What It Means To Be Human.

G’Day Humans!

This is Rosie-Roo, Rowena’s adorable and geniously smart puppy dog. I’ve jumped onto her blog to end her interminal screen-gazing. Put her out of her misery. I know she’s always teaching me stuff, and thinks she knows it all, but her brain’s now gone into park, and won’t budge. So, seeing that I’ve now worked out how to pull the string on my toy mouse and make it run all by myself, I figure I’m now ready to step into Bilbo’s paws and  be the brains trust around here. After all, that goes with the territory when you’re the Philosopher’s Dog.

Rosie & Zac BW

That’s me on the left.

So, here I am paws to the keyboard.

Rewinding to last night, you might’ve already read all Mum’s philosophical, new year ramblings about turning Chaos Central and it’ s inhabitants, into clockwork robots. Have a place for everyting and everything in its place.

Of course, we who know Mum better than she knows herself, know better. We know she drank too much pear cider over the holidays. Was dazzled by the fireworks. It’s all gone to her head, and now she thinks a  new year makes her a new person. That her DNA myseriously changed overnight.

I might only be six months old, but I’m a great observer. Not only that, I’m smart. Scary smart. Only this morning, I learned how to pull the string on my toy mouse, but I’ve been pulled mum’s string a lot longer. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with being creative. However, I’m a working dog, and that means getting on with the task at hand and not writing about it instead.

Anyway, we working dogs are adaptable. I can herd humans, and I can philosophise like a human as well. After all, as you’ve always suspected but have never been able to verify, we dogs can read your minds. Well, at least, that is the more astute of us canines.

Moving forward, I’m going to pick up from Mum’s last post where she concluded: “I am going to be a human being.” Shortly, after signing off there, she quickly typed “What It Means to Be Human” into a new post and went off to bed.

Who did she think she was? Professor Stephen Hawking? Why couldn’t she just be happy with 42 like everyone else, and leave it at that? Why did she feel the need to tackle a question whose answers spread the full length and breadth of the World Wide Web. How did she think she was going to reduce all of that verbosity into 500 words, or even a 1000?

It didn’t take me long to work out Mum was a dreamer, and nothing like a working dog.


Anyway, this leaves me to explain what it means to be human.

Firstly, humans are always telling us dogs to “sit”, while I figure all humans do is sit. They need to get out of their chairs. Switch off the TV. Turn off their laptops and mobile phones and walk, Run. Go outside. Smell the roses.

Secondly, humans seriously over-complicate things. We dogs keep it simple. We wear the one coat for life, and we’re always ready to go out. Adventure awaits. None of this hair, makeup, clothes, can’t find my shoes, wallet, phone. I don’t even need a lead, but I did get in trouble last week for what turned out to be a pre-emptive run.

But, while I can be a little critical of the humans and would like to give them some really thorough training, my humans have loved my brother and I unconditionally. We were homeless and had been taken away from our Mum, Dad and sisters and didn’t know what would become of us. Then, Mum and Miss turned up there in the middle of the night to pick us up and gave us a home. We had so much to learn, leaving puddles and piles all over the house and even chewed on the furniture, but they still loved us. Humans have big hearts.

A big heart is mum’s biggest trouble. Of course, she’d like to be uber-organized and have everything running like clockwork, but her heart gets in the way. She cares too much. I also understand that she can’t move around as easily as the other humans and then lets the other humans and us dogs get away with things we shouldn’t. Please don’t tell her that. That can be our little secret.

Well, I don’t know if I’ve answered the question, but I’d appreciate a bit of understanding. This is my first dog, I mean, blog post, and I’m still only a pup.

What do you think makes humans human? Perhaps, you could enlighten Mum!



PS: In case you’re wondering why I’m called “Rosie-Roo, it’s because the humans reckon I look like a kangaroo. I don’t know why they’d think a dog looks like a kangaroo. Perhaps, poor eyesight and confusion are further aspects of what it means to be human.

The featured image was drawn by my teenaged son many, many moons ago.

23 thoughts on “What It Means To Be Human.

  1. Tails Around the Ranch

    Oh Rosie-roo…tell your mum that being overly organized is over-rated. Live the moment, just like you guys do so well and without practice. Us huMoms could learn a lot from you guys.😍 Here’s wishing you all a pawsome 2018 with loads of adventures but few pre-emptive runs.

