Heart Broken

News and smoke from our horrendous bush fires in Australia is spreading round the globe. I haven’t written about the fires myself, because I’ve been too lost for words and also overcome by smoke and struggling to breath at home well away from the fire fronts. However, a friend put me onto this very open story written by the wife of one of a heartbroken fire fighter who is now needing a bypass after three gruelling months fighting these fires. I wanted to send them our love, our heartfelt prayers and share his story a little further afield.


The last time I wrote about a photograph of my husband was December 10, 2019. I was worried about the impact of the fires and the smoke on his health and angry at Scott Morrison for saying that the volunteers wanted to be there. Here’s a link for those that missed it.

No Scott Morrison my husband does NOT want to be fighting fires

As a consequence of that post, Graham and I both ended up on The Project. Here’s the link to that:

The Project: In my own words – Meg McGowan

We said no to all the other media requests. We nearly said no to The Project but we had been overwhelmed by the messages of support, particularly from other fire fighters and their families. “You have put into words what we have been feeling!” they said, so we felt like we owed it to all of them…

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4 thoughts on “Heart Broken

  1. tidalscribe

    Most people elsewhere are surprised at how many fire fighters are volunteers ( but then all our lifeboat men are volunteers so I understand the system ) which does not detract from their bravery and professionalism, but they deserve to have the best equipment and care.

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