Sunset Through the Wires…the Aussie Fires.

Last night, I took a series of photos of the sunset through the overhead wires from our driveway. We don’t have any local fires blazing and yet the smoke is very thick and ominous.

Naturally, I was annoyed these wires were in the way. Wanted a clear view of the blazing sun glowing like melting cheese just above the horizon. However, as I peered through the lens, I thought the wires told a suburban story. I also remember how my childhood piano teacher who went on to get her PhD in Creative Writing told me how she used to see the five parallel wires of the overhead wires resembling the musical staff and the birds were the notes and she used to try and work out what tune they were playing.

So, there you have it. My blazing sun seemingly shooting across the musical staff playing a tune of its own.

Sunset Through the Wires 3

Meanwhile, I am contained in the lounge room with the air-conditioning on which is filtering the air. I went out into the kitchen and made a couple of pancakes and was almost a hospital job. Our son arrived home from school and said the smoke was so bad that you couldn’t smell people smoking outside. That’s a pretty good indication of how bad it is.


A broader perspective of the sunset  through the wires and over the roof top. 

Please keep us in your prayers. We have the television updates running and it’s just terrible hearing about the destruction and loss of bush land and homes. I am equally conscious that the burning of our bush is killing animals and their habitat and not something to be glossed over either.

Best wishes,


8 thoughts on “Sunset Through the Wires…the Aussie Fires.

  1. maxwellthedog

    Frightening stuff. Amazingly, (a sad commentary on our insular world views over here) the Aussie wildfires are getting almost no attention in the local media. You would think that after our infernos there’d be a little sensitivity and empathy to others in the same situation but noooooo…. 😦

  2. edgar62

    I have only recently returned from Mount Gambier and apart from being cold, it rained almost all the way from the South Eastern Freeway, through Tailem Bend and on to Penola. Much of the time it was heavy rain with the wipers struggling and I kept thinking that “they could do with this in NSW and Queensland”. We have firefighters from South Australia who have gone to NSW to help. If we needed an object lesson on not being complacent, the major fire that came dangerously close to Port Lincoln a few days ago, provided that lesson. Please stay safe. We do get very regular updates on both NSW and Queensland.

  3. gaiainaction

    Dear Rowena, I had not tuned into the fires, well not in the way that it would affect you and I am very sorry to hear about this, I must keep a closer eye on your posts. We get nothing much on the news here about the fires, maybe because there are so many fires going on all over the globe that the media looses interest, this is terrible. I feel for the people loosing homes or even lives, for nature, for the animals, for the earth in general. I keep you in my prayers and hope that you keep safe. Kind regards from Agnes. Loved your photos though.

  4. Gary A Wilson

    ooo – I so wish I’d thought of the idea of power wires as an accidental music staff with birds as the notes. I could make some hay out of such a neat idea, but I think you should write it and maybe I could persuade you to share next year in my newer and improved Tamara’s Teancoff Cafe. This would be exactly the kind of fun stuff I’d be looking for.
    Loved your photos and kudo’s to you for noticing the effect and so effectively capturing it.

  5. New Journey

    Hello my friend, I have been absent binging on old shows on Netflix and Acorn. LOL My your life has been busy, Between baking, watching the most delicate, ballerina twirl, writing and just being a mum! The fires sound devastating. I think of you and your lungs often. Fire season seems to be on steroids’ these last few years. Hope its more under control and the wind is blowing opposite your home! Indeed your sweets your cooking look quite yummy. The one with the nuts caught my eye. Like you, I have this thing for glass storing containers, not only are they not round, they are heavy. Hope the foot is on the mend. I have a pantry very similar to yours. Only my door doesn’t have a latch to keep them in, LOL Life is good here in the desert. The sun no longer burns so hot and the sunsets are beautiful. We have switched out air from cold to heat and I catch myself in a fuzzy robe more often than not. lol I welcome the cool air and moist mornings. Makes for a nice hot tub dip. Christmas will be here before you know it and then the New Year. 2020! Another year older and deeper in debt! Good ole song, LOL well I will try not to loose my head binge watching shows. I am sunk in the outlander, but it demands breaks. Its pretty intense at some points. Have a very Merry Christmas my friend. xxxkat

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