What’s Become of The Honey Badger???

Last night, I was perched on the edge of my seat watching The Bachelor Australia waiting to find out whether Britt or Soph was about to run off into the sunset with the Honey Badger, when an epic twist unfolded. I was dumbstruck.

You see Nick “The Honey Badger” Cummins didn’t choose either of the girls, and was left standing  by himself all alone on the beach. Indeed, I could almost hear cupid’s nemesis playing: All By Myself. He looked guttered and even though it was his own decision, I still felt sorry for the bloke.

Bachelor 2

However the show didn’t end there. Despite having her heart broken, Brittany’s first thought was to find Sophie and let her know what had happened. That neither of them had been chosen. The two girls have become great friends and soul mates while the Honey Badger is hardly winning the popularity stakes. Indeed, he’s skipped the country and is off walking the Kokoda Track, leaving a lot of people asking him to: “Please explain”.

Just to put you in the picture, this year’s Bachelor was Nick “The Honey Badger” Cummins, who plays rugby for the Wallabies and also appears in a series of funny commercials for Tradie Underwear. Meanwhile, the field of women had narrowed down to Brittany and Sophie. I couldn’t really work out which was going to be the one, but he seemed to have a connection with both of them. Sophie was the first one to arrive, and we knew from past years that she’s about to be given “the talk”. However, there was no happy ending for Britt either and she was pretty much given the same spiel. In hindsight, something didn’t seem right, and I should’ve picked up when the host, Osher, didn’t ask Nick whether he’d fallen in love.

Of course, I have my own theory.

Right from the outset, it was clear that the Honey Badger wasn’t your regular Bachelor. That was probably why the producers chose him. He’s really funny and has even developed his own language or dialect simply known as  “Honey Badger”, which is a distinct variation of the Australian vernacular. Clearly, someone who speaks their own language, has their own mind and is going to be anything but a conformist. In addition to his linguistic idiosyncrasies, the Honey Badger’s also got this curly mop of hair and mustache which look straight out of the 1970s. Clearly, he’s resisted considerable pressure to get it fixed. He’s obviously his own person.

However, that doesn’t make him a bad person. Indeed, ethics seems very important to Nick not just throughout the show, but also in real life. He repeatedly says that he doesn’t want to break anybody’s heart. Nick is one of eight kids and large families like that have a dynamic. Your siblings knock you into shape and you also stand up for each other. Another detail about Nick’s family which didn’t come up during the show, was that his mother left at some point and his father was left to raise the kids on his own. Two of his siblings also have cystic fibrosis and his father was diagnosed with prostate cancer and isn’t going to be around forever. So, Nick put his career with the Wallabies on hold and played in Japan for awhile to get a nest egg together for his siblings. To help his family out. So, while I’m not saying that the Honey Badger’s perfect, he does take his responsibilities seriously and doesn’t like to let people down. Indeed, he repeatedly talked about not wanting to hurt any of the girls and seemed much more prepared to be hurt himself.

Bachelor 3

Lastly, when you’re watching at home, you’re removed from the pressures of being on such a show and the difficulties of dating so many people at the same time on TV and in front of each other. During the finale, the Honey Badger was looking stressed and out of his depth. He mentioned that he was finding it really difficult to make a decision and how he couldn’t get a clear head. From that roadblock, his default was to choose neither. I think he quite genuinely didn’t want to hurt anyone and that bailing out was better than getting it wrong and really breaking someone’s heart.

Naturally, despite the Honey Badger’s conspicuous absence, the shock end has generated some discussion. Has the Honey Badger just become the Greatest Australian Bastard or did he do the right thing? What is going to be the fallout? Apparently, he’s giving one exclusive interview to Lisa Wilkinson on the Sunday Night Project. I’m not her greatest fan and hope she doesn’t serve the honey badger up a platter. He might not be perfect, but he doesn’t seem like such a bad bloke, especially if you’re not trying to win his heart.

Have you been watching the Bachelor? What are your thoughts on the grand finale? Should we roast the honey badger and serve him up on toast or simply leave him be? 

Best wishes,


PS: This clip should’ve been a warning for anyone trying to date a Honey Badger: Click here.

7 thoughts on “What’s Become of The Honey Badger???

  1. New Journey

    I could never get interested in the Bachelor shows, American or any other, my mother loved them, she would try to guess which one and I loved the way she trashed the poor girls. LOL I have to say, yours is a cutie compared to the stiff, tall dark and handsome ones in the US. XX

  2. Leif Eriksson

    This is what happens [double-dump] when a Hobbit has had too many Ent-draughts.
    It appears that, like Kanye, Nick’s ideal “life partner” is Nick.

  3. Rowena Post author

    It does seem that Nick is very much his own person and I’m not sure how someone else would fit into that. He wouldn’t be the first elite sportsperson who has struggled with personal relationships. He really was quite lost and confused at the end.
    I don’t know much about Kanye except that he’s just changed his name.
    i think having regular people as the Bachelor or Bachelorette is a much better idea. Hopefully, they’re not so clueless.

  4. Life In Camelot

    That was a great read Rowena. This is one season of the Bachelor that I didn’t even take a sneaky squiz at and I think it is because of the pre show promotions. I’ve loved watching previous series and despite knowing that the shows are produced and edited to promote a certain agenda and outcome, have felt a lot for the girls and the guys involved.
    However, I’d never previously heard of this chap and didn’t think the way he was promoted was very user-friendly (honestly I couldn’t give two pins about him), but I do wish him all the best and if nothing else comes out of this show it seems the girls have made close friendships and hopefully they all come to the realisation that this is not the way to find a bloke.

  5. subroto

    I don’t know why the people are complaining. The show is called ‘The Bachelor’ not ‘The About To Get Married Guy’. By remaining a bachelor, the honey badger remains the only contestant true to the show’s name. Also in nature honey badgers are solitary animals. Biology will trump TV experiment anytime.

  6. Rowena Post author

    I’m sorry I missed your comment. It somehow fell down the list. I really enjoyed your thoughts. Spot on. Nick Cummins is going to be at Erina Fair tomorrow morning signing his book and I’m very tempted to go. Indeed, my daughters pushing me to. I am a bit concerned that there will be all these teeny boppers there and I’ll be like this mutton chop really standing out in the crowd. At least, I’m not old enough to be his grandmother and I also feel to young to be his mum. I’ll let you know if I get there.

  7. Rowena Post author

    Yes, I’m wondering what happened to meeting someone at a friend’s party. That’s how I met my husband and for better or worse, numerous friends met their life or temporary partner through me.
    I think he did the right thing but I don’t think he anticipated the fallout. He’d hadn’t watched the show before he signed up.
    Glad I’m not out there in the scrum anymore although my kids are just on the fringe of all of this. Time to lock the doors and throw away the key until they’ve left school.

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