A-Z April Blogging Challenge- Theme Reveal – Places I’ve Been.

Once again, yours truly is completely unprepared for the annual A-Z April Blogging Challenge, despite fervid vows to “Be Prepared” next year and have all my posts written up in advance. Well, I guess my disorganized, last minute response could well be in keeping  with the theme of today…April Fool’s Day. Last night, I decided to change direction from ANZAC Soldiers serving in France during WWI to a photography travel series covering places I’ve been. I chose this theme because much of our world is currently in some form of social isolation at home and any form of travel has been outlawed and a plane has become a rare sight.

So, let me introduce myself.

Rowena 2018

My name’s Rowena Curtin and I’m no longer a 40 something writer, researcher, wife, mother, photographer and poor impersonation of a violinist. I am now 50. However, let’s be quite clear. I haven’t become 50 something YET!!!


The Family at Christmas 2019

The other cast members here are my husband Geoff and two teenagers simply known as Mr and Miss. Geoff is currently working from home having conference calls and the like from our kitchen dining area which has now become his office. Our kids are doing schoolwork from home until the end of the week when they go on holidays. Our daughter has also been turning our kitchen into a dance studio right through dinner time and then there are the three dogs who are overjoyed to have all their ball and stick throwers at home. So, as you can see. Our place is rather cozy at the moment and will be for the unpredictable future.

Lady at Ocean Beach

Lady at Ocean Beach, Umina, NSW.

By the way, we live at Umina Beach just North of Sydney Australia. The beach is only a short walk away, which has been a blessed escape hatch from being imprisoned at home. Well, being stuck at home hasn’t quite become a prison yet. So, perhaps I was exaggerating things just a little for creative effect. However, whichever way you look at it. The world as we know it right now is hardly situation normal.

Of course, we’ll be travelling around the world alphabetically. However, there will be a particular emphasis on revisiting my 1992 backpacking trip around Europe where I landed in Amsterdam and then caught a train to Koln (Cologne) in Germany and onto Heidelberg, where I ultimately ended up living for roughly 6 months with a local family which was the experience of a lifetime. I also spent a week in Berlin living in what had been an East Berlin student house which still had all the authentic “interior design”. Then, I spent two weeks in Mons which included seeing Van Gough’s house nearby. There was about 6 weeks in Paris, a weekend in Florence and a week in London. It has become the trip of a lifetime, despite my desire to get back. Added salt to the wound, was when our son’s 3 week school history tour of Europe was cancelled due to the Coronavirus. He was due to be there now, but my goodness! We’re so glad he’s home.

So, I invite you to join me for these vicarious travels and I hope these photos and stories lift you out of the coronacrisis and possibly even taken you to your happy place. Indeed, that is the hope for myself.

Moreover, if you are doing the Blogging A-Z April Challenge, please leave a link to your theme reveal in the comments below.

Stay tuned!

Best wishes,



7 thoughts on “A-Z April Blogging Challenge- Theme Reveal – Places I’ve Been.

  1. QP and Eye

    Hi Rowena, nice to meet you and know you too are unprepared for this month-long blog challenge. It’s amazing what we put up under stress. (Linda)

  2. Rowena Post author

    Thanks so much, Monika. I’m so glad I chose to run with this theme because it’s resurrected a part of myself which felt lost. Haven’t been able to do any overseas travel since the kids and my health issues came along. Hopefully, by the time this virus clears, I’m be able to get back there. Quite a few of the places I’m going are in Germany, which I’m sure you’ll appreciate.
    How is coronaland where you are? Transmission rates are starting to slow here but current isolation measures will be in force for months by the look of it. Not being impacted too much by that atm. The only real inconvenience was having our daughter take over the kitchen for 2 hours for dance classes via zoom in our kitchen during dinner time. I was also hanging out for a cup of tea. Puppies are all happy we’re home. I’m thinking I need to splurge on some new pyjamas since I’ll be living in them for months.
    Take care & Best wishes,

  3. Tails Around the Ranch

    It’s somewhat intense. After 2 weeks of near house arrest, the natives are getting restless. Have never seen so many peeps walking their dogs. Bored people are pretty inconsiderate though.

    We should be close to the peak on confirmed cases. 🤞🏻 Stay healthy and keep smiling.

  4. Rowena Post author

    This must be very hard for people who don’t spend much time at home, or live for work and have lost their jobs. I went through that when I got sick in my 20s and it was a huge shake up. There must be many, many people hovering on the brink. Our government is putting out a lot of financial rescue packages but that probably will just take the edge off and the grief for many will have no sides.
    Geoff lost his job during the Global Financial Crisis and it seemed like the end of the world, but we somehow made it through. HIs job at the university seems safe and he’s busy working from home so fingers crossed. We could even save money in the long run, especially if I stay away from online shopping. While researching my travels, I’m finding all these interesting places overseas still open for online shopping. I’ve restrained myself so far but a pair of Van Gogh sunflower socks and journal are still very tempting.
    Best wishes,

  5. Tails Around the Ranch

    I don’t mean to diminish the hardships many are encountering but a good number of folks in my neighborhood are simply bored and self-absorbed. They think the world should cater to them. Guess they’ve purchased all the TP, paper products, hand sanitizer, bleach, Lysol, flour, eggs, rice, black beans etc. and are now moving out to the streets. Tomorrow’s forecast calls for snow, hopefully they’ll stay indoors and binge watch Netflix or Hulu. It’s gonna be a real cluster for a good while I’m afraid. Do take good care.

  6. Sartenada


    What a lovely surprise to see Santa among your photos. It seems that he had one day off, because he lives in Finland! 🙂

    Stay safe and healthy!

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