Weekend Coffee Share 28th January, 2018.

Welcome to Another Weekend Coffee Share!

Had you arrived last night, I could’ve offered you a Raspberry & White Chocolate Scone straight out of the oven and dripping with melted butter. Personally, I thought they were baked to perfection. However, I had a comment from one about too much salt and not enough white chocolate from two. This lot is way too fussy and we ought to stop watching all these cooking shows before they get any worse. There’s no such thing as tinned spaghetti on toast around here, and sometimes it would be a blessed relief.

Raspberry Scone

Raspberry & White Chocolate Scone made by yours truly.

To be perfectly honest, I can’t even remember the last week. Indeed, rather than thinking about the week that was, I’m actually fixating on the week to come. It’s the start of the new school year here, and this is when my New Year really hits the road and resolutions turn into reality…or not! Gone are the days of arriving back from holidays the night before and winging it with last year’s uniforms and the Christmas tree still up. Our daughter starts her first year of high school on Tuesday and after a few years under our belts with her older brother, we’ve learned that you need to start the year off with a bang. That’s because it’s inevitably a slippery, downhill run from there. Of course, their uniforms will be ironed for the first day. Shoes polished. These kids might even be polished and…pigs might fly!

The one thing I still haven’t quite got my head around, is how to flick the switch from Holiday Time to School Time. I swear this transition leaves jetlag for dead. Late nights and sleeping in, traded in for early morning starts, activities after school and trying to push for early nights. Thank goodness for coffee!

I should also mention that Friday was Australia Day. We didn’t celebrate Australia Day, but we didn’t not celebrate it either. You see, there’s a growing movement in Australia to change the date because it’s  celebrating the day British settlement was established with the arrival of the First Fleet in Botany Bay on the 26th January, 1788. However, some Indigenous Australians have rebadged Australia Day, “Invasion Day”. This acknowledges that Australia wasn’t “terra nullus”, but inhibited by Aboriginal people and a treaty should have been signed. I personally would like to keep the date but change the meaning so that celebrations acknowledged these sentiments.

Sailing on Australia Day.

On the other hand, our son sailed in an Australia Day Regatta with the Sailing Club. He sails in a Flying 11, which is totally beyond my comprehension. I’m more familiar with Lasers and only then as ballast and making sure I don’t get hit in the head by the boom! This takes a lot of concentration.

On a more positive note, I have managed to put together a post about living with adversity: Life Was Meant To Be Easy. I hope you might find it encouraging.

Our pups Zac and Rosie are now about six months old and dear Rosie is chewing everything in sight and even contraband that’s out of reach. We left them inside while my husband manned the scout BBQ at local Australia Day celebrations in case they freaked out with the fireworks and got home to find they’d murdered the tissue box and spread it’s entrails all over the loungeroom. It was obviously very dead and this episode reiforced yet again that as much as I try to exercises the forces of good and cleanliness in this house, there are forces of mischief working against me at every turn.

Once the kids are back at school, I’m planning to indulge in a ferry trip to Palm Beach once the heat has settled down a bit. I also have a very long backlog of coffees to catch up on with friends. Thrown in with all of that, I’ll be sussing out for some paid work. Not just any paid work, but somehow getting my marketing communications path onto some kind of track.

All these thing seem pretty unexciting, but I’m pleased to report that the cough is much better. It’s still there and my ventolin is always by my side but the light on the horizon is getting closer. Thank goodness!

Hope you’ve had a good weekend!

This has been another Weekend Coffee Share, hosted by Eclectic Alli.

Best wishes,




12 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share 28th January, 2018.

  1. Corina

    Gig had me of of breath just reading about what’s ahead for you this week. The beginning of the school year is never easy. I remember so well!

    I think you’ll manage to find the right job for you. You’re determined and you’ll do it.

    I just wrote a long comment about his third Australia Day controversy is very similar to our Columbus Day issues. It was in Irene Waters’ blog. If you’re interested, you can click on her name on her comment in my post called Whine, Wine And More.

    I hope the week is a great success and that you get to catch up on at least one coffee with friends!

  2. Rowena Post author

    Thanks for mentioning Columbus Day. I didn’t know you celebrated that as we usually only hear about Independence Day and Thanksgiving. I’ll head over and check out your comments after I’ve caught up on the comments here. I’ve got a bit behind.
    xx Rowena

  3. TanGental

    we’ve been invaded and battered and done more than our fair share of both so we don’t celebrate anything much by way of the same. St George’s day is there but not celebrated (he wasn’t the nicest piece of work, let’s be honest), ditto the Quoon’s birthday. The work days that are also holidays are either religious (Christmas, Easter, Whitsun) or just there (May Day) or for party recovery purposes (New Years’s Day and Boxing Day). So I do wonder at the fuss. Glad you’re on the mend

  4. Colline

    Hope your daughter has a good week at her new school. High school is quite a change and can sometimes be tricky.
    In South Africa we changed got rid of a holiday because of politics. I know we were upset not because of the politics behind it, but because we were less one day off of work. It did settle the ruckus though, and maybe that is all you need. Maybe Australia Day should be a day all can celebrate being Australian. That is what the holiday here in Canada has evolved to – everyone shows their Canadian pride.

  5. Rowena Post author

    It will be interesting to see how the commentary on Australia Day progresses. I was interested to hear about similar issues in the US re Columbus Day, which I hadn’t heard of before. It is hard to celebrate the achievements of a nation when their indigenous people are clearly disadvantaged and their connection to the land isn’t acknowledged, as in the case of our Aboriginal people.
    I must add that after looking at the photos of the yachts etc decked out in the Australian flag, I really felt like changing the flag. It’s colours are red, white and blue while the green and gold are considered our national colours.
    It would be nice to think that my opinion might mean something but I’m feeling a bit disillusioned at the moment. The pen seems to be mightier than the vote.
    Hope you have a great week, Colline.
    xx Rowena

  6. Rowena Post author

    Why the fuss? You have to have something to argue about while watching the cricket! Miss asked why the commentators talk about a whole lot of uncricket related trivia. I told her it was because nothing was happening in the cricket. Geoff and Mr are b ig cricket watchers and it’s a bit like passive smoking, I absorb wafts of the cricket.
    Miss starts high school tomorrow, which is all rather difficult to believe, along with the fact that the school holidays are over and I need to get it together and at least get out of holiday time.
    Thanks for your wishes re my health. The cough has been so longstanding, annoying and confusing so it’s a relief to be feeling better and being able to get things done and get out and about. I’m starting to feel human again. Speaking of which, it’s pretty late and I won’t be feeling anything in the morning if I don’t get to bed pronto. Been tapping away while watching the Grammy’s. They rolled Elton John out. Can’t get beyond him singing at Diana’s funeral. Then again, I’m not known for moving forward.
    Hope you’re having a great start to the week.
    Best wishes,

  7. Colline

    I think changing the flag would be a good step towards something positive- the flag does smack of colonialism. Changing the South African flag was a positive step in the right direction.

  8. Suzanne [globalhousesitterX2]

    Oh ,bother, I missed out on the scone. Don’t mention cricket, NZ is totally useless and I don’t enjoy it though the Squire does. We are in the UK for summer so maybe we shall see a bit more sport without subtitles 🙂

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