Who Was the Diggingest Dog?

This is what we woke up to this morning… a monumental crater in our backyard. A crater so big, you could almost park a Mini inside it, and we weren’t happy!

Well, you might think we’d been struck by a meteorite. Indeed, given the smattering of holes around the backyard, a meteorite shower.  However, this particular hole is much larger and deeper than the rest and might even be considered impressive. Meanwhile, thanks to all these holes and the grey, sandy soil, our backyard resembles a moonscape and there’s barely a blade of grass in sight.  It looks pretty desolate to be honest and I don’t really go out there unless I have to.

As soon as you step foot in our backyard, the cause of these holes is obvious. It’s our three dogs… Lady and the “pups” Rosie and Zac. However, this hole was most likely the work of one dog, and the other two are innocent. However, how do we find out who done it when we don’t have the forensic resources of the FBI, Scotland Yard or NSW Police at our disposal? We obviously won’t get far by interrogating the dogs. Moreover, each dog is very good at feigning innocence. So, I guess this all means the guilty dog has got away with it. Committed the perfect crime.

Above: Lady is adamant it wasn’t her…”I’m an absolute angel.”

Pity that, because I really would like to have a backyard, which hasn’t literally gone to the dogs. Last night, this question raised it’s ugly head again when I had the chance to nip over to London via the blog and was able to check out  Geoff Le Pard’s backyard. His garden not only has flowers. It also has that lush green expanse otherwise known as “a lawn”. A lawn is a luxury. Yet, Geoff also has has a dog.

“Get close to grass and you’ll see a star.”

― Dejan Stojanovic, The Sun Watches the Sun

How does this man manage to have a perfect backyard and an incredible almost glowing green lawn when he also has a dog? How is it so? Does Geoff have direct access to Flora, the Roman goddess associated with flowers and Spring? Or, is it just a case that God has blessed the gardens of England and cursed the gardens of Australia, or even the backyard of this Australian in particular? It’s not that I feel like I have a target painted on my back. However, sometimes I do feel the man upstairs has made my journey that bit more difficult than most, and I could well throw “gratitude” to the wind. Indeed,  I could walk straight up to God and ask him straight out: “Please explain”.

Many of you won’t understand what I mean by “please explain”. It’s a phrase made famous here in Australia by our controversial Federal politician Pauline Hanson. While I might not like Pauline Hanson or her politics, the phrase has stuck moving into common usage, often with comic effect.

family zoom

Our Family

Mind you, I can’t really blame God for the state of our backyard and in many ways, the dogs aren’t to blame either. Having the perfect backyard, the perfect house aren’t achievable at the moment with two kids, three dogs, sailing and dance activities, work and chronic health. It’s relationships which matter, although I will confess that’s not as easy as it sounds and fueling relationships over the longer term isn’t easy. There’s a big difference I guess between where we aspire to be and where we’re at. That’s what it means to be human.

How is your garden going? Do you manage to have dogs and a decent garden? What’s your magic secret?

Best wishes,


PS I found this beautiful quotes which related so well to our battles to grow grass in our backyard of beach sand:

“The children had had an argument once about whether there was more grass in the world or more sand, and Roger said that of course there must be more sand because of under the sea; in every ocean all over the world there would be sand, if you looked deep down. But there could be grass too, argued Deborah, a waving grass, a grass that nobody had ever seen, and the colour of that ocean grass would be darker than any grass on the surface of the world, in fields or prairies or people’s gardens in America. It would be taller than tress and it would move like corn in the wind. (“The Pool”
― Daphne du Maurier, Echoes from the Macabre: Selected Stories

13 thoughts on “Who Was the Diggingest Dog?

  1. Librarylady

    LOL! Our dog is never allowed outside with bones. She loves to bury them but can’t decide which is the best place, so many digs many holes to help the decision-making process. Luckily she digs in the flower beds, not the lawn.

  2. tidalscribe

    Geoff actually has the best ever garden – I am envious too. I could post pix of scruffy grass with weeds and bare patches and flowers past their best! I just post pictures on Instagram of selected best bits.

  3. IreneDesign2011

    It isn’t easy to keep the garden nice when we have dogs, Rowena.
    I think that the most easy way is to not let them out alone in the garden from beginning. Then you can correct their behavior, when they act bad, just like other ways of raising them. When they learn, it is more easy to find the confidence to let them stay alone in the garden too.

  4. Rowena Post author

    Before Geoff blocked off around the house, Bilbo dug extensively underneath and around the piers. Geoff was worried the house was going to topple. Bilbo was a pup at the time and he also chewed through the computer network cabling and was starting on the electric cable but must’ve got a light zap and he stopped. We might have three other dogs, but I still miss Bilbo.

  5. Rowena Post author

    Dogs…can’t live with em, can’t live without ’em.
    A friend of mine posted about her dog who had surgery on his foot and chewed through the stitches and it was back to the vet and more expense. She wasn’t happy. Aside fro the hole, ours have been pretty good if we forget about Lady stealing Jonathon’s dinner one night last week…

  6. Rowena Post author

    Our dogs need a lot more training and also more walks. The dogs are pretty good when we’re home and just want stuff thrown or snooze around us. I think it’s going out or me napping that does it. Also, it is heating up so wanting a cool spot could also be a factor.
    Best wishes,

  7. Rowena Post author

    Me too, aside from his massive hole. However, it’s pretty clear Geoff is taking wide-angle shots and the entire backyard is magnificent. Mind you, he does work at it and I think he’s mentioned he has help.

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