  2. Rowena Post author

    Hi Monika. Thank you for that. I’ve just finished a fantastic book: “Messy: How to be creative and resilient in a tidy-minded world” by Tim Harford. It talks about being able to operate in a more messy, lassez-faire space aids creativity and invention. We have been planned to knock down and rebuild our house since we moved in about 16 years ago and so I haven’t been overly fussed about the chaos of kids, puppies etc. Our house isn’t one of those places where you feel you can’t breathe in case something goes out of place.
    However, there have been a few times lately when it’s all gone too far such as too much puppy pee on the carpet and my daughter not only turned her room into a rubbish dump. She also turned it into a lab making this stuff called slime or flubber. The kids and teens are crazy about making the stuff here and to be honest, I am a bit concerned about the chemicals she’s mixed together, especially as she’s highly inventive. They even add foam balls, glitter etc to the slime to give it interesting textures.
    I have been wondering about the more positive aspects of this feral bedroom in terms of her being able to do her wn thing and create. A cousin of my husbands is a highly successful cheesemaker in Tasmania and she produced the world’s first wasabi cheese. I can’t help think that my daughter has a similar sort of mindset and my husband is a great one for developing creative ways of fixing things around the house. He grew up on a farm where you made do.
    It’s a fascinating book and I highly recommend it.
    Hope you’ve had a great start to the New Year and love to the pawsome duo.
    Best wishes, Ro

  3. Tails Around the Ranch

    I’ll check it out. As long as the clutter is manageable I’m good with creating. Clutter stuff up and I go nuts. I remember those creative teens. Fun times. I thing the rule was keep the door closed to the chaos. 😂 We have that slime making stuff here too. I’m just grateful I have hard wood floors (and no teens). LOL Wishing you a terrific 2018.

  4. gaiainaction

    Well Rosie-roo, I’ve thought about that a lot lately, what makes humans human, and for that matter, what makes us different from the animals, a great question to ponder isn’t it…. I still don’t know the answer really 🙂

  5. Irene Waters 19 Writer Memoirist

    You made me laugh rosie Roo and for a first post that is pretty awesome. I’m with your Mum – be uber organised is high on my priorities for the year too but I think I’m going to look for an uber to do them for me. Can’t see it happening but no harm having ambitions. What makes us human – we make goals we can’t reach.

  6. Corina

    Rosie-Roo I don’t think you look like a kangaroo at all! I think your Mum needs new spectacles. Or perhaps she has a habit of too much pear cider on more occasions than just the new year!

  7. New Journey

    I love that Rosie Roo has picked up on blogging….well done….big question, what makes human human….to big for me to answer….sometimes I would rather be a dog!! Happy week…kat.

  8. Rowena Post author

    I’d rather be a well-cared for dog, not one left alone in the backyard all day on my own or dressed up like a doll and powdered at the salon either. Nothing like a good ear rub and a few treats. Please don’t send me out to snow country though. Don’t want to wade through the snow to pee. I’d have delicate paws.
    Happy week for you too! xx Ro

  9. New Journey

    I agree….nothing like being a well cared for dog !! I never put foo foo on any of my pets….they are proud to be just who they are, no always the best smelling best friend, but it comes with the territory….LOL

  10. Rowena Post author

    I’m with you about treating your pets with respect. They don’t need all of that.
    BTW I bought my first ever copy of Vogue today. It had this wonderfully glamorous dress on the front and I plan to get a photo of myself and paste it over her face. It’s very fluffy but would be fun to dress up in:
    I’ve been having such a shitty time with this cough and thought of applying for a bed that can move up and down to help with the cough, but that comes with its own problems and they won’t fund for Geoff as well which means we’ll end up with some wacky hybrid bed and I’ll probably fall down the crack inbetween and disappear for eternity. Not that I’m melodramatic. As you know, I’m always very level headed.
    BTW it’s almost midnight here and I’m in my manual recliner feet up (still waiting for the automatic one almost a year after applying for it) and I can hear Rosie cleaning up the plates in the dishwasher and really should be getting out there. She is a repeat, repeat offender. I’m also waiting for neighbours across the road to go to bed so I can sneak a load onto their pile for council cleanup. Unfortunately, they run a restaurant so could be up for awhile yet. I also don’t understand why my husband couldn’t have taken care of this. I’m stumbling around and coughing yet at the same time strangely manic.
    I really appreciate how you’re here for me. I haven’t been able to get out much lately and need a bit of TLC and understanding. I don’t like scaring people here and given your husband’s lung situation, I know you understand and that means so much to me. THANKYOU!
    Well, I’d better get across the road…do a roadrunner beep! Beep!
    This should link through to the pink dress: http://www.vogue.com.au/vogue+magazine

