A Tad Short Sighted…Friday Fictioneers.

Jane might’ve been as blind as a bat and risking a nasty accident, yet there was no way she was wearing her glasses on her date with Michael. After all, boys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses.

Unfortunately, Michael also left his glasses at home. Didn’t want to be a nerd.

Lucky to bump into each other at Town Hall steps, they headed out for tapas at a Spanish restaurant .

“Do you like modern art?” she asked looking straight at the no smoking sign.

“Absolutely, he replied.

The waiter said nothing. Now, he’d really seen it all.


99 words

This is a much abbreviated version of a much longer short story I wrote when I was still at university seemingly more than a lifetime ago. Back when my short-sightedness was quite as bad as it is now, I used to go out on the town blind. Contact lenses didn’t really agree with me and weren’t quite as common then as they are now.

Sydney’s Town Hall Steps is a common meeting spot on a Saturday night, particularly if you’re meeting people from different parts of Sydney. So it’s pretty crowded and not the easiest place for two short-sighted people to find each other. The two short sighted couple mistaking a no smoking sign as modern art also plays on that thing of people pretending they know what it’s about and  putting on a front.

Town Hall Steps

Sydney Town Hall

This has been another contribution to Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle Wishoff-Fields. Every week we write 100 words to a photo prompt. PHOTO PROMPT © CEAyr

Best wishes,


22 thoughts on “A Tad Short Sighted…Friday Fictioneers.

  1. Tannille

    Cute! The story has a feel good down to earth vibe. A realism. Both parties trying to impress.

    I think a lot of youths would have been blind on these steps after a night out 😈…

  2. Rowena Post author

    You’re at the early stages. I’d never make it home.
    I often wear my glasses in at our local beach as the water is pretty flat and I’m legally blind without my glasses on. Anyway, a good 10 years or so ago, I went for a swim and a wave came along and I naturally dived under but forgot to take off my glasses and they fell off. Gone. I couldn’t see anything. I was completely vul;nerable. Fortunately, a friend spotted me and drove me home. Beforehand, however, I left my details with the lifeguard in case they turned up. He was very doubtful. However, two days later, he rang. The glasses had risen from the dead. They weren’t in a great state but it made for a great story.
    Best wishes,

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