Pearl Beach, NSW…Walking Through The Lens.

Shame! Shame! Shame! Why is it so difficult for me to get out of the house and get over to Pearl Beach and go for a simple walk? Pearl Beach is only a 15 minute drive away, and is absolutely beautiful. It’s hardly going to the dentist. Although we have our beach just down the road, it’s important to get out of your own backyard and see the world, even if it is only the world next door and not somewhere further afield.


Pearl Beach, NSW.

However, the reality is that when you live in a place, you’re not on holidays, even if you live near a beach. Life still gets you by the short and curlies and as much as life is to be lived, it also has to be endured. Stuff has to be done. Annoying, irritating stuff such as cleaning, appointments, brushing your teeth, which are hardly earth shattering unless they’re neglected. I’ve also been researching and writing my book which has caught me up in some kind of net where I’ve been swimming along feeling like I’ve broken through, when my foot gets stuck. However, through my efforts to escape, I only make things worse. I’m wrapped up like a cocoon and I’m going nowhere. A spider trapped in its own web.

Empty Chair Pearl Beach

Fond and painful memories of our Pearl beach friends who moved to Poland. It is a strange feeling being the ones left behind still living in the same house while they’ve moved on.

So, I deserve a 22 carat gold star for just making it to Pearl Beach today. However, after going for a walk as well and getting some EXERCISE, I deserve the sun.


So, there we are… me and my girl walking along Pearl Beach. I looked out to sea and there was a white dot of a yacht sailing along the horizon. I’ve been giving a bit of thought to what lies on the other side of all that ocean. Who am I waving at? This was a tough question for me, because I have no sense of direction and am hopeless at reading maps. However, this was a question I’m pursuing  like a grand global adventure all from the comfort of my armchair and laptop. Anyway, if you could throw a stone from Pearl Beach across that vast expanse of ocean, I think it would bypass New Zealand and Easter Island, heading straight for Chile somewhere around Valparaiso. That freaked me out. That’s a long way over the rainbow.

Anyway, back to walking along the beach. The weather was absolutely glorious, sunny and about 22°C. This was the best of our Winter. Talk about being lucky ducks.


Moreover, the beach was the most incredible canvas underfoot. Although the wiggling strandlines are meaningless, I sense something profound in their squiggles which is beyond music or words and something like the whisperings of heaven. These squiggles formed wave-like patterns at Pearl Beach, which I’ve never seen before. They were absolutely enchanting. Moreover, tiny crab holes punctured through the sand. Foot and paw prints were appearing, disappearing or merging in a footprint jungle. So much to photograph.

Beach Canvas

Beach Canvas

I used to go to playgroup at Pearl Beach with my kids before they started school and  we’d often end up at the beach afterwards, particularly when they were older and had outgrown their morning nap. We’d order a serve of chips and chat until responsibilities sank in and it was time to go home. In hindsight, their childhood seems like one endless Summer by the beach. However, this idyllic interpretation is definitely the rose-coloured version. Life has had a nasty habit of stepping in and stamping on our dreams. However, we have big feet and are just as good at stomping back.


Plagelines, Pearl Beach. 

Now that I’ve got back out there extending my explorations of our beautiful local beaches, I’m thinking of doing a walking tour of our coast and walking along a new beach each week. Considering I’ll have my camera in hand, it’s hardly going to raise my heart rate in a big way, but it will help. Exercise is exercise. Hopefully, if I draw up a plan, I might actually stick with it and I’m thinking of recruiting a few friends. Turn it into a social event. Clearly, I’m not really passionate about raising my heart-rate. Indeed, I can just see myself indulging at a cafe afterwards but at least I’m honest.


Anyway, I hope you enjoyed our walk along Pearl Beach.

Is there somewhere special where you like to go walking? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Best wishes,



7 thoughts on “Pearl Beach, NSW…Walking Through The Lens.

  1. pensitivity101

    We’re a five to ten minute walk from the beach, even less to our park. With the holiday season upon us, there are people everywhere, so we tend to stay away! Even shopping in ton is a chore as there are too many people, which is good for the town, but frustrating for locals, so we do our shopping 15 – 20 miles away which can be just as chaotic, but if we time it right, we;re leaving as the grockles are arriving!

  2. Rowena Post author

    My in-laws live at Nureybar just out of Byron Bay and the locals give it a miss over the Christmas period. It’s crazy.

  3. pensitivity101

    Oh yeah! Shop opens 8am, car park full by ten two and queues at the door. Shelves stripped of fresh produce by midday, ice creams sold out by 4pm…………. at least we get a field trip!!

  4. Tails Around the Ranch

    Thank you for taking me along a fabulous beach walk this morning. Morning walks are my favorite and add a beautiful beach and I’m in heaven. The company is a pretty nice bonus, too. 😍

  5. tidalscribe

    We just had a staycation while Cyberson ripped out our bathroom. Just a bus ride into town with pur wheelie cases and five nights at a hotel. It’s good to be just wandering around with holiday makers, no shopping, cooking, gardening or computers.

  6. Rowena Post author

    Sounds wonderful. I know there’s so much around here we don’t get around to and it’s much more relaxing exploring close to home when you cut out a few layers of complication.
    Best wishes,

  7. Gary A Wilson

    Hi Rowena. You got me. I had to think about a favorite place to walk. There are several so, I wondered, is there a place so memorable to me that I already wrote about it? And there is was waiting for me to wander back there via the imagery of a fun story. It was and still is a canyon just barely north east of Yosemite valley (California). All the mountains around the place are carved from giant pieces of granite and everywhere you walk makes you realize just how small you are compared to nature. It’s a huge juxtaposition between me and the planet that both sobers and humbles me. The valley in question is best done after a longer hike, so you’re already pretty tired and ready for a real meal and long drive home with your friend driving so you can just relax. It became a great memory for me, it had to as that trip was a near scrape with death by bio-opps. If interested, here’s the link.

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