautiful dogs chewing on my socks and feet (well, make that the four pups. Lady is too busy sleeping or growling at micro pups who are still convinced this old cranky puss could still be their friend.)Yes, I was able to think about something else.

Well, I have been thinking of a few other things, such as my Irish Famine Orphan research project. I am researching and writing up the stories of around 25 young women who emigrated from Middle Workhouse, Cork to Sydney onboard the John Knox arriving in 1850. I am approaching this as a you have 25 people in the same boat and what happens when they all get out retrospective social experiment type thingy. To get to the story part, I also have to do the geneology of each woman and not having a huge budget (ie $0.00), I’m doing a lot of sifting and my head has become some kind of tabulating machine process names, dates, deaths. Or, in too many cases, being unable to find who she married and their story ends as soon as they get off the boat. That frustrates me no end, because it could well be these women who have the most exciting stories to tell if only I could find them. I am also a tenacious idiot and won’t give up long after it’s become such a cold case, it’s frozen over. BTW, my 4th Great Grandmother was one of those women hence my interest.


Getting back to Scrabble, I managed to spell out GLOAT in a Scrabble match against my husband and son a few months ago. I don’t get to gloat very often when it comes to playing Scrabble against my husband but from memory, I actually won that round. My husband grew up in rural Tasmania and what with all that cold weather in the days before computers and electronics, they played a lot of Scrabble. Indeed, his mother who was a former school teacher, had a massive Webters English Dictionary they used. It’s almost the width of two house bricks.

Our 13 year old son loves playing Scrabble, and wandered into this brutal battleground. Feeling discouraged, I told him that we were training him up so when he played someone else, he’d beat them. I don’t know if that’s the sort of approach you’d find in the parenting textbook. However, my copy must’ve got lost in the mail years ago, because it’s never arrived. How about yours? Do you have one?

Anyway, I have to admit (or more like “confess”), that I was gloating when I finally beat my husband. I knew it was only because he got bad letters, and that he’d soon reclaim his crown. Yet, victory was sweet.

Do you enjoy playing Scrabble or other board games?

BTW I would like to nominate Kathy from Time No Matter to take up the Seven Day Black & White Challenge today.

xx Rowena

4 thoughts on “Gloat- Day 2 B& W Photo Challenge.

  1. New Journey

    We play a car game called hand and foot a couple times a day, I call it keeping our mind active!! We also play a dice game, but I got a little burnt out on that one…my kids are terrible when it comes to games, well lets just say we are all very competitive in my family….none of us like to loose….when my kids play scrabble there is a dictionary right there besides them LOL her being an English major, I always feel she has one up on me…but board games, card games, dice…we love it at our house. I was raised on monopoly, we would have entire weekends around a game. glad to see you won a game…gloat all you want…I would be…LOL xxxkat

  2. Rowena Post author

    Board games are a great way of bringing people together, even if certain parties become way too competitive or steal from the bank (as in Monopoly).
    We still have 5 dogs here. The micropups are now about 8 weeks old and getting desexed on Monday and that marks time to find them homes. It’s going to be hard to see them go and they’ve become such a part of our family. Yoda was licking Lady on the nose for a bit and she didn’t growl. The ice is beginning to thaw.
    Thought you’d appreciate the humour of this. I spotted a pair of ducks splashing in a water-filled pot hole in the road. Told Geoff they’d feel quite at home inside given the puddles through the house. THey’re all almost toilet trained and just when you think they’ve got it, there’s another puddle.
    I have been sleeping a lot lately and have appointments with my rheumatologist, lung specialist along with the dreaded lung function tests. The lung scan reads like the contents of my vacuum cleaner…ground glass, honeycomb. Surprised dog hair wasn’t on the list! Wouldn’t that be funny? Well, maybe not funny but not surprising. That could explain the barking cough…
    Humph…perhaps I should go back to my research.
    Hope you’re travelling okay.
    xx Ro

  3. New Journey

    ove the ducks splashing int he road….I am not sure I could foster puppies, it will help that you have your 2, but we would bond with them and then never let them go….I feel for you, they are so cute….I am hoping you are feeling better. Nothing worse than a nagging cough, my husband with his COPD gets one every now and then and it makes my chest hurt…be well, rest…..xxxkat

  4. Rowena Post author

    Geoff told me that he spotted the ducks with about 8 newly hatched ducklings today, so that pothole could be getting crowded. Last year, our elderly neighbours started feeding the ducklings and then they grew bigger and became rather bossy and demanding and quite difficult for the neighbours to manage. I hope the ducklings don’t wander under our gate.

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