Weekend Coffee Share…3rd February, 2019.

Welcome to Another Weekend Coffee Share!

This week, you’re in luck. You can have a slice of piping hot Peach Upside Down Cake with a scoop of creamy Vanilla ice cream with your choice of tea, coffee or whatever. I don’t know what possessed me to go baking tonight when the kitchen was already a bomb zone and the dishwasher is broken and the teenage substitutes are unreliable at best. Indeed, I suspect they have a few faulty circuits. However, being Sunday night, I felt the call of the Sunday roast, which thanks to still going through the Christmas ham, I decided to make a special dessert instead.

Peach Cake

Peach Upside Down Cake…Yum!

Last week was momentous. One by one, the rest of the family fell like dominoes returning to the real world. Tuesday, Geoff was back to work. Wednesday, our son was back to school and is now in Year 10. Our daughter had the longest reprieve. She went back to school for only one day on Friday and then she was off for the weekend again. It’s a tough life.

Jonathon & Amelia

Back to school 2019.kwr

By the way, it was funny seeing photo after photo of kids of all ages, shapes and sizes heading back to school. Themes and variations. Parents should warn their kids that if they don’t smile at the camera or worse still, they frown, cry, snarl or make a stupid face, it’s going to spread like gastro all around the world wide web and haunt them forever. Facebook never forgets. It bringing these things back from the deepest depths of its memory and no parent can resist clicking share and making the bad photo do the rounds again.

Zac & Amelia reading

Even the poor dog has homework. However, he soon nodded off and went to sleep.

Anyway, we got through the first week of term one. I can tick that one off. How many to go? Can I stick my head in the sand now? Or, do I really have to face another school year.

Last night, I revisited my parents’ old holiday house at Sydney’s Palm Beach going through masses of photos and posted two of them:

Girl on the Sand

Above: Footprints Running Through Sand

Driving Through the Clouds

Making Tracks.

Meanwhile, I participated in Friday Fictioneers again. This week’s photo prompt featured a tee pee, and took me into the realms of Native Americans, which was right out of my league as an Australian who has never been to America and has a healthy respect for Indigenous cultures. I wanted to show respect and came very close to skipping this week. My piece was called: Natural Justice and also raised some interesting issues about how to view historic literature through our modern day concepts of equality and social justice.


Gosford Sailing Club.

For Thursday Doors, I featured Gosford Sailing Club. Both my husband and son are sailing members and I am hoping to be able to start sailing soon myself.

Well, how was your week? I hope you’ve had a great one.

This has been another Weekend Coffee Share, hosted by Eclectic Ali.

Best wishes,



8 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share…3rd February, 2019.

  1. New Journey

    Just put my ice cream in my coffee and bring the entire upside down cake to the table please, hope no one else wanted any ! I am not sharing, only with you!! I will even do the dishes for it. LOL Sounds like life is returning to normal after the holiday season. I am sitting here watching it downpour outside. Well needed rain for sure, but we had just started painting our place, at least the windows casing were all installed and sealed before the rain started. Whew on that one!! I hope the weather has cooled off some for you, were going into spring that means your going into fall?? As always I love all the pictures you put on your blog. Your little ones are no longer little are they?? He is getting so tall and handsome, and well little missy is certainly going to be a looker!! You will be beating off the boys soon, if not already. Life is good in my part of the world, get up and enjoy life and then go to bed and do it all over again the next day. Sending you lots of love and hugs.xxxxkat

  2. Rowena Post author

    Thanks, Monika. Only a year now and the lad will be learning to drive. He’s already getting opinionated on the subject so heaven help me then. He’ll have his licence in no time. I really don’t like driving so he’ll build his hours up quickly. The have a log book and they have to build up a certain number of hours. Then it’s onto leaving school. Hooley Dooley. Not ready for that.
    BTW Rosie is bright eyed and bushy tailed still expecting me to throw stuff and it’s after midnight. Zac is the good pup asleep in bed ahd Lady is also asleep. I’m not being that good either. I just needed to unwind after finishing off the kitchen and now I’m bright-eyed and bushy tailed too. I must be a possum. Soon I’ll be dancing on the roof.
    Best wishes,

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