Electrical Sex Fixing…What the @#$%!

Research was never meant to be a straight road. Quite often, there’s an astounding story right alongside the one I was looking for, which turns out to be “the find”.

Night, while reading through my grandmother’s music column from the 1950s, I stumbled across this gem:

Electrical Sex Fixing 1952

Unfortunately, a quick Google search fails to elucidate the matter any further. Does anybody know any more about this?

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8 thoughts on “Electrical Sex Fixing…What the @#$%!

  1. Gary A Wilson

    This is too vague of a test to be trusted. We just use a stray spider. Validated research has confirmed that females surprised by a spider always scream with an accuracy of 94.7% with a 1.2% margin of error. Males have a more complex response depending on the number of females nearby and the variety of nearby tools, but 12.9% respond by grabbing the spider in their bare hands and slowly crushing it then use a shocking open-palm approach to displaying their work to anyone nearby, while a whopping 79.1% grab some kind of tool, ranging from a tissue to a drill press to wack the creature with. The remaining males, having secured possession of the TV remote and being unwilling to yield it, yell something about, “deal with it yourself. . .”

  2. Rowena Post author

    Funny about that, Geoff. I thought it might lead to a huge spike in my stats but no such luck. Only the usual suspects LOL.
    Best wishes,

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