Letters to Dead Artists – Weekly Round Up…A-Z Challenge

Well, like anyone who is taking part in the A to Z April Blogging Challenge, there’s a real sense of relief when you’ve made it through another week and you’re still on track. Indeed, I thought it deserve a swing from the chandelier, which is why I’m currently looking like Monet’s portrait of his beloved Camille on her deathbed mummified head to toe in plaster. Why didn’t Sia warn that swinging from the chandelier can lead to broken bones? We should all wrap ourselves up in bubble wrap and just stay put on terra firma.

I was trying to think about which week we were up to because this whole insane experience of trying to research and write to 26 dead artists in a month is totally insane, especially when it usually takes me that long just to work out the list and decide who to write to. It seems that procrastination is a luxury on this challenge and a decision, any decision, is better than getting behind schedule.

Although I decided to limit myself to one artist per letter this year, I did add a detour in this weekend. That was to visit Monet’s Garden. I’d realized that most of the artists I’d chosen were fairly intense, and so I thought we’d go and spend a day at Giverny with Monet among his water lilies and flowers and given the peaceful serenity in his paintings, I thought Monet would be a fairly chilled character, and was completely unprepared for the heartbreak he endured and extreme poverty in his early days as an artist, not to mention the ridicule he received as an Impressionist. So, as it turned out, spending time with Monet, wasn’t just a walk in the park.

Here are my posts for this week:

N- Sidney Nolan

O- Georgia O’Keeffe

P- Pablo Picasso

Q- Queenie McKenzie

R-Auguste Rodin

S-Salvador Dali

Why We need Monet’s Garden

Monet’s Greatest Work.

Here are the links to previous weeks’ letters:

Here’s a link to last week’s letters:

A- Alexandros of Antioch

B- Sandro Botticelli

C- Grace Cossington Smith

D-Edgar Degas

E- Eileen Agar

F- Frederick McCubbin

G- Vincent Van Gogh

H- Hans Heysen

I- Isabel Bishop

J- Jackson Pollock

K- Wassily Kandinsky

L: Norman Lindsay

M- Edvard Munch

How are you finding the A-Z either as a participant, reader or both? Hope it’s going well.

Best wishes,



5 thoughts on “Letters to Dead Artists – Weekly Round Up…A-Z Challenge

  1. Colette B

    I’m absolutely in awe of the richness in words and images that you achieve in your posts. It’s an absolute joy to spend time here sharing in your journey of discovery and rediscovery with these artists and their work. I imagine I’ll definitely be finding the extra time I need after the month end to fully explore resource links that I’ve felt compelled to bypass for now while I’m also posting daily ‘on the fly’ rather than pre-prepared. i think i found it most frazzling between days 6 to 10 of the challenge, or somewhere around then, but in spite of increasing my reading efforts seem to have settled into a sustainable routine, although it is taking much of most days and I’m managing to achieve little other than posting and blog-hopping. Never mind, I’ll miss it when it’s finished I think, but at least I won’t be wishing I’d given it more time – other than perhaps it might be so nice to prepare better in advance and so have more time to devote to reading round other blogs, but there’s a real buzz with spontaneity isn’t there! All best wishes for the final week Rowena and thanks again for sharing your wonderful writings.

  2. Rowena Post author

    Thanks so much for your lovely feedback. Means a lot to me. It would’ve been great to have been better prepared for the challenge, especially given what’s involved with my theme. However, it does make what I’m writing more immediate and it written through my emotions and isn’t a strictly intellectual process.
    I am also finding it interesting returning to some of the art I was into what I was younger and what I’m into now and how I need that interaction of light and dark, emotionally intense and more peaceful. I was quite an epiphany. I play the violin and and understood the need for that in music but it also has a very sound life application.
    Best wishes,

  3. Rowena Post author

    Thanks, Kat. I’ve just been doing it a day at a time and trying to geta bit ahead where I can. I did have the first two week’s largely prepared beforehand, but hadn’t touched on the rest and also changed a few of the artists as I went.
    Thanks for reading them and encouraging me along as always!! Much appreciated, Ro

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