Running Faster Than A Speeding Bullet…

This afternoon, my son and I took the dogs for a run along the beach and it was absolutely spectacular. The weather was absolutely magnificent with lashings of warm, balmy sunshine and if I was more adventurous, perfect for a swim.

Zac Rosie Lady

Our Three Canine Companions….Rosie left, Lady Front and Zac rear. 

Well, here we have our three canine beauties photographed in motion at the beach. Well, the two now fully grown pups are in motion, while lady takes a more leisurely approach to the beach. That’s not difficult considering that the pups view it as a racing track.

There’s quite a knack to taking the dogs to the beach. Although we live walking distance from the beach, dog beach is a little further away. This means it’s a bit too far for me to walk with the three dogs, and walk along the beach as well. So, we all pile into the old car known as the “Dog Mobile” to get there. What with three irrepressible dogs who know exactly where they’re going, the drive is pandemonium and a bit like shouting lollies to a pack of toddlers. You have to brace yourself.

Once we’ve parked, we walk the dogs onto the beach on lead for safety. By this point, they’re truly irrepressible and I really need to remind myself to step into my boss shoes before we all become airborne. Geronimo! Once those leads were off, the pups flew like bullets down the beach and they were truly beautiful to watch. Indeed, they reminded me of thoroughbred horses.

Our son became quite agitated about them and worse-case scenarios flooded his mind like a storyteller. One minute the dogs were going to disappear in pursuit of a seagull. Then, they were going to run out through the shallows onto the sandbar halfway to Palm Beach, in which case it would be my job to retrieve them. There was also a strong rip and this has proven hazardous to smaller dogs and a friend’s had to dive in after his white fluff ball a few times. There’s was also a fisherman and the dogs often end up trying to snaffle their bait. However, today the dogs were more focused on running than prawns and just flew past.

Despite their unbridled energy and a smorgasbord of hazards on every flank, I was quite relaxed. All they wanted to do was run. Run faster than the wind. Indeed, they were built to run fast. However, they weren’t running away. Indeed, whenever I’ve been here with them before, they’ve always had an eye on me.

After all, just like humans, dogs know that as much as freedom is a wonderful thing, so is a sense of belonging. That becoming lost, especially when you’re alone can be terrifying whether you’re a human or a dog. Mind you, I must say that getting lost doesn’t seem to worry Lady. She’s been quite the escape artist and we’ve received multiple calls asking if we’ve lost a dog.

That said, we haven’t had her since she was a pup, and perhaps that explains her apparent lack of attachment. However, she was quite happy to leave her former life behind and come with us in the car when we picked her up. It was only some time later, that she started wondering what was going on and wanting to go back.

I really loved being back at the beach. We’ve had about three weeks’ worth of torrential rain and with the sun out, it was time to do the happy dance. It was magnificent.

Best wishes,


24 thoughts on “Running Faster Than A Speeding Bullet…

  1. pensitivity101

    Coolies love the water. Barney did and Maggie is half collie, half springer, so gets a double whammy of joy!
    She loves the beach, and we are about a five to ten minute walk away depending on how Hubby’s mobility is. The sand irritates her fur, but Maggie doesn’t care and will contentedly trot down to the water’s edge. Gulls and crows are fair game for the old dear, but the spirit is willing even though she’s lost her speed and her arthritis kicks in. She refuses to accept she’s not a puppy anymore.

  2. Rowena Post author

    Thanks for popping by, Sally. Going to the beach with the dogs is magnificent and yet for some strange reason, we don’t get there as often as we should. Hopefully, we’ll get into it more now it’s warming up.
    Dogs are such a part of our families and can even become a part of ourselves. Your Sam was a special one.
    BTW our daughter got her first pointe shoes recently and I thought you might find this post encouraging:
    Best wishes,

  3. Rowena Post author

    Our last dog Bilbo was 12 when he passed away last year and while I was waiting to get him in at the vet, I took him for what turned out to be his last visit to the beach and in retrospect it’s a bit sad that it was just the two of us there and the rest of the family wasn’t a part of it. He’s been with us since my son was 2 and our daughter was crawling. That day he turned out to be very anemic as he’d developed an acute auto-immune disease. He occasionally ran a bit way to chase the ball but that’s when I knew it was grim. Indeed, one of my dog walking friends was there at the time and warned me not to push him in case he collapsed on the beach. It was hard to acknowledge these signs in the poor dog who was such a soul mate in the way dogs can be.

  4. Rowena Post author

    Thanks, Sally. I thought it would be one your readers would like. I think it acts as a good reminder that most people have their battles and heartaches and not to feel that we’ve been singled out for trouble.
    Best wishes,

  5. pensitivity101

    I remember your post on losing Bilbo Rowena. Maggie will be 14 in January, and we have noticed how she has slowed down over the past year or so. We don’t push her to do anything she doesn’t want to and keep a watchful eye.

  6. Rowena Post author

    Yes, four legs would be fabulous at the beach, especially if they were as mobile as my dogs’ are.
    Gary, you’ll appreciate this conversation I had with my daughter this week. For some reason she was thinking about making trousers for dogs and whether they had one set of hips or two given that they have four legs. Not unsurprisingly, I’d never considered this situation before. However, after some reflection decided they had one set of hips for the hind legs and not at the front. At this point, she concluded that their front legs are really arms and they don’t have four legs after all. Is she too smart for her own good? Or, just over-thinking things way too much?

  7. Rowena Post author

    It’s so hard to watch our doggies get older. It was particularly poignant with Bilbo because he and our daughter were at about the same stage when he arrived as a pup and he always saw her as the youngest who needed looking out for and was perhaps his own. It made for quite a graphic comparison as the fur on his face turned grey. When he was about 8 he really slowed down and had trouble with arthritis so we got Lady thinking his time wasn’t far off. However, Lady perked him up and he went on for about 3 more years. Then, he passed away before our daughter had even turned 12 and started high school, having completed a full dog life cycle. It just didn’t seem fair.

  8. pensitivity101

    They leave such a hole. We weren’t ready to lose Barney, and got Maggie 6 days later. I’m forever watchful, and hope when her time comes, it’s on her terms.

  9. Rowena Post author

    Lady was definitely knackered but the two pups looked like they could’ve gone again and all that exercise had barely registered. Rosie was still bringing us a stick and keen to play. Those two are particularly high octane.

  10. New Journey

    The pups are beautiful. and yes can’t they run, our little one is faster than the speed of light. LOL What a great day, and you even got your son to go with you….fun….

  11. Rowena Post author

    We all needed to get out there for a walk/run depending on your speed capabilities and the weather was perfect. Pups weren’t even tired when they got home, but they were hungry. Must’ve burned off their lunch in a few minutes.

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