D- Devonport, Tasmania: Crossing Bass Strait…A-Z Challenge.

Welcome to Day 4 of the Blogging A to Z April Challenge! Today, after visiting Australia’s capital Canberra yesterday, today we’re off to Devonport in Tasmania and you’re in for a treat. That’s because we’re travelling by boat on board the Spirit of Tasmania which runs between Melbourne and Devonport. I should point out that this is NOT a cruise ship and since we’re travelling in the virtual realm, you won’t catch the coronavirus. I promise!


So, while it’s not a major city, you could say that Devonport is the Gateway to Tasmania when you’re traveling by boat.


Family Photo taken in Devonport just before heading home on the boat.

It’s been three years since we last went down to Tassie. My husband, Geoff, was born and bred in Scottsdale in the North-East and families on both sides date back to early settlement. While most of his family were free settlers, the original Newton was a convict who was sent out Van Dieman’s Land via Nolfolk Island at Her Majesty’s Pleasure. He was caught red handed wearing the clothes he’d stolen.

Have you ever been on the Spirit of Tasmania? Here’s a link to our experience.

We hope that you and yours are keeping well and safe and pray for God’s protection and comfort at this time.

Best wishes,


8 thoughts on “D- Devonport, Tasmania: Crossing Bass Strait…A-Z Challenge.

  1. Rowena Post author

    Dan, Tasmania is beautiful, green and old worldy. With Geoff’s hstory there and all those connections, it really does feel like our home away from home. I ‘m starting to plot future travels from my chair at home. Our son has his final year at high school next year but perhaps we’ll get down to Tassie next year at some point. I’m very pleased we saw my husband’s sisters in January. One lives near Byron Bay and the other in Queensland. I haven’t seen my parents for 4 months and they live an hour away. So many families in this boat the I’ve seen families holding up messages to loved ones in nursing homes. So sad.
    Hope you’re doing alright.

  2. Dan Antion

    The people in nursing homes do make me feel sad. It’s just heartbreaking.

    We are well. Hanging in there, which I guess is all we can do.

    Stay safe.

  3. Liam

    That is quite a substantial ferry! I once road a high-speed catamaran – aka “The Vomit Comet” – from Belfast, Northern Ireland to Stranraer, Scotland with a bunch of drunken Scottish rugby fans in kilts on board. It was a thrill.

  4. Rowena Post author

    Thanks, Tangie. We spent 3 wonderful weeks in Tassie back in 2017 and I’m now busting to go back, which will be a way off by the look of things now.
    Best wishes & God Bless,

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