Not the Boss’s Wife…Friday Fictioneers.

“This place ain’t right. There’s blood on the stone. Ma always said: `stone house, cold heart.”

“Watta ya mean, luv? She’s the best property in the district. The whippersnappers will love it when they come along… swimming and fishing in the creek. Our El Dorado.”

“I sense their starving spirits. Those broken shearers. The native people. Their blood’s still etched in the stone.”

“You’ve got a bleeding heart, Mary. It’s survival of the fittest. We’re gunna spin the golden fleece. Tame the great outback. ”

Charlotte refused to step inside and gave Charlie back his ring. She couldn’t become the Boss’s Wife.

17 thoughts on “Not the Boss’s Wife…Friday Fictioneers.

  1. Rowena Post author

    Thanks very much. Sorry about your husband. Not sure I’d recommend a trade in though. Hard to pick a good one, though mine’s going alright. He was exhausted when he got home from work and I’d tripped during the day and though not badly injured, I was cranky and had the sense of being battered and bruised all over as you do when you hit the tarmac. Council’s about to get a serve.
    Best wishes,

  2. michael1148humphris

    What memories the earth must carry, so many stories for us to tell. I enjoyed the line “their blood etched in the stone”

  3. Brenda's Thoughts

    I’m glad she followed her heart and her gut and left this man who cared nothing about the past atrocities that happened there for the sake of gold. Your story and the voices are excellently written.

  4. Rowena Post author

    Thanks very much, Rochelle. It was initially going to be more about a class difference between the two and looking at the tension between the landowners and the swagmen who were living on the brink of destitution but I couldn’t overlook the massacres of Aboriginal people. This is not something my generation knew much about and it certainly wasn’t taught in schools. It’s something my aunt, Dr Anna Haebich, has been involved in bringing into the public conscience. Here’s a link to her bio:
    Best wishes,

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