Gosford Sailing Club…Thursday Doors.

Welcome to Another Thursday Doors.

As I walked through the familiar doors of Gosford Sailing Club for the Australia Day Regatta on Saturday, I pulled out my camera and thought: “You’ll do. That’s Thursday Doors done and dusted.”


When you visit Gosford Sailing Club, you’ll find the front door is located at 28 Mason Parade, Gosford and the back door and marina, is parked on Brisbane Waters, a vast expanse of stunning blue water ideal for sailing, water sports and the oyster industry.

Gosford Sailing Club started out in 1932 as the Gosford Rowing, Sailing and Motor Club.

By the end of the 1932/33 season the club was referred to as the Gosford and Brisbane Water Aquatic Club and in 1941 it changed its name to the Gosford Sailing Club. It was not the first sailing club to be formed on the Brisbane Water but it is the only club that has survived. If you’re interested in maps and sailing, you can click through HERE/ to a map of Brisbane Waters put out by Marine Rescue.


Rather than focusing on doors this week, I thought you’d all appreciate experiencing the Australia Day Sail Past, which took place before the Regatta.

Our son took part in his Flying 11 and when we last caught sight of him, he was on the boat. However, as they say: “never turn your back on the ocean” and our son and many a teenager has much in common with the sea. The next time we see him, his boat is being towed past by the rescue boat with his crew member steering and he’s out the back being towed along on an inflatable donut printed with the Australian Flag. Just to add to the overall look, he was wearing the Australian Flag top hat my husband had bought him.


Happy as Larry…Our Junior Aussie Larrikin.

However, what I noticed most about him was his smile. He was absolutely beaming. Happy as Larry. That’s something any parent of a teenager is also thrilled to see. After all, life with teenagers can be a bit like life at the top of Enid Blyton’s Magic Faraway Tree. You can never be sure who you’re going to run into.

By the way, our son received the Junior Aussie Larrikin Award at the Awards Presentation later in the day. Parenting a larrikin can be a mixed blessing and it’s not the sort of thing that attracts awards. They’re usually awarded to the kid who can sit still the longest, not the one who climbs the walls. An adult larrikin award was also presented. That character was throwing water from a water bottle at the crowd going past and managed to get both the Commodore and General Manager of the club.

Fire In the Skyb

A Fire in the Sky… taken from Gosford Sailing Club November 2018. 

Quite aside from sailing, Gosford Sailing Club is a fantastic vantage point for photographing magnificent sunsets. Although I have bucket loads of sunset photos stored up on my hard drive, I can’t resist and stand their soaking up all those magnificent golden rays through my lens feeling like I’m in heaven.

misty tree

Sea Mists Gosford, Australia Day 2019. 

However, last Saturday afternoon, the sea mist rolled in instead for quite a different and beautifully mysterious experience. Nature is so incredibly beautiful and so ephemeral. Never the same.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed our visit to Gosford Sailing Club. This has been another contribution to Thursday Doors hosted by Norm 2.0. Why don’t you come and join us and share a few of your favourite doors. It’s a lot of fun and helps you see parts of the world you’ll never get to visit.

Best wishes,





18 thoughts on “Gosford Sailing Club…Thursday Doors.

  1. Rowena Post author

    Tom, you’d love it in there and plenty of beer going round once the race is over.
    You can also get a sausage sandwich and help finance the junior fleet.
    Best wishes,

  2. Rowena Post author

    Colline, it’s great there even just chatting out the back in the sun. I am hoping to get out on the water soon and join Sailability, which is for people with disabilities. I fit in the middle disability wise but thought this was a good starting point.
    Best wishes,

  3. Rowena Post author

    Thanks, Norm. A bit light on in the door dept this week but I thought people would be interested in the Australia Day celebrations.
    Best wishes,

  4. New Journey

    Congrats to your son, I believe an award for whatever the reason is a good award no matter!! LOL I do love his smile under his hat in the water, you did good mom! However I have to tell you a quick story on the comment that you never know who you will run into. LOL My son changed his name to his middle initial in junior high, “J” I never knew this until I was picking him where he worked at a dance studio one night late. I pulled up and David the owner was standing in the driveway, I rolled my window down and said is Aaron in this building, he replied, I don’t know any Aaron but I have a young man named J here. Hummmm I thought, wonder if I am at the right building at 11:30p ?? Small amounts of anxiety creeping up my spine. Then out ran my Aaron, AKA J now, and David said this is J does he belong to you. I laughed politely and said I would claim him regardless of his name. If I had a camera to catch the look on Aarons face at that moment! Well he got in the car and proceeded to make feel like I was living in an alternative reality, he told me I was the one who nicknamed him J, don’t I remember, wow mom you must be getting old or something. Well he knew darn well I never once in my life called him J !! LOL It was a long quiet ride home, I called his phone once and the answering machine said I had reached J or Aaron at this # !! LOL SO depending on he reason I called, I would either ask for Aaron or J to call his mum back. J was a much more polite son, than Aaron, he always said thank you and your welcome and got rave reviews from stranger to me. LOL SO I can totally relate to the fact your not sure who is going to surface when dealing with a son!! My daughter was always ” steady as you go ” and always in for whatever was asked of her, However the both could of won the academy award for most dramatic!! LOL just thought I would share a little, xxx

  5. Manja Mexi Movie

    Lovely sunset and smile. 🙂 I had to google Larrikin because I have never heard this word. The definition does not speak of something one usually gets awards for. 😀 Rather close to my spirit though…

  6. Rowena Post author

    I love that story, Kat. Kids sure know how to keep you on your toes. No wonder our hair goes grey and falls out! BTW could I despatch a spotty-nosed border collie x over your way. Comes with stick and tennis ball fragments included. I’m sure Chike would like a visitor. Zac is lying quitely in his bed and Rosie’s jaws are non stop. Crazy dog. Hope you’re having a great night. I need to get to bed soon! xx Ro

  7. Rowena Post author

    It’s great fun and I love the speed and being right on the water in a small boat but also relaxing on a larger yacht and I can also do my photography without drowning the camera.

  8. closehauled116744005

    Looked like a great day! As a sailor myself we love the community of the marina and I wish we had a day like this! I look forward to reading more, if you’re curious about us check out our site!

  9. Rowena Post author

    Thanks for popping by. I’ll head over and check out your site. As a sailor, you could well be interested in a story I’m still uncovering. This is more of a shipping than sailing story. However, my Great Grandfather was second mate onboard a large collier when it collided in Melbourne with a smaller steamer and six people drowned. There’s a notorious rip there and I think it was largely responsible along with not having the sort of equipment we have today. The rescue boat was a row boat with oars. Here’s the link: https://beyondtheflow.wordpress.com/2019/02/20/when-two-ships-collide-stumbling-across-the-wyrallah-disaster-1924/
    Best wishes,

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