  11. New Journey

    Oh my the dress is you!! you could buy a bolt of pink twill and drape yourself….LOL easier to cut and paste though….OMG I was always staying up and sneaking stuff into the neighbors bins too!!! LOL we are way more alike that I realized lol My son just left the outback and is back in Singapore, they were out of Perth…he sent me a message it was 114′ they had a blast…can’t wait to see all his pictures….hope that nasty little cough is better!!!! XXXXXkat

  12. Rowena Post author

    Hi Kat. You and I would have a blast visiting a friend of mine who managed an op shop near Palm Beach, a ritzy part of Sydney a ferry ride from here. She gets some very upmarket clothes and paraphenalia in there and she treats me like a princess. She’s just lovely.
    Didn’t realize your son was in Perth. Would’ve given him a few tips as I used to lie over there. I’ve been in Perth and seen a candle melt and droop over in the heat. I lived in Geraldton 6 hours North for about 6 months and that was an experience. The wind is so strong there, that in parts the trees get swept over and grow along the ground and tumbleweed rollds in balls along the beach. It can be quite rugged, but there’s a real beauty in that.
    BTW Zac is asleep on my lap with the laptop on his upper body but doesn’t seem to mind. He’s such a lovely sooky dog.
    The cough seems a fair bit better today. The physio had me walking around the block so maybe that helped, along with the antibiotics.
    Take care & best wishes,

  13. New Journey

    glad to hear your a little better….and Zac knows a good spot to sleep when he finds it…LOL I mentioned you to my son, but being the apple that didn’t fall far from the trees, he’s know it all…LOL he told me it was going to be in the high 80’s, I tried to remind him it was the middle of summer in a desert, DUH!!! I live in one….but nope I knew nothing….well apparently they had record heat…114′ LOL he was with his girlfriend, very smart and well traveled so at least he wasn’t alone….they did take lots of water at least….I was so head strong and knew everything back in the younger days…I gave up arguing with him a long time ago….LOL your friend sounds lovely…..the ferry ride sounds like fun too!! Welcome to the school week…XXkat

  14. Rowena Post author

    You can’t tell my brother anything either. They would’ve had great fun watching him struggle over there…another American tourist! Do you know where he went? Most people head south to Margaret River. Rottnest Island is one of my favourite spots and they have a really cute marsupial there called a Quokka.
    Amelia’s friend is moving to Perth and her Dad thought he could handle the dry heat. They’re from Bulgaria and apparently it gets quite hot there as well. It will be interesting to see how they go.
    I am back to reasuring my steps today and found out I used 2km keeping up with my daughter this morning. Then, I had a slow drive back home down the coast and had fish & chips at Budgewoi and walked to the llighthouse at Norah Head. I’ve posted the pics on FB. It was a beautiful day, which as supposed to be a heat wave but wasn’t too bad. Beautiful blue sky.
    Well, I have to pick the not so little Miss up in the morning and had better get some sleep.
    One more week before school goes back and I have a real high school girl.
    xx Ro

  15. New Journey

    I talked to him today, he said it was beautiful, I am not sure where they were but out camping in the outback…they took lots of water and had an ice chest full of kangaroo mean products…he said it was so much fun….hot for sure, but when its the dry heat its so much easier to handle. that’s what we have, extreme dry heat in the summer. our humidity is normally below 30 and in the summer its in the single digits…he had been to Africa in the Sahara desert so he is used to heat, and handles it well actually. But I haven’t heard all the stories yet. hopefully after he gets some sleep we will skype and I can get more info. glad your feeling better….keep well my friend….kat

  16. Rowena Post author

    These dogs are too bright for the likes of me. The Mars Bar Slice was in a clip-lock plastic container and they managed to open it. That’s too smart! I am wishing for the reurn of my childhood Lassie dog who could add 1 + 1 together! xx Rowena

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