A Sydney Christmas.

Although it’s not quite Christmas yet, I thought I’d share some of the Christmas scenes I encountered on some recent trips into the Sydney CBD. To be honest, by day these decorations as a whole, are very lack lustre compared to what I’ve been seeing from friends currently touring Europe and New York. Indeed, I feel a bit sheepish about presenting them at all, and rather apologetic. However, our beaches are beautiful this time of year, and who needs Christmas lights when you can have the sun.

My personal favourite has to be the window displays in David Jones’s Elizabeth Street Store. Although to be honest, I’ve only viewed them twice and haven’t entered the realms of Christmas traditions, even though I vowed they would when I took the kids there for their Santa photos when they were very small and our daughter was still terrified of Santa.

Here’s a few of my pics this year:


Star Wars Display at David Jones


Walking across Hyde Park, you’ll come across St Mary’s Cathedral with it’s large nativity displays both inside and out:


St Mary’s Indoor Nativity Scene 2018


St Mary’s Outdoor Nativity Scene 2018.

Above: the dazzling Christmas tree in the Queen Victoria Building at Town Hall made of Swarovski crystals.



The two photos above were taken at Haig’s Chocolate Shop in the Queen Victoria Building. As much as I was tempted to but a chocolate bell of Christmas tree, I was concerned about them melting in the heat going home. That’s an unfortunate reality of a Summer Christmas.

Last and perhaps least and I hope it truly lights up into something dazzling as it currently looks very small and pathetic, is the Christmas Tree at Sydney’s Town Hall.


After all that walking around, Elf and I needed to sit down.


Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse of a Sydney Christmas by day. It doesn’t look like we’re going to get in there to view the lights.

Wishing you and yours a very Merry and Blessed Christmas and a wonder-filled New Year.

Best wishes,

Rowena and family

17 thoughts on “A Sydney Christmas.

  1. Nancy

    Lovely pictures. Thanks for sharing. I’ll admit I do enjoy having winter weather for Christmas, especially snow if I can get it, but the day after I’d be happy to go back to beach weather!

  2. SD Gates

    Oh my gosh, I remeber David Jones – that is where we had to go by my uniforms for boarding school. I still remember the way the store smells inside, of leather and linen – boy do your photos bring back some memories!!!

  3. Melissa Gerke

    I didn’t get into the city this year Rowena, so thanks for the photos! I hope you had a Merry Christmas and survived the Boxing Day sales.

  4. Rowena Post author

    Do you? Do Americans eat it much, because I’ve heard you don’t bake it as a Christmas Cake. I’m making pizza for dinner tonight. Geoff tries to stay gluten free but only had SR gluten free flour so I’m trying making pizza dough with that for him while the rest of us are having “normal” dough, which is rising nicely in the sink. Need to start chopping soon. The kitchen looks like a bomb zone. We came home from shopping and I had to get the cooking started so it’s all going on out there. Dishwasher’s been down for a week and but they’ve been taken care of. Chaos reigns around here but there is some order creeping in through the cracks. Happy New Year to you and the family! What are your plans? Any resolutions? Still thinking about mine.

  5. New Journey

    I can not speak for the other American, but I was raided eating fruitcake and still love it. Especially toasted with butter. yumm My mom always made it, she soaked hers in rum for several days then let it dry out some. My son used to eat her loaves like a burrito, LOL I had Chicago style deep dish pizza today for my birthday. It was yummmmy!! I have been trying different cauliflower pizza crusts, but I am not a fan. Hummm I wonder if our dishwashers have been chatting it up, Mine is on is last leg, after we get done with taxes I will be looking for a new one. I have decided to for-go any resolutions this year. Its to much pressure to live up to, then I feel like a failure when I cave in. So I will just continue on my journey to better health. Can’t believe I just turned !! When did I get that old, what happened to the 50’s !! Don’t blink because another year will be over!!! Sending you many blessing for the new year to you and your family and furry kids!! XXX

  6. Rowena Post author

    I’m so sorry for not replying to your comment sooner. It seemed to get lost in the deep recesses of my comments and I’ve found a few here. I think the ad sums up David Jones very well…”There is no other store like David Jones”.
    Best wishes,

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