Weekend Coffee Share – Finding Normal In A Crazy World

As a parent of school aged teenagers, the issue of when they should return to school is a serious consideration and I know many of my friends are also wondering what is best.
My friend Maria works as a teacher in Sweden and shares her experiences in this very interesting Coffee Share post, and the comments which follow and the banter back and forth are also very interesting. It reminds me just how much I love being part of an international blogging community where I can get own out my own head, beyond my own backyard and gain more of a global perspective.
Best wishes,

Sagittarius Viking


Welcome to another virtual coffee date. Yesterday I tried a new type of coffee, I already forgot the fancy name. . you whisk together equal parts of sugar, hot water, and instant coffee. You whisk it for a long time until it becomes very fluffy. I tasted it at work in our break room, and it was really good. Tasted sort of like a creamy espresso. My colleagues enjoyed it with milk, I thought it tasted better without milk. A very small amount of this very potent coffee gave me tons of energy that lasted all afternoon yesterday. I’m sure I could whisk some together if you’d like to try! How hard could it be? Would you like to try?

Speaking of work, this was the first week of only outdoor activities. It was fun, intense, and the kids really enjoyed themselves. The days consisted of a lot…

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1 thought on “Weekend Coffee Share – Finding Normal In A Crazy World

  1. teachezwell

    It seems as though Australia has handled this crisis better than us! Your stats are amazing. I’m glad you guys are safe and enjoyed reading your friend’s blog as well. Less is more, right? I need to learn that and to value each precious day.

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