The Emporium, Sheffield, Tasmania…Thursday Doors.

You’ve got to feel for us simple folk who don’t live in Italy where every house sports a magnificently carved, ancient front door. Indeed, for those of us surrounded by ordinary doors, each and everything Thursday our stomach’s tighten and we feel veritably ill as the querst continues. Will we ever find that perfect door? The door of our dreams? Or,  as the moon rises high above the sky threatening to go to sleep, will we simply have to lower our standards and accept that any door will do? Well, I haven’t got there yet, because I still have a stash of door photos from our trip to Tasmania last year.

This week, we’re visiting The Emporium, in Sheffield in NW Tasmania and it’s not far from that crazy place we’ve visited before in search of wacky doors…Tazmazia. For better or worse, The Emporium was closed by the time we arrived in Sheffield. So, we can only appreciate it from the outside.


Sheffield Emporium building.JPG

Sheffield EmporiumDSC_9689.JPG

I’m feeling way too tired to process this place is any way that could possibly make sense. So, I’ll just leave you with these photos and make a run for it.

This has been another contribution to Thursday Doors hosted by Norm 2.0. Why don’t you come and join us and share a few of your favourite doors. It’s a lot of fun and helps you see parts of the world you’ll never get to visit.

Best wishes,


8 thoughts on “The Emporium, Sheffield, Tasmania…Thursday Doors.

  1. Dan Antion

    “Purveyors of Quslity Merchandise” I’d love to step inside. The pictures have set my imagination rolling

    Great post for Thursday Doors!

  2. sustainabilitea

    That is one busy door! I know what you mean about finding the right doors. Most of mine comes from places other than where I live. Why is that, I wonder? Ahh, well, I enjoyed yours and always enjoy Thursday.


  3. scooj

    I so get the door difficulty, but also the tiredness. Having said that, there are doors everywhere and behind each one there is a story. I am enjoying your Taz series.

  4. New Journey

    My daughter posted Christmas doors from England. They were so quaint and historic, I too like doors, and they are far and to few between in our neck of the woods….I would definitely make a trip back to that Emporium….XX

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