An Autumn Stroll in Sydney…

For those of you who don’t live in Sydney, I apologise in advance that there are no photos of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, or the Opera House on this walk. That’s because this walk isn’t about Sydney. Rather, it’s more about immersing yourself in the golden yellows of Autumn and appreciating nature in all her finery.

If you live in many parts of the world, you might take such Autumn colours for granted. However, I live close to the beach and there aren’t many English style gardens around here. With our sandy soil and low rainfall, they just don’t grow or are extremely high maintenance. Our Australian natives are evergreen and so we just don’t have those forests of Autumn colours you see elsewhere. This all means that I get quite dazzled by Autumn colours and that despite being forty something, I’m still prone to collecting Autumn leaves.


So, now that I’ve started painting this story from my perspective, perhaps you’ll better understand my excitement when I emerged from the underground tunnels of St James train station, and saw Macquarie Street all lit up with glowing, golden leaves back lit by a bright, blue sky. It was glorious!

So, I wanted to invite you to join me for a bit of a stroll today, which starts out in Hyde Park and goes along Macquarie Street, through the Domain and finishes on the Art Gallery Steps.


As I walked along Macquarie Street, the photographic focus became historic Sydney Hospital, which was opened in 1811 and is Australia’s oldest running hospital. While in other parts of the word such a building would be relatively “modern”, by Australian standards it’s “old”, but not quite ancient.

You can take a short cut through Sydney Hospital to get to the Art Gallery. The short cut has a lot of rustic charm and you really feel like you’re stepping back in time, and yet you’re not if that makes any sense.


A rear view of Sydney Hospital with modern skyscrapers peering over her shoulders.


I thought this sign was rather funny. Hospital Road runs in between Sydney Hospital and The Domain (park). I am a bit concerned about where a trip down Hospital Road might take you…a one way trip with no return.


Playing sport in The Domain under the shadow of high rise.


Lunch time joggers running through The Domain. Note the huge fig trees, which are very popular.

And finally we arrive at the Art Gallery of NSW.


Hope you enjoyed the walk.

Best wishes,


9 thoughts on “An Autumn Stroll in Sydney…

  1. maxwellthedog

    Beautiful!! Great memories. But…but…but are we to assume you didn’t stop off for cake and coffee at your favorite haunt? Hard to believe 😀

  2. duskalert

    Lovely images.! 😍🌟

    Reminder: I nominated you for The Real Neat Blog Award. I’m waiting for your response.😍

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  4. stefanidee

    Looks like a stunning autumn day thanks for sharing your walk 🙂 I love the part of autumn when the crunchy leaves fall on the ground and my boots smoosh them underneath! Is it only me??!! That sound is music to my ears! Love the blog 🙂

  5. paigechanel

    I missed Sydney’s autumn this year unfortunately! As it is one of my favourite times of the year. Great photos.

  6. Rowena Post author

    Thank you very much, Stefani. I love the sound and sensation of crushing autumn leaves under foot as well. Isn’t it amazing!
    xx Rowena

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