Weekend Coffee Share – 4th February, 2018.

Welcome to Another Weekend Coffee Share!

So, how can I tickle your fancy this weekend? Coffee, tea, Bonox? A slice of Vegemite toast perhaps? I’ve never had too many takers for the Vegemite toast on the Weekend Coffee Share, but if you want to walk like an Australian, you need to flood your bloodstream with the brown stuff and toughen up. Just think of it as chocolate sauce and ignore the taste.

Well, if you joined me for coffee last weekend, you might recall that the “kids” were heading back to school for the new school year and that my daughter was starting high school and our son was already there. That’s right. We now have have two high school students in the house and with that my responsibilities have gone up quite a few notches. No arriving back from holidays the night before and winging it with last year’s uniform on the first day. No, we had to be organized. Indeed, it was time to become anal about the whole thing and climb in the proverbial straight jacket.

You can  read all about our organizational efforts Here. Actually, I think that should read MY organizational efforts.

Anyway, after all of that, Tuesday was here and it was time for our daughter’s first day. I can barely remember how it went now, except that we took a few photos out the front of the house, without her brother because he was conspicuously scarse in case he somehow got roped into helping out. At their school, they have the Year 7s starting two days earlier than the rest of the school. So, big brother was making the most of time at home without little sister.

After taking some photos out the front of the school and greeting the Principal who we already know quite well, the students lined up in their form classes and I have to confess, that I was among a handfull of Mums were were clinging on so tight to their precious offspring, that we were almost part of the line. Although that might have been a bit pathetic, I didn’t cry.

Day 2, we our second day back at school had a bit of unplanned drama…a local blackout. Fortunately, the alarms all went off but making breakfast was tricky and we were eating by candlelight. It was all quite an uncomfortable experience, especially when we were still reeling from the shock of going back to school but we survived and she was at school on time.

She has settled in well and is making new friends and picking up with a few old ones and I’d say by the end of this coming week, she’ll be good.


Meanwhile, Rosie our 6 month old Border Collie x Kelpie was also keen to get an education. She managed to pluck a pink highlighter pen out of the pen jar on the kitchen table and chewed it to death. There was a puddle of fluoro pink on the floor and spotches of pink on her paws…a photo opportunity.

Another funny incident around here this week, was a discussion with my daughter about the band INXS. “Devil Inside” was playing on the radio and she asked me whether he was singing “dead inside” or “devon inside”. If you’re not from Australia or New Zealand, you might not be familiar with Devon but its a cheap and nasty meat sandwich sausage often splashed with tomato sauce. This initiated a bit of a discussion about the late Michael Hutchence, which of course, became rather complicated but lead me into a reflection about the Americanization of Australian culture. You can read more about that Here.

It was fortunate in many ways that I could focus on their return to school and get things pretty much in order. I didn’t mind putting myself aside for a few weeks, because it’s a big change to start high school and a time where you need your parents on tap. You need them to be flexible and to understand your 1000 mood variations in 15 minutes without getting stroppy or needing to be the centre of attention. It’s the same when anyone starts something new. You often need that extra TLC and ideally those around you can give you that. However, with the cost of living these days, that’s becoming less possible. Everyone needs to work, even the dog (es[ecially when they keep chewing through highlighter pens!)

However, I can report that I did manage to have my first beach swim of the season on Tuesday afternoon. It was great until I waded in around waist height and then I chicken out and was reminded of my dog who didn’t like to get his paws wet and was feeling tortured as his beloved tennis ball drifted out to sea. I was pathetic, but I eventually dived under the water and survived. By the way, the surf is pretty flat at our beach and very non-threatening. Yet, you still hear about the odd rescue or drowning and it is a patrolled beach.

Anyway, I’ve decided that I need a holiday or an adventure, but don’t know what that’ll entail yet. It might just be a coffee down the street, but I’d like to think I might get further afield.

So, how was your week? I hope you had a great one and that the week ahead goes well for you. Got anything planned?

Well, I’d better head off.

This has been another Weekend Coffee Share, hosted by Eclectic Alli.  You’re welcome to join us. Just click through to the Linky.

Best wishes,


11 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share – 4th February, 2018.

  1. Writing Sparkle

    The beach looks lovely, and I am very jealous of the weather. It snowed here for I can’t say how many days straight. The snow is ridiculous, the shoveled drifts are so high some of them are over my head! I might try and share some pictures later. Anyway, great post and thank you for sharing.

  2. New Journey

    A dip in the ocean…how nice…relaxing….I wished we lived closed to the water…I do have the Colorado river close but its not the ocean!! First week of school behind you little one….she will do great. And to have her big brother there had to give her some bit of comfort. My big sisters were both in grades above me. We couldn’t talk or even see each other, I a pretty sure they were happy about that…LOL however all the teachers would compare me to my sisters…glad when we moved away…Rosie is adorable. I love her spots….Enjoy theses last years of school with your kids, in a flash they will be off to college and starting there own journey in life..XXkaay.

  3. Rowena Post author

    You’ll laugh at this. I have really been feeling stressed today with trying to get the kids term assignment grid sorted out and reading notes home from school and to all intensive purposes they just appear blank to me. In a sense it doesn’t matter if I can’t follow them as long as the kids can but our son dropped his bundle last year and so I feel I need to get onboard. I am freaking out a bit but decided I’d done enough for today and to just chip a bit off at a time. Nothing’s due for awhile of any consequence. Then, my husband went looking for something in the bathroom cabinet and threw everything out and it was time for a big cleanup when all I felt like was going into a coma.
    Anyway, I mentioned to a friend that I wished that I could escape to a desert island and just lie there with my deck chair. Hello! The jolly beach is just at the end of the street. Wake up and smell the sea air! Must get there tomorrow. Have the dentist first up and that’s never good. They should anaethetise you before they give you the bill! Pretty sure something’s going to need work in there what with being on the prednisone etc. Stay tuned.
    Well, I’d better get to bed soon.
    xx Ro

  4. Corina

    So glad the beginning of school went well and most happy that the power failure didn’t derail you on the second day!

    If you ever really want a holiday, come to Oregon! We’ll have a grand time!

  5. Rowena Post author

    I should plan a trip to the US. I’d have to get a bus and a whole lot of us bloggers to move from house to house. We’d have a ball.

  6. Maria Matthews

    Have you room on your bus for some Irish bloggers? Back to school is a harrowing time for all concerned, glad to hear it went okay. And as for the pink paws, Bob would love some!!!!!

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