Get Your Squirrel Picnic Table!”What The Friday” Has A #shelterathome Distraction For You – A “Squirrel Picnic!”

As an Australian, I’ve never met a squirrel in person, but love hearing stories about them from fellow bloggers and this Squirrel Table was too cute. Enjoy.
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Time For A “Squirrel Picnic!”

During this time of #shelterinplace and #quarantiningathome, many people have taken up cooking, art, gardening – whatever it takes to fight off the boredom, loneliness and stress caused by this horrible pandemic….and some are sharing great stuff like this:

Yes, you can learn how to build a “Squirrel Picnic Table!”

It’s what “What The Friday!?!?!” is all about! Things that make you shake your head, but in this time of a worldwide health crisis, we need ANYTHING to take our mind off the bad news, and keep us engaged…and what better than with a Squirrel?

Of course, Amazon has kits available so you can build your own! Here’s what the sell:

Start Your Day With a Smile by Watching the Squirrels Play on This Cute Picnic Table Feeder

A Wonderful Gift For Nature Lovers and Backyard Enthusiasts. You Will Love This Feeder From the Moment…

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3 thoughts on “Get Your Squirrel Picnic Table!”What The Friday” Has A #shelterathome Distraction For You – A “Squirrel Picnic!”

  1. Tails Around the Ranch

    WHAT?! Kits to build squirrel sized picnic tables? Oh my heavens…have we completely lost our minds. These hoodlums have done so much damage around the ‘Ranch’, the last thing I want do is make them feel more at home. {head shaking} I love animals, but not when they are repeatedly chewing through my kitchen window screen!

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