There’s A Lady On Your Pillow…

Our son made the mistake of leaving his bedroom door open when he left for school this morning. When I went to close it, I noticed a black ball of fur quite at home on his pillow, let alone snoozing on his bed!

Lady Cropped

Lady wasn’t phased by my appearance at all. Indeed, instead  of showing any guilt or remorse, she simply rolled over wanting a belly scratch.

I have mentioned before that Lady tends to take her name much too literally, and even elevated herself further up the ranks. I have no doubt that she believes she’s a princess, and us humans are at her beck and call. Indeed, I have wondered whether she really thinks she’s a cat, especially when she becomes totally unresponsive when the ball or stick fly past.

However, there’s another side to Lady. She lived on a farm before she came here, and she’s a trained hunter. She’s not interested in balls and sticks because she’s after the live ones. That, by the way, is when she’s becomes rather “unladylike” and let’s instinct prevail. I have been horrified on more than one occasion when she’s not only rolled in a very dead fish carcass at the beach, but actually rubbed the stench deep into her fur follicles to camouflage her scent completely. She is a trained assassin. I’m just lucky she doesn’t eat humans.

So, now she’s back to being an ordinary dog again, asleep on her own blanket!

Hope you’re having a wonderful day!

Best wishes,


Here’s a link to the Lady’s escapes after she first joined us: Portrait of A Lady

14 thoughts on “There’s A Lady On Your Pillow…

  1. maxwellthedog

    Max was thrilled to see a post just about Lady. She is indeed a princess and deserves all the respect that entails. Max said you should have brought her a special treat as she was lounging on the bed. Perhaps two treats since one is never enough. We trust that belly scritches were, indeed, generously delivered. And if perchance there is from time to time a faint…how shall I say it…odeur de poisson pourri…that’s just more to appreciate about Lady.

  2. pensitivity101

    UTI again, but this time we can’t get her to take the antibiotics, even with cheese or ham! Hubby ground them up in a dish which she wouldn’t touch, so I mixed it in with rice and boiled chicken and although she’s eaten most, she’s still sifted out bits. I’m confident though that some has gone into her system. We’ve got another 8 days, having lost yesterday’s dose because she didn’t touch her breakfast.

  3. Rowena Post author

    I feel for you. Dogs can be as obstinate as small children. I don’t know if you can get hold of Vegemite where you live, but our dogs have always gulped down their tablets in a Vegemite Sandwich. My husband, who can’t stand the stuff and calls it “axle grease” would say that it would mask the state of anything.
    Our daughter had a bad UTI when she was a baby and had to be on antibiotics for months. It was hell trying to get the medicine into her too. She’s absolutely fastidious. She’d be just the sort to fish out the tablet from a Vegemite sandwich.

  4. pensitivity101

    We have marmite over here which I understand is very similar. I can’t stand the stuff, but Hubby loves it. Out of the four and a half pills we’ve ‘tried to give her so far, I guess one and a half have been consumed. It’s a start I suppose.

  5. New Journey

    Chika loves it when I let her snuggle on my bed with me. However I can’t trust her to stay there all night, shes up wondering around getting into trouble, She settles down and goes right to sleep in her crate. we bought the 70# dog size for her little 43# body, she can stretch and turn around and even roll on her back. LOL Lady is beautiful.xx

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