Vivid Colours

Thought I’d treat you to some beautiful artwork by Pauline to mull over during the weekend. While you’re here, you can also think about the use of creativity, colour and self-expression. Is this a crime? Do we need to hide our coloured pens away? I’d love to hear your thoughts.
Best wishes,

The Contented Crafter

I was asked by a shop owner recently to bring in some of my work as she had heard of it and was interested in offering some for sale. She gave a glowing description of how she loves to support local artists and has several whose works move swiftly through her shop.

So, a few days ago, I packaged up a range of cards and small art pieces and took them in. I laid a few of the cards in front of her – leaving more cards and all of the artwork in my bag. She swept her hand through the examples and said “No, these aren’t what I sell – too vivid.”

The viewing took maybe five seconds.

I gathered up the rejected work and put them back in my bag. I didn’t offer her any more to look at and she didn’t ask to see them.

The impeccably…

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3 thoughts on “Vivid Colours

  1. tidalscribe

    I love colour and to restrict oneself does not make sense from a sales point of view either. Ironically we are just enjoying the novelty of our new bathroom in cleann white and soft greys – because it is a novelty compared with the rest of the house and the garden!

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