Theme Reveal…Blogging A-Z Challenge.

On April 1st, the 2018 Blogging A-Z Challenge launches and with it, I shut off from the real world and immerse myself in yet another uber-ambitious theme. Something that not only requires a lot of research, but also having my thinking cap switched onto “Genius”,. This could be dangerous. Two years ago, when my theme was “Letters To Dead Poets”, my brain went into overdrive. Steam and sparks were flying out my ears. My circuits blew up. By the end of the month,  I was a zombie staring blankly at an empty screen. So, to prevent an all-systems collapse, I’m trying to get as much down before it starts.

If I was being true to myself, my theme would be “Ways of Procrastinating” using all 26 letters of the alphabet. After all, this weekend alone, I have:

  1. Bought new stationery for the challenge.
  2. I also bought a cork board with a world map printed onto it so I can pin the relevant places and link them up with red string as we go.
  3. I’ve cleaned my desk, including my desk drawers and vacated a drawer especially for my April Challenge material.
  4. Last night, I watched a couple of old movies…The Jackal and Play Misty For Me.
  5. Today, I took my daughter shopping to spend her birthday money.
  6. I also took the dog for a walk…another proven procrastination strategy.

However, that ISN’T my theme for 2018.

Rather, following on from the success of Letters to Dead Poets, this time I’ll be writing…


Letters to Dead Artists!

For those of you who aren’t aware, I’m Australian and so I’ll be featuring a number of Australian Artists you might not have heard of, but art is universal. However, I have diverse tastes and I’ve managed to include an artist from all five inhabited continents.

“A picture is a poem without words.”


I’m not going to ruin the suspense by listing all the artists now. However, the point of this series is that I’ll be writing to artists who have impacted on me personally and where there’s some kind of history, memories, a story. These stories revisit 9 months I backpacked through Europe in 1992, travels through Australia and also my undergraduate History Honours thesis: The Cult of Ugliness The Modernist Threat to the Bush Legend.

“Without tradition, art is a flock of sheep without a shepherd. Without innovation, it is a corpse.”

Winston Churchill

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”

Edgar Degas

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.”

Pablo Picasso

So, stay tuned for the launch on April 1st and I hope you’ll also share some of your thoughts and passions about these artists in the comments.

Wish me luck!

xx Rowena

9 thoughts on “Theme Reveal…Blogging A-Z Challenge.

  1. Rowena Post author

    What? You’re passing a blogging challenge? You wouldn’t happen to be a writer who is actually getting something finished, would you? I was driving along today and had an epiphany about how to turn my dead letters into something publishable.
    As you might’ve picked up by now, I’m very critical of my work and rethink things alot in my head but after seeing this trait in my kids and other creatives over the last year or so, I’m starting to name and shame the perfectionism. Send it to time out.
    I hope you’re having a great weekend. The lad had his last day of sailing for the season yesterday and was off to scout camp last night and both kids did a 10 km hike to one of your favourite places…Woy Woy. Then, I dropped him at Gang Show and I stopped off at the Ken Duncan Gallery…
    Had scones with jam and cream and read the paper and then looked at the photographs. There’s one where this tiger is staring you straight in the face and I can also feel my body quiver. It’s gaze is so intense and I feel like it can see straight through me.
    Anyway, that’s enough rambling from yours truly. My daughter has hijacked my laptop and set a timer. I said I only wanted it for 15 minutes while I had my cup of tea but my idea of 15 minutes more more figurative, than precise. Don’t tell her, but I’ve already reset it once.
    Take care & best wishes,

  2. TanGental

    Wicked mother. We’re setting clocks here as it’s British summer time and the tyranny of the little hand goes forward an hour. Yawn
    My weekend is a curate’s egg. Yesterday is was the 52nd instalment of the Great Mother in Law move. Today in an hour we are going to a dog friendly showing of the new Wes Andersen film Isle of Dogs. My nephew worked on it too so several reasons to applaud.

  3. Rowena Post author

    You know me well, Kat. This challenge winds m up every year, and I do need to watch myself. I’ve also, as usual, taken on a huge theme. I love it and I’m learning so much, but as you said, need to have some balance and some rest.xx Ro

  4. New Journey

    Oh yes, I could read your excitement in your posts LOL my first thought was of you all bent over you computer with one of those cray smiles on your face and steam coming out of your ears LOL take it slow, remember to go out and take the dogs to the beach for some fresh air. XX kat

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