Surry Hills, Sydney… Through the Lens.

If people can walk and text, then I can walk and do photography simultaneously. Or, so the theory goes, although my daughter just told me that I kept stopping, with the implication (of course) that it wasn’t appreciated. I should also be more careful. Looking through the lens instead of where our feet are going, renders photographers easy prey for accidents. Indeed, I’m lucky that the cracked and bumpy footpaths of Sydney’s Surry Hills didn’t swallow me up. I was only seeing in 6 x 4.

Yesterday, my daughter had an audition in Sydney’s Surry Hills, and either side of that we managed to walk the streets with my Nikon SLR dangling round my neck like an elephant truck with it’s extra-long lens.

Surry Hills is a photographer’s dream. While it used to be a rough slum area, like many urban residential areas, it’s been gentrified and prices have gone through the roof. It has a strong gay community and is arty, a bit lateral, alternative and it’s also a dog’s paradise. That has to be a good endorsement. Oh yes! I shouldn’t leave out the cats. There’s even a cat cafe in Foveaux Street.


We spotted this man wearing  an American flag running down Crown Street.


Although I’ve been to Surry Hills many times before and this is just the latest installment, I wanted to share what I’ll describe as a random cast of characters, who roamed the streets.


My daughter called out and said someone was wearing a box on their head. On closer inspection, it turned out to be the Easter Bunny. 



I guess too many dogs can be a bad thing!

We also spotted a cat cafe in Foveaux Street:

All of these unconventional sightings, all made me feel like packing up my bags and moving to the Surry Hills, or elsewhere in the inner West. I used to live not far from here in various terrace houses in Glebe and Chippendale culminating in a loft apartment in a converted warehouse. However, I also love the beach and the clean, fresh air and being able to spread my wings (and park my car). I also wonder whether I would notice all these details if I lived here all the time. Or, whether you need the eyes of the interloper or visitor to truly take it all in. What are your thoughts?

Stay tuned for dinner off Broadway.

xx Rowena


8 thoughts on “Surry Hills, Sydney… Through the Lens.

  1. Tails Around the Ranch

    Maybe better to stay near the water and take visits to this charming area as a treat for living in proximity. That amount of visualness, while charming, could become a bit overwhelming day after day living in its midst.

  2. willowdot21

    It is always great to visit these place but there is nothing like home.. the beach fresh air… Inner city no contest .. the beach! You are lucky having both on hand ❤️❤️

  3. Rowena Post author

    Thanks, Willow. It takes about 2 hours door-to-door for me to get to Surry Hills, which isn’t too bad. I find the train is the best place for me to read and I also write a fair bit too. Hey, that makes me think I should go to Surry Hills more often….write more, read more sounds ideal. We live a few blocks away from the beach and I’m overdue for a trip there too. Makes me wonder what I’ve been up to…
    Hope you have a Happy and relaxing Easter.
    Best wishes,

  4. willowdot21

    That sounds perfect, two hours to read or write on the train. We live an hour’s train journey from London and one and a half to two hours car ride from the nearest beach… I have not bothered with either of late.. like you I just don’t know where the time goes! Happy Easter to you and all your family. 🐰🐥

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  6. ndu.t.yke

    Oh I looooove Surry Hills! I used to pass it everytime I went to city from eastern suburb. I lived in Anzac Parade. Kingsford for a year and the bus trips were always a pleasure everytime we pass Surry Hills. I finally got the chance to stroll down Foveaux Street and took as many pics my iPhone allowed me 🙂 And on another day, I walk around Surry Hills and also took many pics. It was one of the loveliest suburbs.

  7. Rowena Post author

    Much better to stroll down Foveaux Street, than try to climb up it. It was quite a challenge on my last attempt, especially as a I had a chest infection. Lately, I’ve had a few detours to the Art Gallery and that’s been fabulous too. I can be hard to come home sometimes.

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