Off On A Saturday Drive…

Welcome to being a scout parent. Your kid experiences the magic of the great outdoors, while you have the pleasure of being stuck in the car for a long drive. Well, I tell a fib because I wasn’t exactly stuck in the car, and I wasn’t driving either. Geoff was driving, and once we’d dropped off our charge, we made numerous photography stops and took full advantage of the great outdoors. Well, perhaps not full advantage because we didn’t exactly go for an extended hike, but I did walk our daughter down to the registration tent.


This weekend, was District Scout Camp and it was held in the middle of nowhere,  and not even near the great outback. It was held in the camping grounds at Sugaree Creek and the only signs of civilization were numerous cow pats, no cows and a cluster of tents with camp fires going. Due to its lack of proximity to any landmarks, there is no point providing a map.


Of course, there’s something naturally mesmerizing about being around a camp fire. Yet, the magic doesn’t just happen and there’s a lot of careful skill and preparation which goes into building a good one too. After having a local bush fire this week, it was good to hear that the camp fires survived the night and remained under control. Of couorse, we expect no less from our scouts.


There’s something soulful about a tree skeleton silhouetted by a cloudy blue sky.

Of course, this is why you go camping and why we love our kids being involved with Scouts. It’s important to commune with nature, sleep under the stars and especially get away from technology, phones and gadgets and even talk face-to-face. Indeed, as much as I was wondering if we were ever going to get there, I know there’s much to enjoy about going on a long drive seemingly surrounded by nothingness and needing to find those points of interest. I guess this also includes not looking at my phone or reading a book either. The latter becomes very tempting.


After leaving camp, we drove to Spencer. Don’t really know what it’s main claim to fame is, but there is a caravan park and it would be a great place to get away from it all, especially on a boat.


It was after 5.00pm by the time we reached Spencer and the sun was setting and the place was shut. All except a makeshift pub…The Dunkirk Hotel, which was just this sign and a picnic table under the tree.



Mangrove Creek photographed from Spencer.

If you are interested in checking out more around the Sugee Bag Creek area, I recommend reading Return to Sugree Bag Creek

Have you ever been involved with Scouts or Guides and have any camp memories? I’d love to hear from you!

xx Rowena

5 thoughts on “Off On A Saturday Drive…

  1. frejatravels

    Beautiful photos. Unfortunately I never involve with Scouts. I hardly do any camping since my parents never allow us kids to go to the wild. I did my first camping when I was in high school climbing mountain in West Java Indonesia for a 3 days. It was interesting but not sure if I enjoyed it sleeping on the rough earth without matrass. The companions was good though.

  2. Rowena Post author

    I’m very much like you, Freja. I’ve barely camped at all, although there were a few times at school and once crossing the Nullarbor Desert driving from Sydney to Perth. I’m hoping that we’ll finally get our act together and go as a family, especially as we’ve bought all the gear.

  3. TanGental

    bloody hell, yes; there was a jamboree celebrating something like the 60th anniversary of scouting and the chief scout himself attended. By the time he reached our troop I was so sun burnt he decided to nickname me ‘pinky’. Sod. It was also the place where (a) I nearly drowned in the swimming pool, starting me off on my life long loathing of being out of my death in on or under water (b) I learn the words to kumbaya and ging gang gooly (c) I broke my first bone, a toe, kicking a tent peg. All in all a great success….

  4. Rowena Post author

    This could well have been the launching pad for Dick Head Travels. Sounds like Jamboree launched your salubrious career. Haven’t heard of any accidents from last weekend. That said, Mr was exhausted. Went straight to bed.

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