The Perfect Crime…Friday Fictioneers.

As the plane touched down at Sydney Airport, Jamilah knew she was safe and they’d never find her working at Macca’s Woy Woy, wishing the world a “nice day”.

Quiet and unassuming, Jamilah passed right under the radar, barely the shadow of a shadow.

Then, she met Jerome.

Of course, she’d never planned to fall so deeply in love, fusing into one exulted flesh. Giving herself to someone so entirely, that she disappeared, engulfed by the flames.

It wasn’t her fault, or was it? That he got caught in the flames and burned. Yet, now she was a wanted woman.


100 Words.

Sometimes, I like to provide a little background into my flash fiction efforts. However, this week I wanted to leave it open to interpretation and see what comes back. Initially, I was tempted to write about when I was in Europe as 21 year old back in 1992. However,  this story took on a life of its own.

I set this piece in nearby Woy Woy, which is a bit of a backwater with a funny sounding name, as a tribute to Spike Milligan and the Goon Show. Spike Milligan’s parents and younger brother moved to Woy Woy and Spike was occasionally jocularly referred to as “the boy from Woy Woy“.

“Woy Woy”is a corruption of the indigenous term apparently taken from the local Darkinjung Aboriginal people, and reputedly means ‘big lagoon’ or ‘much water’, referring to the deep tidal channel adjacent to the town centre.

“Macca’s” is Australian for McDonald’s and is where many of our local teens find their first job and is a popular after school hangout. I also found myself hanging out at McCafe when our kids were young and the play area with it’s locked high gate was heaven-sent.

This has been another contribution to Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle Wishoff-Fields, where we write up to 100 words to a provided photo prompt. PHOTO PROMPT © CEAyr

Best wishes,




11 thoughts on “The Perfect Crime…Friday Fictioneers.

  1. pennygadd51

    Dear Rowena
    There’s a lot in this story. Jamilah, a girl with a past (maybe an illegal immigrant); Jerome, a man who inspires Jamilah to passion and then, for some reason, betrayal I would guess, moves her to intense, murderous rage; an equivalence between the metaphorical fire of love, and an actual, fatal fire. Wow! I want to know more!
    With best wishes

  2. Rachel Bjerke

    I love it when something I’m writing takes on a life of its own! Those always seem to be the best stories 🙂
    And I absolutely loved learning about your area of the planet… it may be mundane info to you that Macca’s means McDonalds, but for some reason I find it incredibly interesting, so thanks for that!


  3. gahlearner

    Her passions seems to burn so hot it’s deadly. Great descriptions, and I love the explanation.

  4. 4963andypop

    Your afterward brought back memories–first, working at Mickey-D’s as they sometimes call it here, and second, spending hours, regaining my strength, in close proximity to a questionably sanitary ball pit, with the fumes of the fry grease strong in the air, when my kids were small. 😊

    Sounds like quite a pickle she’s got herself into–perhaps a grease fire. Would you like any fries with that?😊

  5. Abhijit Ray

    Flames of desire. No wonder she is.a wanted woman. But flames may not be for everyone.

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