Farewell 2017!

Before we launch into 2018, thought I might ask what you were most thankful for in 2017? What was the stand out?

Personally, I am thankful that my family is still standing after some trying times and I am also thankful for our beloved dog, Bilbo, who passed away in June and for the puppies who have helped to heal our broken hearts. I’m also thankful for our three week trip to Tasmania in January. We had an amazing time.

A tribute to Bilbo.

The pups. Rosie has the white stripe on her head and Zac has the white on his nose. The tan and black puppies were fosters who’ve now gone to their forever homes.

Well, I apologize for being overly thankful. How about you?

Wishing you and yours a wonder-filled year ahead in 2018!

Love and best wishes,


10 thoughts on “Farewell 2017!

  1. pensitivity101

    Sorry for your loss of Bilbo. Our pets leave such a hole, but wonderful memories.
    A doggy post always gets my vote and the new pups are gorgeous. Happy New Year.

  2. New Journey

    Love all the pictures…..oh my what to be thankful for, so much, my husband, children, there partners in live…being able to get up and continue on in my wonderful life….happy new year to you all…..xxkat

  3. Rowena Post author

    Happy New Year, Geoff. There are a few blogging friends I wanted to join up with for a New Year greeting. I think you would’ve enjoyed watching the musical entertainment on the ABC inbetween the 9.00pm and 12.00pm fireworks. Back in the 80s we had this iconic music show called Countdown hosted by Molly Meldrum. Have you heard of it? It is legendary here and he launched stars like ABBA and Madonna in Australia. Well, last night they had Jimmy Barnes, and a lot of younger artists doing covers for greats like INXS and just on midnight, they had John Paul Young singing: “Love is in the Air”. I got up and danced, a first for me. What a way to welcome the New Year!
    BTW the theme for this year’s fireworks was based on the passing of the marriage equality bill and there were rainbow colours on the bridge. I was a bit lazy and repeated last year’s photo. I’ll go back and put a link in today.
    I’ll pop ound now and catch up on your New Year.
    Best wishes,

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