Dealing With The Diggingest Dogs.

When I was quite young one of my favourite books was The Digging-est Dog and how he dug through absolutely everywhere, had me in stitches of laughter.


However, it’s quite another story when its YOUR backyard, which is being dug up with such fervor and I’m the one likely to break a leg when I fall down a hole trying to hang out the washing.


Geoff has tried re-filling the aforementioned holes. However, it’s seems that almost as soon as he’s filled the holes, the mutts have committed further offences and we’re back to square one where the backyard looks like a gang of wombats have torn the place apart. He tied, burying a plastic mesh across the yard. However, with us being so close to the beach and on sandy soil, it wouldn’t stay down and actually ended up becoming a potentially dangerous trip-hazard in itself.

Clearly, stronger measures were required, especially because we’re wanted to set the camper-caravan up in the backyard, without it toppling under.

So, in between working from home and being my carer, Geoff also turned into a mini excavator and dug up the backyard and buried a subterranean layer of Tonka tough, dog-proof paver thingys to save the day. It seemed like her was going to be working for eternity. However, he finally got it finished today ready to plant grass seed before tomorrow’s rain.


Zac – Our beautiful boy! 

I still don’t know if there’s much hope for our backyard. However, the dogs are currently enjoying running round their patch of dirt, and I probably should’ve mentioned that they’ve been taking a great interest in Geoff’s activities out there. I’m sure they’ve already started plotting and scheming their revenge. However, in the meantime, since we’ve all been staying home (dare I say stuck at home? Imprisoned?), the dogs have been getting a lot more exercise. Indeed, they’re loving it. Everyone’s home. There are more ball and stick throwers to pester and there’s more food and loads of walks. What more could they want? After all, they don’t use toilet paper!

Zac at the beach

Zac at our local beach during the week. He was only allowed off the lead AFTER all the other dogs had gone home. He was taking social distancing way too seriously and clearly though other dogs posed a life-threatening hazard.  

What have you been doing while in social isolation? How are you going? I hope you and yours and keeping and safe and well.

Best wishes,


5 thoughts on “Dealing With The Diggingest Dogs.

  1. Rowena Post author

    I wonder if either of you consider digging “therapeutic”? I am hoping that something of the calibre of your garden might spring from our rather dreary-looking dirt patch. We have considered planting cosmos out there again. It went absolutely ballistic and looked like something from The Day of the Triffids.
    He planted grass seed this afternoon and Lady walked up and down inspecting what was going on and we were starting to wonder if she was wanting to eat the grass seed. She does seem to eat anything is sight. Leave me in isolation for too much longer, and I’ll be doing the same.
    Hope you’re all doing well over there. The pressure’s off here atm in terms of transmission, but current isolation measures have been extended for another 4 weeks.
    Best wishes,

  2. Geri

    We started a raised flower bed and before we could even get the flowers in our dog started digging. I didn’t mind the digging, because I knew it would stop when we were finished, but our white dog would be completely brown from the mud. We have since put down the weed guard and laid unopened bags on top of it to stop the digging until it is finished.

  3. Rowena Post author

    Dogs have defintiely been sent to try us and yet we love them so dearly. Seven of my cupcakes went missing tonight, which I was making for morning tea at church tomorrow. So my offering of 14 cupcakes has been cut to 7 and if it weren’t for the massive tower of icing on top, would look quite miserly.

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