Magpie On the Cross: Day 4, Seven Day B&W Photo Challenge.

This photo was taken on a day trip to Wollombi, NSW where my Great Great Grandfather married his second wife, Jane Lynch in the very quaint stone Catholic Church.

Wandering through the historic cemetery, I was struck by this momentary fusion of elements…a magpie perched on a cross, a historic headstone.

Being Spring, I had to be careful taking this shot, as I’d already been warned about swooping magpies and I wasn’t one to argue with that. Well, that’unless a resonating image was up for grabs.

A magpie doesn’t tell quite the same story, as spotting a crow in a graveyard and yet it’s presence resonates and feels a bit forboding. As it would be, I guess, if I were a small bird.

Today, I’d like to ask Irene Waters from Reflections & Nightmares if she’d like to take up the challenge.

xx Rowena

3 thoughts on “Magpie On the Cross: Day 4, Seven Day B&W Photo Challenge.

  1. Rowena Post author

    I’m glad you like it. I love photographing cemeteries and reading the headstones. Have you seen cemeteries in Germany? They’re very well kept and they plant live plants on the graves and change them over. I know they definitely change them over on 31st October as I was working in a Gartnerei in Kahlsruhe many years ago at the time. Graves aren’t so well kept here.
    I gave all the dogs a bag of bones this afternoon to try to divert their jaws from feet, shoes, anything chewable. I can really see why “the dog ate my homework” was so popular. Micro pups are now about 6-7 weeks and getting desexed on the 27th November. I’m bracing myself for that, as that’s time to move them onto their new homes. No takers yet. Usually, carers don’t have pups for so long but ours were so young that it’ll be about 2 months by the time they leave and they’ve become right at home. Zac is so good with them. He could get a job as a puppy sitter. xx Ro

  2. Tails Around the Ranch

    Your socialization of the puppies will give them a leg up as they grow into dogs. Bless you!
    As for German cemeteries, you’re correct. They are very well tended and families mind the plots beautifully. When I visit my friend, we have gone to her parents crypt to take care of the site. She told me they did that nearly every week for her family’s family.

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